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I’m tellin ya. You can make from sixteen to fifty dollars per hour and you can also earn by answering questions. Okay, you can earn per question. I’m gonna give you a few websites that you can go to. You choose the ones that would work for you and without any further ado, let’s, get right into them.

Okay, alright! So the first website that you can start making money with as a tutor it’s called tutors com, learn how to become a tutor and earn 50 dollars an hour, whether you just starting out tutor full-time, are wanting to fill the gaps in your Schedule, tutors com will help you find the tutoring jobs you want so with this one you can either have a degree or not.

Obviously, if you do have a degree you will be paid more money, so all you have to do is set up a free, tutoring profile with a profile set up. You’ll, start getting tutoring requests that match your preferences, so that’s.

Why they need you to set up your profile and your profile will be you introducing yourself to new students, and then you start getting tutoring jobs. Okay. These are some of the frequently asked questions for tutor comm.

How much should I charge for tutoring? The average price charge for tutoring is $ 50 per hour, tutors typically charge based on their experience and education level. We see prices starting at 25 per hour.

If you’re, just getting started 280 an hour, if you’re a certified expert, so you can get started with charging $ 25.00 per hour. Okay and up pardon the interruption. But if you’re enjoying the content so far, make sure that you are smashing that subscribe button liking this video and now we will continue online tutoring jobs are typically paid around thirty dollars an hour.

This amount can increase to fifty or sixty per hour for advanced subjects such as SAT prep or calculus. Do I need a degree to become a tutor? Many people think they need a degree in education in order to become a tutor.

However, tutoring jobs are available to anyone with a high school diploma or a GED. There are plenty of tutoring job available to work with elementary junior high or high school students. So a lot of people ask: how do you get certified as a tutor and you require a certification if you are working in a school setting to be certified in license? Also, when tutoring and other professional settings such as tutoring centers, you’ll need to be a certified tutor.

If you do want to become certified, they give you information here on how you can do that. Ok, click on become a tutor today and then you just let them know what your specialty is, and they have all of these categories here, where you can go ahead and get started, making money with this one, and this one is the booters dot-com.

So the next website we’re, looking at is called tutor me calm, and this is very similar to the other one. This is tutor me calm. You don’t, get paid as much as you do on the other one, this one. It says you earn at least 16 hours per hour, plus bonuses to share your knowledge with others.

Now you do have a flexible schedule and you decide when and how you want to tutor. So you can do this anywhere, so you can tutor from anywhere that you want as long as you have a computer and Internet access, so you do.

Is you fill out the basic information about yourself? They have over 300 subjects and you can find the subjects here that you can teach and then, once you’re approved, they’ll, start sending you some students, so you can start teaching and making some money this one’S a lot like the last one, but they could pay more money, but this is another option for you.

You can go ahead and try them. I just wanted to put a few options for you over here, because if you don’t find any work with the other one, you may be able to find work with this one, and so on that’s.

Why we do this? Okay, but this one you can earn at least sixteen dollars per hour, plus bonuses, and this one is tutor me dot-com forward, slash apply, so this tutoring website is a little bit different than the other one, because over here you get paid to answer questions okay.

So this one is called school solver. This is school, solver dot-com! You can come over here and check out the video where they explain exactly how this works, but basically some people will have questions on certain subjects and things and what you do is you come over here and you answer the questions.

So if you come up here to answer questions, then it ‘ Ll show you the questions here. So if you have any expertise and any of this stuff, I mean you can look through the questions over 900 pages over here, so you can sort through whatever you want, and you can also filter this out and sort by whatever category it is that you can Answer and as you can see, you can make $ 10 $ 10 $ 20 for a question $ 4 for questions, so you can go ahead and look for questions on here.

Questions that you can answer and then you go ahead and answer them. They will pay. You, okay over here, you got $ 77. Somebody’s asking for an accounting question. Okay, so you can go ahead and check that out as well.

Some of these are marked as urgent, so they need answers right away and you just browse through them. See what you can answer and start making some extra money with this somebody’s, willing to pay a hundred dollars, one hundred and fifty dollars for their questions to be answered and look at this one Wow, seven hundred and twenty one dollars to answer A question that is insane alright and they do pay you via PayPal.

When you find a question worth answering at your answer to the question, this will notify the question author and to access your answer. They will have to buy it once you have it. You will receive money in your school solver account to withdraw money from your account.

Payments are done via PayPal and can be requested in your account page. So they pay you fiha PayPal. So you can come over here to school, solver, comm and check it out and see if it’s for you and if there are any questions on here that you can actually answer and to make money with alright.

So the next one is eye. Talkie and this website connects people that want to learn a certain language, so she speak two languages. You can make money with this website as a tutor or a teacher. So if we come down here, I’m gonna give you some examples of the people who are teaching on here.

So, for example, you set your own price. What I’ve heard about this website from an actual tutor on here, is that you have to set up your profile. Put it like a nice picture, make a nice introductory video.

She says you want to set your rates a little bit low to begin with, and then you can increase them. So the more good reviews that you get the better and then you can charge a higher price later on. The lady actually said that she increased her prices and her students, didn’t even mind.

They actually liked her so much and they told her that they thought she was not charging enough. That is one thing that if people actually really like you, they’re gonna keep wanting to go to you. Even if you increase your price and most of them were understanding.

She said. So if we go back to the main page and go all the way down, you can see all of the languages that you can actually teach on here. Okay, now to become a teacher, you can click on. Here I talked, you can become a professional teacher, our community tutor okay.

So if you do have teaching certifications and things like that, you can become a professional teacher and charge more money and also you can upload your degrees on here or your teaching certificates on here.

It says that your diplomas and certificates are not published all right, so this is a really good one. If you speak several different languages or if you speak a couple of languages, you can start teaching people how to speak English or how to speak any language.

Your own language, okay, so this one is a talky calm all right now. This one is similar to our talkie. It’s called burbling. This one is burbling calm. Now this one, I believe you do have to have some experience or you do have to have a certificate.

So we’re gonna get right to that it says: do any teaching experience? Yes, we require all verbling teachers to have previous experience, teaching their NED native language to speakers of other languages.

Please include this experience in detail in the resume section. So if you don’t have any experience, you can go ahead somewhere to i talky comm and start teaching on there first, so you can get some experience and then you could come over here and apply and you can do them both.

If you want to alright, so if you don’t have a certificate, you do need to have teaching experience. Okay, so make sure you have one of those before you come over here to verbally. So this one is just another option for you.

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