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We got this whole mess going on right, alright guys! So I’m on a computer now and we’re gonna go ahead and dive right into the product research method. But before we start, I want to say there’s. No one set way of finding products.

You can literally find a product in a magazine store so on Aliexpress and decide to run ads to it, and you could make a million dollar there. Isn’t this one set way that I’m gonna show you or somebody else shows you.

Products are everywhere, but I just happen to use this one tool along with some other tools, but this specific one I’m, going to show you right now is affordable and it’s, link down below, if you guys wan na, and It is known as drop point, so you guys probably have heard of this before, but my strategy on this is a little bit different than what everyone else does.

Usually, what a lot of people do is just go ahead and click on this winning advertisement filter and just look at what drop point shows that. But a lot of people have this app and if a lot of people are looking through the winning advertisement filter, then it’s, no use because everybody’s.

Gon na be seeing the same things you are, so I decided to change it up around here, so that’s, why I decided to come in and change it up around here. So we have one goal in mind here and it’s to find cool products that not a lot of people are selling, which leaves room for people like us to make that one off.

So we got ta figure out how to tell that to drop point, but we’re gonna go ahead and stay on this live advertisement filter and do the following pay. Close attention. Take notes do what you got to do and let’s, get right into the video, so you’re gonna see this huge tab on the right side.

We’re gonna, go ahead and scroll down and ignore everything there. I like to keep things simple. As you guys know, the limit shares at my and we’re gonna set that to a hundred now remember these aren’t some set magical settings.

You can play around with it and move it around, and then we’re gonna go ahead to limit views them. We’re gonna go ahead and start from like 300,000, you could do 300,000 400,000 and basically, what this is saying is the product was cool enough to be shared to over a hundred people, and it doesn’t, have a million Plus views we’re gonna try to keep the views under a million from though, like 100,000 to 600,000 range.

So we’re gonna go ahead and hit filter, and now we’re gonna see a bunch of products that have over a hundred shares and under 300 views. So we’re. Just gonna want to scroll down until we find something that catches our eye on that we’ve, never seen before all right.

So somehow I forgot to go over the requirements of a winning product, but the first one is try to have it where it’s not available in stores or it’s. Not too common. So Johnny can’t, go over to Walmart and purchase it, but let’s say your product is available in stores and you still want to sell it online don ‘

T worry, have a solution for you. Just take an axe to go to the store that it’s available in and just slash each product and a half, and then that way the customer will have no other option but to buy from you the next one is try to find a Product with a WOW factor now, a lot of you will be like what is a WOW factor that all these dropshippers are talking about.

Basically, it’s, something where, when people see the product and use they get surprised it shocks them, they want to share it with friends, so try to find products that trigger those actions. The next one, this one’s optional, but it does help if it also solves a problem, so problem-solving products.

It makes it easier to market, of course, and last but not least, of course, we want to have a margin above 20, so make sure your profit margin after the cost of goods is left with 20 dollars or more. This ensures that you will maintain profitability even at high scale and especially if people buy multiple all right.

So after literally scrolling this far down, I came across some products that I haven’t seen before and I think are pretty cool. Well, actually, I don’t even know what they are, but they seem cool. So this one by Abdul Rahman and brothers, it’s, a wood grain or whatever.

That is, I’m gonna go ahead and click on the video and click on the Facebook link, and then we can go ahead and view the video to get an understanding of what the product is, but basically it’s. This video, explaining this product, which I still don’t, have a full understanding of what it does, but I mean it seems cool it just grains of what I guess, but anyway, the next step, once you find a video, is to go to their Face Paige and see if they’re still running the ad because they could have been selling this product and running it on Wednesday, but they could have turned off ads because it wasn’t profitable today.

So we’re gonna go ahead and confirm that by going on the Facebook page, going to page transparency and then going to ads library, so as you guys can see, they are not running the ads anymore for the product.

I don’t know why, but if they’re not running ads for anymore, I really don’t like to look more into it. That’s just me, but I’m gonna go ahead back to drop point and start from square one all right, so we found this product.

This one also looks cool the one right beside I don’t know what this one is. It seems pretty cool like a lightsaber or something from Star Wars. I don’t know, but we’re gonna go ahead and hit Facebook ad go to the video and see what this is a light that attracts thousands of fish within seconds.

