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You know Best Buy, has a great affiliate program. Disney Disney also has an affiliate program: Victoria’s, Secret’s and also Amazon. All these companies have affiliate program is because they realize that getting traffic from thousands of websites is better than just getting it from one website right now, in addition to this, so in addition to me showing you how you can set up your own affiliate program, I’m, going to give you additional websites on where you can actually list your affiliate program and have affiliates apply to promote your website.

So, for example, we’ll, set up our program and then you can apply for various websites where people can actually take a look at what you’re selling, and then they can go ahead and promote it on their website.

So I’ll talk more about that a little bit later. Now let’s, go ahead and take a look at this plugin, and this is right here what your affiliates are going to see, so your affiliates will be able to register and have their own personal dashboard right on your website.

So right here I’ve, seen this a lot of times, because this plugin is used for a lot of companies I promote because it’s. A great plugin now right here, your affiliates gonna see their statistics so right here they can see like how much they’re paid.

What their commission rate is. You can always adjust all this and I ‘ Ll show you about that. A little bit later right here they can see their graphs. They can see how much they’ve been paid, they can see their visits.

Some people are, you know, visiting right here, I creative, so maybe you want to go ahead and create banners or you want to create your own personal stuff for your affiliates. So they can go ahead and you know slap it on their website and promote it, and then also they can go ahead and change their settings right here, like their their payment and stuff.

Like that now I’m, going to show you what you’re, going to see as a website owner where you you know, have a lot of affiliates. So right here is like your affiliate, dashboard right here. Now it’s going down right here.

You can actually see all your affiliates and you can see what they are. You know your best affiliates like their. How much you owe them. You can set their percents all this stuff right here. All your affiliates will show up right here and again right here on the overview section, you can kind of see that you can see your best performing affiliates.

You can see your recent if you can see how much you owe people, or you know how much you’ve made from your affiliate program and it is a great way to get more traffic. You know most companies today use affiliate program.

So let’s, go ahead and set it up. So the first thing we’re going to do is go to a website called affiliate WP. The link is in the description below, so you’ll, be brought to a page. That looks just like this right here now.

This is affiliate WP and again it is the number one selling plug-in for affiliate marketing out there, because it is just so user friendly and it you can literally set your program up in minutes now right here we have our pricing now.

This is made by the same company that actually created easy digital downloads. Now I actually have seen this plug-in several times, so most companies say they have it and you’re gonna come across these for pricing plans.

Now remember: there is a 30 day money-back guarantee for this, so you don ‘ T have to think that you’re committed to it. You can always just try it watch the video. Try it it doesn’t work out for you just get your money back, you know, nothing has been lost and you only have to gain from it.

You know experimenting with affiliate programs and, seeing you know who can make sales for your website is a great way to get more money. So, for example, I think the best one right here is the most popular because they do have four plans.

So you have the personal, the plus the professional in the ultimate. Now the difference between the professional and the plus is that you get the pro add-ons with the most professional one or the professional plan.

So, for example, what is included in that so right here, you can have affiliate custom landing pages, which is what sycron uses direct linking traffic do like direct link, tracking custom slugs for your affiliates, signup referrals and also like you know, if you use a gravity form That’s a great way now.

Remember there’s, a lot of different affiliate programs, so Skillshare steals trouble actually pay. If you lates for people just to sign up for their website. You know there’s. There’s various ways you can kind of strategize on how you want to pay your affiliates also right here.

Ninja forms push / notifications, lifetime, Commission’s, recurring referrals there’s; a lot of cool affiliate program out there who actually have recurring commissions such as elegant themes, akin to the hosting they all have recurring affiliate programs.

We’re, saying we’ll pay, you 5 %, or 10 % every single month, which is very lucrative and very attractive for affiliates. Here are their site. You have like your own affiliate, dashboard and also PayPal pay outs as well.

So I’m gonna go ahead and say I recommend this one right here again, you can always get your money back. So again, I recommend to purchase this plugin and once you purchase it, you will actually get it in your account.

No, I have already purchased this plugin. In fact, for me to use this affiliate program, I had to purchase it and I had to test it, and I did – and I really liked it now once you get the plug-in, so the plugin is going to be on your on your lot on your you Know on your basic wherever you downloaded it, so I have mine right here.

Now you don’t have to purchase it right now. You can kind of watch me and watch how easy to set up, and then we’re, going to basically create our own program. So right here, I’m gonna go ahead and go to this website now.

This is a demo website, so let’s. Just pretend I’m selling juice. You know, I have a juice products and I want to you know, create a affiliate program, so people can actually apply and promote my products.

Sorry here I go to plugins and go to add new. So here I’m, going to upload the plug-in choose the file and I’m, going to open it now. This is step one so step one just you know installing the plug-in.

