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This person made two hundred and forty-three dollars all from a 129 dollar account following you wrote, JPY cell a signal, and this is how you can make money like me following my trade and jackpot here in this video, I’m, going To show you how to be able to grow a small account now in this account, I’m already into the process, so I believe my balance when I started was 92 something dollars now.

My balance is currently 626 dollars. I already made most of the profits throughout the week and later on. I’m, going to show you more of my results throughout this whole process here. So come take a look as you could see here right now.

I have trades currently running. This is my history. So, for a week already, I profited five hundred and thirty-four dollars to be able to have my balance currently at six hundred and twenty-six, and this is a real account.

You know you could see the live bag here. This is a real account, as you can see, and right now I have traded running. I’m, going to continue holding those trades because I believe it can bring forth more results later on.

So take a look at my charts, real quick on the mobile. You could see. I’m already in trade G. You sell a 30-minute time frame. You could see. Price has not even gone where I’m, expecting it to go. I’m on a higher time frame entry on the daily time frame, so I’m.

Expecting the major movements to happen here. I’m. Also in euro USD, I was able to find early entries as well. You could see where I meant I already secured some profits for the day so 280 for the day and gradually I’m just going to continue growing this account just so you guys know I’m, going to show you all exactly How to be able to do it for yourself, because the strategy that I use works and, as you can see right now, my balance is currently growing.

As you can see in the equity it’s, nine hundred and five dollars so little on and the week will update you and see where those trades are in the process. So right now I’m, currently floating a thousand plus it’s about that time to close profits.

Right now, I’m in GBP/USD, mostly, as you could see, this is my entries. Price is definitely going in the right direction for me: alright, the ones that are floating and the 60s 50s. I’m only going to close the posture of those so on this one.

I have to close part of this. Just stole a lot of money, just 0.03 lot size gave me 40 bucks that’s, a good amount already a hundred for the day, and I still have a lot more floating so right now I’ve already closed three hundred plus.

So far I still have 684 floatings. This goes a little bit more. I’m, leaving the ones that are, running more profits like the $ 62 here, the 58, because those entries are a little bit further away, but these got to go.

Make sure. I’m. Securing all of my games, or at least a portion of my games, and the reason I do this – is because not that I want to completely get out of all of my trades on that specific pair GBP/USD sell, but I need to secure property right now.

I already closed 464 today for the week 995, so just a manage they imagine how much I had in the balance 995 for the week that I closed and I currently have 500 floatings still and I’m, still not done securing GBP/USD.

So let ‘ S goes a little bit more. Let’s close it and make it 500 flat, 1k for the week, and 497 for the day. Let’s close one more there. It is 500 profits closed for the day. That’s secured. I don’t have to worry about that anymore for the week $ 1000 plus a maid and my balance is a thousand 126.

So really, I only had about 100 dollars, plus in my balance, to begin with, and again this is a lab account just so you all know it’s. The same account: no change just making money in the market, Wow consistently, closing partial profits, and holding the rest for more long-term potential moves that can happen.

I currently have a thousand dollars plus floating on EJ, and you can see this is my entries and I know I have multiple entries, but there are well precise entries. I knew that price was going to go in the right direction.

This is why I took the specific entry here and now you could see the result where I’m, making the profits based on the entries that I have so what I’m going to do here because it’s. At the end of the week, I’m going to secure a profit.

So what I’m gonna do is go ahead and close this trade. Also, if you don’t know how to close partial profit. All you have to do is just go here. For example, I have a zero-point: ten lakh, sighs, and there I’m, going to just change that to 0.

05, and that will pull it half of that trade, and you can see. I just closed. Just half of that trade, but since I’m going to secure all of my profits, I don’t mind this closing everything right now. People and Forex have an idea of how to make money in the market.

Well, a lot of people have a hard time, keeping the money that they make so right. Now I’m keeping the money that I’m, making all right now, leaving it out on the table for the market to get it back. I’ve had experiences.

I wasn’t a prophet, and my trades go back to negative before and it’s. A sucky feeling you don’t want to be experiencing that feeling and if you do learn from it and grow from it, I’ve grown from all of my experience.

This is why I’m now a great trip. This is why I can secure a profit like it’s, nothing! So, right now I’m, just closing trades all I’m done so now I have DJ EU selling look at on the screen here.

I only have one trade ready. I secured two thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. Look at my balance, two thousand two hundred and forty-two dollars that mean. I only had really a hundred bucks in my account to start with.

This is a live account. This is a live account, as you could see my full name with the road bags, and I still got some trays running towards next week. Matter of fact, not only I made money on this trade FX car online members also made money on this trade as well.

So come take a look here. Look at the previous signals, so EURUSD also around which price to sell it at I’ll. Give you a stop loss. I’ll give you the tick profit only risk in 30 pips to make one hundred and eight pips.

Then the next signal for the week was GBP/USD. So GBP/USD I give you the price I’ll give you the stop-loss. I’ll give you the check profit, only risking 46 pips to be able to make 135 pips.

The last signal for the week was the euro JPY. So your JPY and as you could see, you wrote JPY. I just recently closed the profits there. I was only risking 42 pips to make a hundred pips that’s. How you’re supposed to trade-in.

I share my signals with my memories, the ones that are they have paid to be part of the group where they received online courses. They receive analysis, weekly signals, and things like that to help them grow, and I have been able to share that signal with them.

So they also could be able to make money on it, as would check out the comments here in the chat, for example, this person, as you can see, we read the messages this person’s biggest transactions so far, all by following signals.

Look all by following signals. This person made two hundred forty-three dollars all from a 129 another count following the u-Roy JPY cell signal, and this is how you are able to make money like myself following my trade.

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