How to download songs from Spotify to Computer

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Hello and welcome to another video, my name is james from quick studios and today i’m, going to be showing you how to um download songs from spotify onto your computer premium or not. So it’s very simple um.

So, as you can see in spotify um, i’m on a reptile legit and i have this song here. Let’s. Um say i want to like download it so to do that, just press these three dots press share and then copy song link when that is done.

Just minimize and then um go click on tune fab, which i will link in the description. Just follow the download page and you should get that um um make sure to do the light version, because that’s, the one that’s free or you can pay whatever get the better version.

But this is the free method. Okay, so just open it up, and then you’re gonna see this new place here and you’re gonna get this pop up, sometimes about upgrading, but whatever okay, so yeah. Now you’re, just gonna wan na paste that in control v and um, as you can see, that’s.

The thing i just copied and i’m gonna press, add file and that’s. The song right there, so you also want to make sure it’s, converting to the right audio file type. So my case, i want mp3, but there’s.

Other options here um also make sure to go on to the file that you wish to have so the directory. So for me, i’m going on documents and i just made a photo called music, so that’s, where the music’s gonna be stored.

Okay and you can do some adjustments and you can also copy whole albums, not just individual songs, which is pretty cool. So now i’m gonna press convert and it’s. Just gonna open up spotify and play all the song play the song for some reason, so yeah um.

This should only take like a minute at most shouldn’t, take too long and for some reason um it’s capped like three minutes. I don’t know why, like even if it’s a one minute song, it still makes it three minutes by like adding some of the next song.

It’s kind of weird. I i think the um non-free version is probably don’t. Do that? Okay, let’s, see okay! So, as you can see it’s playing and when it hits over the there, then it should be done converting.

So i’ll, get back to you when it’s done okay, so um once it finishes, then you should um. It should be in whatever folder you have it in as a mp43 file. So you can play it. You know you can do whatever you want with it: listen to it offline whatever, so that’s gonna.

Do it for this video um. If you enjoyed then make sure to like this video and if it was helpful, please comment subscribe and ring the notification bell. I’ll, be greatly appreciated um, so yep have a good day and bye.


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