Ok, the plug-in is installing. Alright, let’s, go ahead and activate the plug-in. Alright. Now I’m gonna give you like a brief rundown of all the options and what I recommend to set, because by defaults there are some options.

I recommend to change a little bit now right here on the left side, you see if filetes come up, so I’m gonna click on affiliates right here now right here. We have all your options right here now, depending on where you’re using, I’m using WooCommerce.

So if you’re using easy tool, downloads or press the cart or you know, add there’s. So many of them I don’t, really know which which cars are using, but right here and you go to settings you click on integrations.

You can kind of click on what you’re using so member press. All these things right here, you can go ahead and set it up. I am using WooCommerce, so I’m click on new commerce right now, so it’s integrated for virtually every single of shopping, cart or you know, platform out there.

So it’s really simple. To set up also your affiliates will have you know their own emails. You can kind of set this up right here, but one thing I want you also to kind of look at is the miscellaneous settings now.

I think this should kind of be in the general settings, not miscellaneous, because right here allow affiliate registration. You should this box checked right here and also this box right here. So this will basically say anyone can come to our website and apply once they apply.

We will get an email deciding if we want to. You know hire that a few later, not because maybe they’re like a scammy, you know, maybe they might have a bad website and then you, you know you got to do some research on your village.

You know you can’t just have anyone out there promoting your products now. This right here will also say: okay, we are going to take a look at your website or the way you promote before we approve you.

So I would recommend having both of these checked right here before you actually have your affiliate program set up. Runyon’s once you’re done with that you ‘ Ll click on Save Changes. Okay! Now your fluids can now apply to be on your website.

So let’s. Go ahead now and create a affiliates or registration page where people can actually come now there’s, a lot of short codes that you need so right here under the affiliate area, this page was created when we install the plug-in you’Ll click on edit now right here is affiliate area now any where you want to promote your website or any where you want to have this affiliate program.

All you to do is take this right here and just go ahead and copy it and paste it and then put it anywhere. You want so remember it’s, a shortcode, so hopefully by now you know how to kind of use short codes.

You know you just put them on any single page and then that form would display right there. So right here, I’m gonna go to view the page now remember I am currently logged in so oh no, I’m. Not so right here, you can kind of see a great example what it look like right here so register as a new affiliate.

So wherever you want to put this, this is where it’s going to show up. So your name, you’re gonna put your username, your your your email, your payment, your payment email and your website URL and then, once you register it’ll actually notify you just say: okay, this person signed up now, let’s, go ahead and just sign up right.

You’re gonna put Daryl and then payment. I’ll, put mr. Wilson at email com. I’ll, put Darrell Wilson comm right here, and this is exactly what your felice are gonna do, so you can put this on any single page and then YouTube alright and then register okay.

So right now you can see it’s pending approval and then it’s up to me to check my email and then to actually decide to approve it or not. Now let’s, just go ahead and say: let’s just go ahead and create an affiliate manually.

Just to give you an example of this, so over here under affiliates, I want to actually well. I’ve, already created one so right here. You can see that this is an affiliate right here. So let’s, say, for example, you create an affiliate and then you approved it or they signed up and you approved it.

This is what you’re, going to see now right here. You can actually decide to kind of take a look at you know their their personal profile. You can go ahead and set up your your rates so right here we have percentage and remember we put a 20 % or necess by default.

You can set whatever percent you want, or you can have a flat fee now. This is where strategy comes in, because companies like hosting companies have a flat rates. A skill shirt has a flat rate, but companies like Amazon use percentages.

Companies like Victoria Secret use percentages so, depending on on your goal of your website, you might want to decide to put a flat rate or a you know, a flat rate or or a percentage. You can also go ahead and change that’s, that setting right there for the affiliates in your general settings as well.

Hey guys, so I’m, going to show you how you can set the optimal settings for your affiliate program. Now I’ve, been an affiliate for years, so I kind of know what to expect from companies when I apply to be an affiliates on their website now one of them is the cookie rate.

So right here you want to say your cookie rate for at least 30 to 60 days. So that means basically, if they click on your link. How good is that link for so, for example, one day would be terrible. That means they’d, have to buy the product on the same day, but maybe if they, you know, they use the link and then they had something to do.

They come back next day and they buy it’s. That affiliate would get Commission, so you want to make sure you’re. You’re fair for your affiliates by setting at least you know a 30 to 60 day cookie. I mean some companies have 90 day cookies.

You know, but I feel that 30 days is decent, because 30 days is basically saying. Well, you know we’re, giving you 30 days when someone clicks on that link. Now you also want to exclude your shipping in your tax.

You know you don’t want to bring in your company policy into effect your affiliate payments, because I don’t care about your. They don’t care about your shipping rates. They don’t care about your tax and they shouldn’t because it’s, some of it’s.

That’s, not their business. You know their business is to bring people to your website. Now, right here, the percentage base again that’s strictly up to you. So if you’re selling clothes or something odd, you could probably give people like maybe a 15 % Commission rates.

