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So here’s. My website to demonstrate I have a blog and I publish on there on a regular basis, at least once a week during normal times, and if you, if I scroll back, I’m gonna go back a couple couple of pages just clicking through Now I’m going to quickly just show you two examples of sponsored posts on the marketing fundamentals website.

If you haven’t subscribed, do it you, so this shared or VP VPS hosting is a sponsored post. Seven important questions to consider when ordering checks is a sponsored post on my website. How do you get these sponsored posts that’s? What I’m going to talk about today.

First thing, you must do and I had the spoiler alert. This is for business owners really rather than individuals, because you must have a website. So if you are a business owner with a website, what you need to do to attract your own customers to the website is create ongoing content.

So you must publish on a regular basis, your blog posts and videos and embed those, and so that your website is alive so that when customers and prospects come to your website, hopefully you’re using search engine optimization effectively and customers come to your Website they see that you have regular content and they see that that content is recent, then they will be attracted to your website.

Your audience will grow and theoretically your audience grows, and then you get more customers, whether you’re in professional services. As I’m in or you in another sector, that’s, the essence of content marketing and that’s, how you attract people to your website now sponsored posts are opportunities when one of the companies see recognize your audience And they think oh, this is a valuable audience Mike, for example, at marketing fundamentals, limited and marketing fundamentals – calm.

He is talking to a b2b audience that’s, the same audience that we have so what we’re going to do is going to buy a blog post on the marketing fundamentals website and in that way we can reach his audience.

So he might have an audience of 10,000. We can reach that audience through a sponsored bot, blog post in the actual blog posts, the sponsored blog post. It will be embedded links. I’m, not going to go into that now, because I don’t want to highlight each individual link in this video, but there’ll, be embedded links to a and other additional company.

So if I was let’s, say, for example – and this is just a theoretical example – let’s say a company like Salesforce. I wanted to reach my audience. They would write a blog post. I would publish it on the marketing fundamentals.

Comm website and then there would be links within that to sales forces, sales pages and people click through and vegetarian interest, or arrange appointments or purchase a product, etc. That’s. What a sponsored post is Excel.

A sponsored post works just as its Kaymer. I don’t believe I don’t, think you’ve had Salesforce as a company that’s, a sponsored post on our website yet, but that’s, how a sponsored post works. How do you get these? Well, you need to generate content an ongoing basis.

Obviously, so you need to have an online entity a website for your company or organization that is already generating traffic and has an audience established over time that’s. The first thing, and then after that, just in terms of housekeeping you’ll need a media kit.

A media kit is something that tells your prospective advertiser and once advertiser and mean via de sponsored post, it tells them hey. This is the audience. This is the these are the type of opportunities there are on this website.

Do they want to take advantage of that? That’s? What a media kit is now, rather than showing you my media kit, and also I don’t, want to show you my rather than showing you my media kit, and also I don’t want to show you my specific rates.

For my websites and when I say websites, I’m – also referring to learn money, dot IO, which is another website that’s of personal finance, focused websites. So there’s a post from there. Are you missing out on compound interest and the URL for learned money? The IO is learn man who do so.

You can find that there, if you’re, not aware of that website. There is also a learn: money, dot, IO playlist on this YouTube channel. So if you haven’t explored that you can see lots of money-making initiatives when he’s, saving initiatives, investment initiatives covered on that website and if you’re, not if it’s, the first time you’ve hearing about it explore I invite you to explore that website.

Anyway, back to media kits media kits and I went, I found a good reference for lots of examples of media kits that you can follow if you want to enhance your opportunities for generating money for your website and your business via sponsored posts.

So let’s, have a look at the. This is an article on biz mavens and I will link to this in the description. As usual, I’m going to scroll. Now I want to just show you the examples of media kits. So here are some media kits, so you can see there Geralyn Thomas and there’s.

Her URL has highlighted the number of visitors, unique visitors, pages per visit, return, visitors, time on site, etc. So that’s, a good snapshot of key data, key metrics for any potential sponsored post purchaser and let’s face it.

That’s, another company, or maybe an agency purchasing of on behalf of one of their clients. Let’s close this okay, let’s! Scroll down here’s, another one they Ren Rehan food and here’s. Her media kit, once again key stats here, unique visitors per month, that’s.

Probably one of the key key pieces of information, any sponsored post, purchaser or an agency will want to know so that’s 30,000. Another one here so, as I say, I’ll link to this media kit. Examples are to come me description below fins designs here’s, another one.

So you can see. This is of usually one pages quite nicely designed highlighting all of the key information for the website, and I’m just going to scroll now so that’s, that’s, Gina Mayo scroll, gypsy forest similar they added.

More. Writing on that one musings by mix heart, we’ll, just go to ten. There’s 20 on this page personal accent, Angeles one turn so that’s great and that’s. His blog stats page views, unique visits, Facebook and then all of the socials and Alexa school, etc, etc.

So when you are making a when you’re, making a media kit for your website, this is a good guide in terms of the information that you should include. So it’s. All here we’re gonna go. I’m, just gonna go to quilter chic Cheryl brown see another one here and she’s gone further and added and the ads that you can purchase or headers in virtuous and then her rates rates are not there, but you Can see how to contact her? I’m, just gonna scroll quickly down to 20, so you can see the different variety there is on this article 25 months, the uniques 5 sales and there.

So this is what you need to produce when people request a sponsored post opportunity on your website, brilliant okay, so that’s. 1890 is one here Jessica to your reel, Oh and finally, destination weddings.

Now I should let me just wrap up by saying those are great examples of media kits. My media kit is very simple and it’s similar to these, but it’s quite simple, but what I found is that, because I’ve been writing blog posts for a long time, so it’s.

In started on 2000 in 2010 on marketing fundamentals, I think started in 2018 on unlearn money, that’s. The separate website I showed earlier, I get people coming to me every day, requesting sponsored posts or sponsored links.

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