How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts | 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website

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You’re driving traffic to your website, or even worse you’re paying for traffic, and these visitors aren’t converting. What should you do? Well, if you don’t do the following five tips, those visitors are going to be wasted and you’re not going to be able to convert them.

Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m gonna share with you, how to create a landing page that converts over 40%. I know what you’re thinking, 40% conversion rate, on a landing page, that’s insane.

Well that’s possible. Sure if you’re selling a product for $100, you’re not gonna get a 40% conversion rate. But let’s say you’re just starting out and collecting leads like name and email address, you can get over 40%.

And even if you’re selling products you can boost your conversion rates if you follow these exact tips. So tip number one, use tools like Instapage and Click Funnels. The cool part about Click Funnels and Instapage and even Lead Pages is they break down the landing pages in their system that convert to the best.

And they’re not making this up by saying oh this landing page converts better than this other one cause it looks cooler. They’re using data, they have so many customers, thousands and thousands if not hundreds of thousands, that they’re basing it off their existing customer base and their current conversion rates.

So they know all their customers are using this one landing page that’s converting better than all the other ones out there, that should tell you, hey you should start with this landing page first.

The second tip I have for you is have an amazing unique value proposition. Not a bullshit one like put in your name and email and I’ll send you a free pdf, or I’ll send you weekly updates. That value proposition sucks.

It has to be amazing. Such as, with a lot of my offers I give free courses. I give free guides that I’ve spent $30,000 creating. Now I’m a crazy person. You don’t have to go above and beyond like me, but my stuff converts better than most people.

Why? Because I go above and beyond. With your value proposition, it needs to resonate with people, if you’re not solving a problem that they’re facing at a really deep problem, they’re not gonna opt in or buy from you.

If you’re just scratching the surface and you’re not breaking down why they should opt in or why they should buy your product or service and why it solves this problem they’ve had forever, they’re much less likely to buy from you.

So really focus on your copy. Everything that I’ve tested when it comes to landing pages copy and value proposition is one of the biggest factors that effects the conversion rate. The third tip I have for you is keep it simple silly.

One of my companies was called Kiss Metrics. Why? Because I found that in marketing, everyone tries to over complicate stuff. There’s no reason for it. Why not keep things super simple? For example, if you have 10 form fields, when you only need two, remove the extra stuff that you don’t need.

If you have tons of copy and you’re saying the same stuff over and over again, remove the fluff. Get to the point. Landing pages that are super simple tend to convert better than long ones that go on and on and ramble.

Now I’m not saying you should have short landing pages. Instead what I’m saying is you should get to the point. If you need to have a longer landing page because it helps you answer objections, objections are concerns people have before they opt in or buy from you, then that’s fine, have a long landing page.

But get to the point and remove the fluff. That’s called keeping it simple, right. You don’t want really fluffy long landing pages that go on and on like I am right now with this point, because you’re gonna lose people.

The fourth tip I have for you is show social proof. There are so many different versions of social proof. They could be testimonials, they could be case studies, it could be results that other people are experiencing, it could even be videos.

I was talking to a buddy Sam Evans, and he has this website called, he has over 3,000 video testimonials. That’s crazy, that’s a shit ton of social proof. There are so many different variations that you could use.

It depends, based on the type of landing page you have and the business you have. So if you’re unsure on the best type of social proof, for your landing page, leave a comment below on what you’re thinking, and I’ll respond back on if I think that’s good or if that’s bad or if you should be doing something else instead.

The fifth tip I have for you is to create a video. Not everyone enjoys reading. Some people love looking at pictures. But a picture isn’t gonna cause tons more people to convert. You need a video that should explain everything that they’re gonna get when they opt in, or buy your product, or sign up for your service.

That video should be short and to the point. Under three minutes, ideally under one minute, but worse case under three minutes. It should answer any objections people have before they sign up or buy from you.

And it should describe everything in a logical order. You don’t wanna be bouncing around and making your video pitch really confusing. And when you do videos, what you’ll find is, it can sometimes decrease your conversions.

But the quality of the customer that you end up generating is much better and they tend to spend more over the lifetime value. So you have to test video. So follow those tips, you’re gonna have an amazing landing page that’s gonna convert better.

If you’re collecting emails you should be over 40%. If you’re selling a product, depending on how targeted the traffic is, you could be at numbers like three, four, five, and sometimes upwards at 10% depending on the price point.

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