How to Make a Landing Page Using a Website Builder

Landing Page

If you still think that it’s unbelievable to make the landing page under 10 minutes, i want to show you how to do that with fantastic tools. Lead pages. This platform is absolutely great and gives opportunity to hundreds of people who are interested in the internet, marketing and uh entrepreneurs who want to build their web page or the landing page.

I want to show you how to do that when you’re going to get to the platform you need to sign up or log in when you’re going to be in the platform you ‘ Ll see that there’s, a lot of templates that already build just for you and you just need to customize it, and i want to show you the basics and how to do that.

Let’s preview, this template! This is pretty great. I like it so much it’s simple, and i can show it to you. I can show how this works on the how this works, and i’m gonna use this template. First, you need to give your page a name when you will see the hull projects that you have you ‘

Ll know that this is directly the the thing that you need. Okay, you have the layout. You can see that all the sections that are available for the moment in the sections you can add, or delete or duplicate all these things like hero, logos, plans and pricing, testimonials and so on, and so on.

You see it’s already built styles. It’s, the font style spec, page background, page wide and so on, but we’re gonna jump to edit it right now, when you need to you see that there’s elements on it. There’s elements there’s divider and you can drag it like that.

Alrighty. I’m, not gonna change the tags, but i will show you that it’s possible when you press in these three dots. You can added section settings so here you see that there’s, an image right here and you can change this image.

Let’s. You can use your images uploaded already premium images that you can buy. I want to show you so it’s, pretty a lot of things right here, but i upload it already, and i will use this one. This picture i like this picture.

It’s, cool one. As for me, let’s, press the preview right now. The tablet. Okay, this guy is right here. I know why why he’s here, because we have the hero copy and the hero copy appears just only on the mobile on the cell phones.

So the secret is that or we can delete this or if we have another picture we can show this only on cell phones and on the desktops and and tablets. It will be displayed different way. Let’s, see the preview right now: cell phone.

Okay, the girl is there nice on the tablet. There will be two screens on a desktop. It will be one okay exit preview. The simple thing is to do is just to delete this copy. Yes, full and totally all right here.

You can see that you pretty. Can’t change the color of the background. This is laying right here. You see the sections, the section style, and here you go here. You go row one and row two when you’re pressing here.

You see that there’s two column second, and we need to edit the second here you go. The color of the background, or you can insert here an image we don’t have a suitable image. Let’s. Change the color, because i don’t like it.

I don’t like it or we can do the opacity, no more yeah, that’s, pretty cool that’s, pretty cool! I don’t want to change the text because it’s, pretty okay, just to show you when you double click to it, you can change the color of the text.

You can change pretty everything that that you want. You can make it bold or not, alien or not, and so on, and so on, even like that, or you can add a link to the text and it’s going to be clickable. Okay, the color is not suitable for that purpose.

Right in this spot, so let’s, make it white that looks nice. That looks nice already. When you see the button, you can press the pencil and you can change the color of the text and of the background it’s.

Pretty it’s, pretty okay, i think and want to show you rounded button or the circular line or gradient. I want the flat one and the square one just as for me, you can change it as you wish, as you want and as for your taste, when you see the button, you need to add it click event, because you need to understand what’S gonna happen when somebody will press the button it’s, gonna be a pop up and we need to edit the pop-up.

It is like that, but i don’t like it. It’s too red and i want to change the color to this one. Maybe or this one. Now let’s, add a color all right, you just click out and the say, and you save all the changes that’s, pretty it.

I really like it. Okay, so there’s, a basics that you can. Okay, that’s, pretty it. The page is already done, and this is pretty simple – the thing that i wanted to tell that this is absolutely simple, fast and easy, and really under 10 minutes.

If you have uh all the pictures, if you have all the text and of course you know your business better than any human being on the planet, and when you start to create your own landing page or a website, you should be prepared to uh to build It fast the system, the platform, the lead pages.

It gives you such opportunity to create outstanding, just fantastic landing pages and websites. Just in a minute – and this is pretty simple – everything is absolutely editable and just try it try it and you’re gonna like it for sure i left the link in the description panel of this video, so you can find it easily and You can try your 14-day free trial right today, so find the link and wish you good luck.

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