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Article by James Humphrey

So if your like me you’ve been so disgusted at the latest guru rip-off that you were just about about to give up your dream of making money online?

That’s when I was when I pulled out the credit card one more time at making something happen and making a commitment that it was the LAST TIME. Blog Success was going to be my last ditch effort before I gave up and kept my day job. I had so little faith that I made sure I could get my money back before I even joined.

Knowing nothing about blogging or internet marketing for that matter, I decided to play it safe and go with what I liked to write about. The power of the system made me succeed in a niche I really wasn’t qualified to be in. But my original thought was if they can do it So can I and the adventure began.

In this Review you will learn why what Blog Success is and whether your a newbie blogger or a veteran, You can do this…step by step. If you sign up for the free trial I’ll give you 3 Bonuses to help get you started that help catapult your success. Details Below and a Secret Revealed on Video.

Blog Success Review Criteria Good Photo

1. Ease of Use

2. Return on Investment

3. Is my Blog Successfully making money

The Blog Success Criteria was to see the above items after 60 days in Blog Success and I uncovered more than I expected. While Blog Success talks about teaching you how to blog and make money blogging the membership site has much more.

Inside you are taught not only how to blog but how to make videos for your blogs, how to do ipod casting all the way to getting free traffic with out spending a dime.

It has beginner levels of training and professional levels to give you a road map on how and where to go to be successful. All the guess work is out of the way and you just follow the yellow blog road.Pros of Blog Success

Extremely easy to use – Being one of the main criteria set for regarding the review of Blog Success ease of use has to be the most important. If you can’t navigate through the site then how can you learn how to blog.

Jack Humphrey has done a great job of organizing the site. At the very beginning he has a video that teaches you how to move through Blog Success and where to start.

Throughout the training other videos show you exactly how to set up your site to becoming an authority in your blog niche. If you don’t know what a niche is don’t worry, its taught in the course.

The Search field is also a great addition to the site as you can type in anything you want to learn and it will pull it from an amazingly deep resource vault.

With Blog Success you get:

1. Over 200 How To Video’s from beginner to Expert 2. Comprehensive Forum with over 10,000 post and Jack himself participates as well 3. 5 Keys to Successful Mindset 4. Content Creation tools and guides 5. Traffic Guides on how to dominate the Search Engines Free of charge and how to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. 6. Everything Technical you could possible want to know plus a Support Staff that is AMAZING. 7. Software tools that alone are work the price of admission. 8. And Much Much more.

Return on Investment which in all honesty is the main thing we should all look for when starting a business of any kind. I am happy to report that I did make my money back from the program within 30 days and I continue to do so with the training that is offered.

In fact today I’ve made 6 times the amount I’ve put into Blog Success and I’ve only been in 60 days.

Speaking of which, by signing up through me I have a special secret in my video that shows you how to get almost HALF off the admission to Blog Success. ROI – CHECK!

Is my blog Making Money – This ties in with the ROI however the deeper goal here is to and will always be can the blog support me and my family. At this time due to the things I’ve learned through Blog Success the answer to that question is yes.

One of the main thing that you learn when going through the blogging world is that if you don’t have a map you will get lost and making money when your lost is almost impossible.

By using the strategies taught in Blog Success I know that you will be successful in making money online or with any business for that matter. My blog has increased in profits almost every day since I’ve started and continues to do so.

To your blogging success, James -

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