That’s, actually pretty cool about. Never seen this product before honestly, it has pretty good comments. You can click on the comments and if you see any comments of people saying, I’ve bought this before and I like it, I just bought it.

It’s, pretty cool, then that means the product is cool right, just go with the flow you don’t want to ruin anything here. So again, we’re gonna go ahead and go to the Facebook page and then view if they’re still running these at.

Hopefully, these guys are still running ads. Cuz I don’t want to go and find another project. God they’re still running ads right here now we’re on the page and you see that they’re running, actually a lot of different ads.

So this is where you can sort of get into a rabbit hole and find more winners than you expected, but we want to find that one product that we were looking for. So this is the one is the fishing light we want to keep going down and try to find the first ad that they ran for it just to see how long ago they were running it.

Okay, so after scrolling down the first time that they started running, this ad was May 17, it’s been a good few days since May 17th, so I assume they’re, getting sales with the product now the next step after this Is to go to their store and see how much they’re selling it for so 35 dollars how much they’re selling it for, and I’m, assuming they’re, getting it anywhere from five to Ten dollars, hopefully yeah but just remember, try to keep the margin $ 20 or higher, and I’m.

Also thinking people are buying multiple of these, so you will have a higher profit margin. So now, after we’re on their product page, I like to sort of back-testing and see how this products trending and I do that using a magical software called Google Trends ready.

I’m gonna go ahead on over to Google Trends and then type in the product name, so it’s called fishing lite see if this products pop in I’m gonna go to 2004 and it looks Like it’s on the rise is how the turns have tabled.

What do you see here, ladies? This product is on the rise right now. These dots mean that it’s predicting to go up, and if you look at the dates around April, it goes up every single year. So this is actually a perfect product to sell.

Now now don’t get too out of yourself. Buddy you want to go ahead and go back and try to find things to improve upon whether it’s, the advertisement, the store or whatever it is. So. I’m gonna go ahead to the advertisement check out their ad.

Their ad seems pretty nice. It’s, pretty bold text. You can see it clearly, so you can get an ad like this done and by the way, if you guys want to get video ads done there’s, a link below you guys can check out, but anyway the first step is to see.

If you can improve upon the ad, you can even use their ad, but it looks like they have a watermark slept on it. So I don’t think that’s possible for this one. You got some pretty smart drops refer to your guys, be aware, but anyway, once you see that you can improve something upon the ad, whether it’s, the text right here, whether it’s, the video you want to go ahead and Head on over to their store and see what you can improve upon here, so it looks like their store is pretty clean and honestly, just from looking at it, it looks pretty nice.

I would probably have picture reviews and add pictures to your reviews, probably some more higher-quality images. This one’s, a bit blurry the gift right here that they have is pretty nice. The site overall looks pretty clean, but obviously, once you import it to your store, you can play around with it.

Try to make it look nicer, trying to add some life to it, and now, once we find the product, let’s, go ahead and check out the pricing how much we can get it for how much we sell it for all that good stuff.

So we’re gonna go ahead and jump straight onto Aliexpress and try to find the product. So I’m. Just gonna happen, fishing light. Let’s, see what we had here. So it looks like the product. Is not here, oh right here, right here, nine dollars and 89 cents wow? This is beautiful.

We’re gonna go ahead and click ship from China. We’re gonna choose the color blue and yes, our final price is nine dollars. Eighty nine cents with free shipping to the United States. I’m, not gonna lie.

This product seems pretty cool. I don’t want to sell it right now, but anyway, let’s, go ahead and do some quick math here. So if these guys are selling it for thirty five, ninety six and we are buying it for nine dollars.

Eighty nine cents we can go ahead and selection, 3596, nine dollars and 89 cents and we come out to a total profit of twenty six dollars and seven cents, and that is what I like to call how to find a winning product in 2020.

Ladies and gentleman, thank you for watching. No, but in all seriousness, this is a pretty good product to sell, and another thing I also like to do is try to find the product on Amazon. So I found this one right here.

It’s, not the exact same thing, but it’s. Pretty similar and read some reviews, so read two reviews as to why people are buying this. Why who are using this and integrate that into your ad copy or description? Your video ads, but anyway, that pretty much wraps it up and by the way, if this is your store, I greatly apologize.

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