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Article by Shannon C

All people have certain dreams, ambitions and goals. Just about everyone has a checklist of things they want to accomplish or even have. Many hope and aspire to make money blogging. Maybe you would too. Much like anything else, that’s not very difficult when you know the right way to.

When you can break it into basic steps, acquire a track to run on, you might be surprised at how easy it is to make money blogging. If that is among your goals, continue reading to find a simple 3-step way that you can successfully make money blogging….

Step 1 – Chose A Passion Or Hobby

The very first very important step is blog about a topic that you are familiar with. I strongly suggest a hobby or passion that you have. This first step is going to be critical to your success since blogging is form of article marketing.

You are trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field and develop trust with your readers. Being familiar with the topic you are writing about will help greatly if you want to make money blogging or make money online in general.

In conjunction with this initial step, you are going to want to avoid coming across as pushy. In other words don’t write a sales letter.

It’s going to be important to accomplish this initial step completely and properly. Failing that, you might then expect your readers to become turned off. No one likes to be sold to.

However, if you can come across as someone that has experienced the same problem they are currently going through and you can convey that you have a clear cut solution to there problem, you are going to come across as the person that can help them.

You in turn will get your readers to take the desired action you want them to. Such as purchase a product or sign up to your mailing list.

Step 2 – Build A Website

This brings me to the second step which is build a website around your blog. This is crucial if you want to make money blogging. Why a website? To put it simply you want to come across as a business owner. You want to be taken seriously and be recognized as someone who knows what they are talking about. A website will give you just that credibility.

Another benefit a website has when you want to make money blogging is that it allows you to develop a list of subscribers. These are people that say “I am interested in what you are blogging about and I would like to here more from you”.

That’s right, don’t be afraid to send your readers to a page on your website where they can sign up to your newsletter instead of the offer you are promoting.

Perhaps you have heard ‘The Money Is In The List!’. If you haven’t and you are serious about learning how to make money blogging you need to take those five words seriously. As an Internet marketer 85 percent of my revenue comes from my list.

Step 3 – Rinse and Repeat

Finally, your third and final step is to what I like to call “rinse and repeat”. Establish yourself in as many markets as you possibly can .

This really is crucial because as you start to make money blogging you will discover that peoples interests and needs change from time to time. You will want to be in as many markets as possible to take advantage of those changes and needs.

That which is essential for you to avoid at this point is becoming a freelance writer. Or jack of all trades if you will. The way to avoid this is to establish a “Pen Name” for each market that you get into.

Just adopt these measures very carefully, as they are laid out for you above. When you do, you will be able to make money blogging smoothly and without problems.

This process has worked for almost all others; it is going to most probably work well and provide excellent results for you too! Simply do the things you must do, and avoid the possible issues that were described. Then the single thing remaining for you to do will be to have fun with the wonderful benefits you’ll receive once you too, make money blogging.

Discover tips on how to make money blogging by visiting my blogmake money blogging its really quite simple once you master my one/two punch!

About the Author

Shannon is a father of three and a successful Internet Marketer.

“My approach to business is simple, a firm handshake and a (what can I help you with today?) is far better than buy my product now! No one likes to be sold to. I’ll simply give you my honest opinion as to which direction you need to go, then you can decide if it is right for you.”

To learn more about how to make money online visit Shannon’s website.

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