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So what’s up? I immerse in this video. I’m gonna show you exactly how to use my free squeeze page landing page templates to create stunning landing pages for 300 % for free won’t cost you a dime to capture leads and to help convert your traffic into Leads or sales okay, so this is really important.

This is the beginning of your funnel, and I know if you’re starting out and you can’t afford tools. Like click funnels, you can’t afford tools like thrive themes. You know I’ve been there. So I understand that’s.

Why? I’m, giving you the same landing page templates, and these are templates. All I got ta do is fill in the blank and up to you know, regardless of your niche, just fill in the blank it’s. Gon na it’s, gonna help you again take your traffic turn it into leads and ultimately, sales.

Because again, your your squeeze page is the mouth of your email: phone: okay, anyways! Let’s, get to it. So by now you should have downloaded my templates. If not, I’m sure there’s, a link somewhere on this page or on this.

In the description. Okay, there you’re gonna open envy. You envy, you is 100 % for free, open source video. Not video! Editor. Excuse me page editor, 100 percent free page editor. You can get it at envy.

You calm really really important. After that. You’re gonna click. The Open button you’re gonna go to where my landing pages are located on your on your PC. It should be under 30 landing pages 30 landing pages folder.

Okay, and here you can see the top 10 niches. Okay, let’s pick one at random. I’m gonna go with new bloggers. I’m gonna go to squeeze page and I’m going to click index, really important, okay, really good stuff.

So I want to let you know: first off here you can connect or link to, I should say better link to your privacy policy Terms of Use and contact us page, very simple. You just um highlight it and click link and add your link and click.

Ok, really easy stuff. Now to edit this, you just click on it and you type in whatever you want so discover how to let’s say you’re in the blogging issue and help people learn how to blog discover how to how to create [.

Music ] long posts within I don’t, know within 15 minutes within 15 minutes: okay, 100 % free – I just put your email in and they get instant access and you can get your email you give instant access to this lead magnet.

Okay! Now you can go to source and I actually have a more tutorial. Don’t worry about the HTML all this stuff, okay, again, because you have my templates, it’s very simple. To add your own email, autoresponder.

Okay, you just want to put in your list here, just go to your email, autoresponder and grab them and grab the components that are there that are required here. Your list right, you know what you want to want to add.

You’re gonna want to add what else your value number here – okay, really important, stuff and don’t, be afraid to contact. Okay, don’t be afraid to contact your email, autoresponder support team to get this information.

Okay, if you can’t find it on your own, and here really important here right here. You want to link you want to put the link right here in this redirect section to the page, to your Thank You page right, okay, so very simple! Stuff and again, this is all your save.

You want to save it and again, like I said this is the beginning of your funnel. Okay, your phone was really important. Your funnel is what will take your traffic and, of course, turn it into elite and then take that lead through a journey, helping that helping your subscriber helping your lead accomplish his or her goals.

At the same time, you you will be profiting with either your products or affiliate products and that’s, how email marketing works. This is all this is the beginning of a funnel right, your squeeze page okay.

So if you want more information about funnels and how to create funnels and out of how to use funnels to earn online passively and check out the link below and that’s, it. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and don’t forget to pick up these free templates.

Again. They’re on there on my site and 100 % for free envy. You is a free tool, free editor, and so are my templates and again I have these templates in a variety of niches. Okay, I have them in the baby care niche Beauty niche market, I should say dating for men dating for women.

Fitness make money, online, new bloggers, pets, self-improvement and a weight loss. I also have a it also comes with a how-to PDF, giving you all the details. If you have any questions chances are my PDF will answer them to have more tutorials, more video guides in this PDF, more free resources.

So you want to pick this up and make sure you check out the link below to learn more about funnels and how to take your traffic and create passive income that, regardless of the niche using funnels, really important stuff kind of the cornerstone of internet marketing.

And my experience is funnels records. You need funnels to take that traffic and to move that traffic along and help that traffic achieve their goals at the same time earning online. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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