How to Make a Squeeze Page with Divi Theme Tutorial

Squeeze Page

Alright, I’m gonna go to my template, got a blank page. I started from scratch and added a text box and I’m, going to publish right now. Okay, now that the page loaded go to view page, an able visual builder alright, now I’m gonna go to this section.

Setting right here, I’m gonna miss background image. Alright, we’re going to do there. You go check alright and now let’s, go ahead in the middle here and go to settings or actually, where’s, our text go to text settings okay, good type! In your headline and go design and text, and we’re using open sans that’s, the default there, so I’m going to go to make them this white.

Actually so I got ultra bold and then let’s, make this a little bigger all right and then the spacing is fine and let’s. Add a little shout-out to this. Just that make it stand out just a little bit to four okay, and then that looks good alignment.

I want centered, so let’s. Go to Center. Alright check that now let’s, get some other text in there get that one. Let’s, get some other text. Okay, I’m just going to me that and gonna text in white. All right and let’s, go to 18 actually scale out that’s.

21 line height fix that line night alright, and I let’s, enter that all right and then erase that and let’s, go ahead and do an opt-in. Okay, this is the squeeze part. We’re, squeezing squeezing their email address, so we’re just going to go to not any of this.

We don’t want any of this text, so we’re. Something deleted how the buttons gonna say: good instant access by the the content, delete that and then go design and layout, and it’s. Gon na be body on the bottom and form, on top actually reverse that there you go okay, I mean for spacing zero everything out off the top and bottoms okay, you a Content and background.

We don’t, want background, color, okay, go to fields and actually go to design in fields. Then you want go down on border, get a border on there. Okay, and now you can do the button use custom style all right.

We’ll, do text, colors, gonna, be blue, and then the background colors in video though, and the border was gonna, be three pixels blue. I should too two pixels alright and let’s change the button font, or at least this make it bold.

She we’re gonna. Do this fun around do Oswald all right and then we’re gonna do italic and we’re gonna do a bold okay and then we’re. All increase the font size, okay and put a little shadow on it. We get a small one, all right and actually let’s.

Do it let’s. Do a bore radius on this one, make it rounded screw supporter with a little bit there. You know all right and then let’s. Do a box shadow on it. Do this that’s on the whole thing, then, on that go back to border, I should go back to button.

Just do that, one all right and I’m, not gonna touch it cuz. I like the way it is right now: okay and then let’s, go to the settings here alright and we’re gonna go to background and make it a black background down here.

Do that guys got a border now, let’s, go to think yeah looks alright. Alright, oh man, we have to set spacing check, watch, we will okay, let’s, go back to settings here and go to sign and spacing zero everything out.

So we know right where we’re at okay again, this is for the row and left and right do zero as well and actually for the go to sizing and you go to alignment right here. Roll. I’m in the center. Okay, we’re, going to max width at 1920, okay and then for the sizing.

I want to bring it down. Let’s. Do the spacing first think we’re, going to 64 all the way around on the top of the bottom left and right? Okay, and that’s good too sizing on okay. Now let’s, bring her down a little bit.

We got ta fix that zo2 here settings zone text I’m gonna fix this to 1.3. Thank you all right, and you know you can put a picture in here too. If you want to put a picture image, put a picture of your ebook and design the sizing – this is gonna depend on how bigger thing is anyway.

So so you can doing a page like that. I’m gonna take that out, but you want to see how that this isn’t very much padding there or margin some song good design and spacing, and let’s. Go with 32 on top and see see there, whatever the default was was was good and I like the default whatever that was, but on the bottom we’ll just go add like 300 pixels yeah, so that’s.

Bottom, padding yep bottom margin 300 pieces. Well, Oh No. 300. Pixels, alright check! Now let’s check it out on a mobile phone tablet. Oh my gosh on tablet. Please got your settings design sizing the width 9 percent.

Actually it’s. Do 90 percent it’s, usually good for the padding for phone go a hundred percent and then what we’ll also do is go to a check. We’ll, go to actually go back to that design and sizing for the phone phones at ninety percent as well.

Okay, so check and now for the headline we’re, going to bring that down a little bit on the phone. Go back to text and then let’s, see as on desktop 42 is fine phone. Let’s, go 28 check and this on the phone is going to be 18.

Just go back. Design and text go back to the phone. You go 18 all right now. What we’ll do, is we go to section settings or the row settings again go design and spacing and then on the padding for the phone will do like 3 %, usually what I do: 5 % 5 % 4000, and actually I exit out Of that go back to row, settings go design spacing and for the left in the right.

We’re just going to do 16 all right, and then that’s. How that folds down very nicely very nice. Now let’s. Go that button. I don ‘ T want that icon there design button don ‘ T want that all know there are you and then let’s, bring that font size down just a tad bit.

So if you on the phones bringing down the 24 right and there you go, save this all right and that’s, how you do a squeeze page and divvy and now actually one thing I will say is that whenever you do this form, you Want to make sure that you have the SiC that your email account looked up.

Okay, I use get response for mine personally and then you want a success section! Okay, you want to go to a URL. You put the URL link there. Alright, if you’re using an affiliate link that’s, the word would go okay or if you’re doing a.

If you saw a message, you can display a message, but usually the URL is the way to go. Alright, so make sure you got those linked up and that wall begin to work nicely for you. You have to go back this good design spacing to go to the phone.

It should be 16, but if I go to this top should be 64. Something got lost in translation, there 16 all right that’s it. I hope you guys got a lot of value out of this video and catch you on the other side, all right guys that’s, how you create a squeeze page in Divi, so I hope helps you out.

You know in my journey along putting squeeze page and stuff, I’ve, been using get responses. My email autoresponder I don’t, get any spam with it. I’ve. Had any spam people sign up or anything like that.

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