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The reason why I enter etc, etc, and you’re gonna see the drive trade happen. So today we’re gonna go through it, and this video is not to be missed, so preparation is needed. These palm trees and all some of us are living in the snow.

Today it’s winter. Well, here’s, not really that wintery, but this is the setup guys, as you all know, simple laptop. So today guys we’re gonna break it down step by step. I know you guys enjoy these kind of videos where you get to see me.

Trade live in the stock market. I’m, also going to show you my discord, chat and show you their results for today, because we’re gonna be trading the same stocks based on the same strategy that I’ve, been teaching you guys on This channel now guys this is the discord chat.

We call it the monopoly family because everybody shares the same thoughts and beliefs here, especially at 8:30 a.m. we’re all analyzing the stocks, as we’re doing someone’s. Still asleep because they’re in the united states, the ones who are awake and now from europe.

But we’re waiting for the US stock market to open because that’s, where the volatility is and we’re, also watching the stocks that have released this the news. So we still have plenty of time guys and now we’re gonna have to go so i’m gonna have to pause this and when it comes to time to trade it i will analyze it with you guys and At the end, i will sit down and answer some of the common questions.

You guys asked the common ones that i’ve, keep repeating myself on, but again there’s, no harm done. I will still tell you guys what you need when it comes to trading and, like I said, a simple laptop is all you need fast with executions that’s, not laggy, nothing else right! So what strategy one stock? One trade that’s today, we’ve, got 10 minutes to market opening.

At the moment, I just loaded up the stock called Under Armour Under Armour just released an early report and ticked all the boxes that we look for every single day on my chat room. So remember one trade a day that’s.

All we focus on is one stock, one trade, one stock, one trade, I mean you can make two trades a day if you want to, but one trade a day on one stock is all I look for, because I’m, not a robot. I cannot focus on multiple stocks.

I need to see the price movements and put my full focus into the stock every single day. How many people use all these big screens to have all these tickers? But when the market opens you, probably don’t know which stuff to go for so let’s just go right into it guys and go through this checklist.

Real quick number. What fund the stock with the news? Because the news will give you volatility on the day analyze the news. This will give you a direction of where the stock is heading. Ask the question: how will the investor react that backs up this direction? Base your trade and one of the four partners under monopoly Chapman, so I gave you guys four patterns that come up time and time again with burnings powers are just behaviors that occur time and time again, every single day in a single stock.

What direction will the stock end up in? We talked about that support the resistance and have to ask you a question: where is the support? Where is the resistance and that’s simple? Anybody can do that and then wait for a pullback and execute your trade again.

The pullback is something that we have to focus on, but many people have this formal. You know fear of missing out, so they ended up executing their trade quickly. So I already shared my game plan with the chatroom.

As you can see, this is the monopoly chatroom and hopefully this chat. Iran gets to do well and gets to kill it. So let me pause this. Let me stop talking and let’s. Get right into it guys let’s, make this trade okay, guys so Mike it just opened.

Literally two seconds ago, I still haven’t entered a position, but I’m waiting for the pullback. As you can see, the stock doesn’t want to pull back, but I will be going in with a thousand shares on the stock.

Here is the pullback happening now watch this price. I need you guys to watch this price, especially if you have this course, because that’s, when my entry is gonna be right there, that’s. What my entry happened right right there so 150 dollars, hun $ 200 here’s to $ 7,300 real, quick guys.

I haven’t paused, anything it’s happening as we’re talking now. I could have taken this profit and went again, but I believe in the big drop there’s more sellers than buyers, and you can see it in the price movement.

So I just took profits, but I’m going again on the second pull back. If it shows, I execute it and cover it 500 shares, but it’s, not that complicated I could have just held on to it. So here’s, the pullback and my entry is going in again once it breaks 18.

All right, I’ll, go again here’s, the pullback guys 34 [ Music ]. All right, probably too early to this position goes shorten again, so we’re short again. Here we are once again $ 200. There’s, always a pullback after every spark deserves a pullback 350.

I want you guys to look at the price movement. The price tells you where it wants to go now. In this case, I’m right right. That’s. All I need is to be right. So here’s $ 500, guys and time to walk away with the money $ 600 [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] frier.

I’m at here’s $ 500 guys. So the total for today was here is 2000 profit so far from the chat room, so the chat room is already killing it 74 dollars, two thousand dollars, seventy eight. So for me it was six hundred on that short position.

Now, here’s, the pullback, but I won’t risk it. This stock, doesn’t want to play by my rules. I’m, not gonna play. I’m, not gonna play around with it. So literally five minutes guys in this trade here’s, the chat now this is where we get to share our profits.

Five minutes in to market opening, literally the recorder, has been gone for four minutes. So as soon as I started it, you know it kept going so $ 600 on this trade, so guys the chatroom so far is doing well.

There’s more people type in, but I just want to show you the progress for today. We had mixed results for today, guys, but majority of it is profits, profits, profits. Obviously, some people trading with large capital, some people with small capital and that’s, reflecting their profits here.

So people take smaller positions, whichever you’re comfortable with at the end of the day yeah. What is this reserve monopoly? The Conor McGregor of trade – I appreciate all that, but I appreciate it when you guys are killing it and here’s, the grind it’s funny when your students do better than you but yeah Green is green.

That’s. All that matters Green is green guys and, as you’ve seen this stock done exactly what we wanted it to do, as predicted before market open, and basically, we took the 20 30 cents. Just like I said in this chat line.

I said I told you guys I was gonna take twenty thirty cents. So with that being said, hopefully you learned a thing or two. Hopefully you go file you. If you did smashing smashing. If you’re, not making profits consistently, then you need to go back to square one education, paper, trade and practice to build up your confidence to build up your knowledge and that’s.

What mine is at the end of the day so making money here and there isn’t good enough. You have to understand why you’re trading, while you’re making money in the stock market, because you will have to use it again and remember after every spike, there’s, a pullback after every pullback there’s always a spike, and that’s just the way the stock market works, nothing stays the same, and that’s.

Why I take my profit quickly? I don’t, wait for whatever you know, a specific figure and when people ask me how much money I need to start to start trading, I always say start with five hundred two thousand with money that you’re willing to lose Because emotions is a huge role, plays a huge role in trading, and the fear of losing money will always hold you back when it comes to pulling the trigger or taking profits from the stock market right so go in with money.

You don’t need literally say to yourself. I don’t care about this money, not that you’re gonna lose it, but because you know you’re gonna detach yourself emotionally from that money, and that’s. What matters at the end of the day, I look.

If you’re willing to use leverage, then you can go ahead and use leverage. Everybody can use leverage. That means, if you have five hundred, you can make it into two thousand five hundred using leverage.

Yes, it is risky. You could lose all the five hundred if you end up losing the on leverage, but again that’s, just the stock market and the way it goes. We come to term with these things, so I ‘

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