If there’s, if you’re selling clothes, so if you’re selling a shirt for 40 dollars and then they promote it, you know give them a 15 % Commission rate that’s, not too bad. They’re gonna make around $ 5 per sale.

Then going back over here we have the sharing cookie, sharing cookie with a sub-domain when track cookies enabled on a domain will also be available. A subdomain. You know I I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t, use that I don’t that’s, that’s, for you know that’s.

I don’t think that’s, that doesn’t really happen too often credit last referral, so this right here can be a little debatable. So basically let’s say someone is promoting your website. Let’s say you have two, ladies: promoting your website.

One of them promotes its, but then later on four days later, someone else clicks on another affiliates link who wants to get Commission there that’s, basically what it’s saying: do you want to credit the first affiliate or you want To credit the second affiliate, personally, I have seen affiliate programs, you know, offer it for the first affiliate, but I would say the second affiliate should get the sale because maybe the second I feel it needed or that that customer needed just a little bit more.

A little bit more edge on to buy the product and a second affiliate convinced them. So I would say I would leave it checked personally, but again that’s up to you, because you know you’re, it’s. It’s, it’s, a give or take it’s kind of like saying.

Well, you’re, not being fully. You know you’re, not appreciating your first affiliate, but maybe the second affiliate promoter, even better so right here I would say I believe that checked again, I would exclude these from the the taxes calculations.

I always set a 30-day cookie expiration because most of you-let’s will expect that if you have anything less than 30 days, I probably wouldn’t apply for it. I’m gonna say well. If it’s, not at least 30 days, I’m, not gonna.

Do it, and basically I think that’s it. So I think that’s, more of a fair and optimal way to set up your affiliate program because most affiliates, who do it full-time know what to expect. So you want to be.

You want to be as fair to your folks as possible. I myself have promoted tons of companies and I know which companies are very reputable and which companies are kind of. Like you know they ‘ Ll relate on their payments, they say.

Oh, this link is broken. This link, isn’t working. It’s like I get a lot of the same things from the same company. So again you don’t want to be a company that’s, known for being having an affiliate program.

You want to be known as a company with a great affiliate program that really that affiliates love and they’ll continue to promote their product. So let’s just say. For example, someone came to your website and they promoted it now.

What you know now, what do you do so someone came to my site and they registered. I gave them my affiliate link and now what happens? Well, let’s, go ahead and take a look now. So let’s, go ahead and go back to my home page.

I’ll, go to our shop page right here, alright! So someone someone sign up for my website and I want them to know my products now as an affiliate right here. I’m gonna, say: okay, I want to promote this juice read right here, so I’m gonna take this right here and copy this link.

Now let’s, go ahead and go back over to our affiliate dashboard, which is right over here. Alright, so remember, this is now the affiliate dashboard. So this is for affiliates. They’re gonna say what pays well wan na promote what what do I want to promote right here? I want to go ahead and promote that that juice thing that I saw you know so right here they’re, going to put in the URL generate URL.

Now this is their new URL. So let’s, say, for example, you have a new product that you want to promote. You can tell you’re feeling a go ahead and promote this product. They’ll, say: okay, cool! I’ll.

Go talk about it and then I’ll link it directly to that product. So now, for example, if I go ahead and go over here and go to paste, it’s now taking the affiliate or the affiliate traffic to that specific product.

You understand so basically, your affiliates can now promote a specific product or a specific page anywhere. They want to promote on your website. So by going to page URL they can apply or they can wants.

It go promote anything anywhere on your website. So again it’s, a great way for affiliates to promote a specific, a new product or anything that you want to promote. So once you actually, you know done it so I mean from right now our website is ready to promote.

You know. People can come to our website and register and they can start applying to be a you know, an affiliates, and then you know there you go. You know you have your affiliate programs fully set up so right now.

This is fully active and ready to go so there is no there’s, nothing complicated there’s, nothing difficult! Our affiliate program is ready to go now. Let’s just say you’ve created your affiliate program and you want to kind of attract affiliates.

You’re, saying well, I mean my affiliate product now or I made my affiliate website or my website. I need affiliates. You know I get those backwards, you know affiliate and vendor, so I have a website and I need affiliates to promote its well.

You can go to share sales comm and you can say I want to be one of these merchants. Now your affiliates come here and say I want to promote this website, but you as a vendor would want to say I want to be one of these merchants, so I want to be the people that actually you list my stuff and then people come and see.

If they want to promote it, also over here, we have Clickbank. Clickbank is another website where you can actually apply and affiliates can decide if they want to promote your product. Now, let me just give you an example.

Let me just give you a quick example. So health and fitness that’s, a great one, so right here that the various websites and they’re, offering different rates so right here, a yoga burn. You know yoga burn and this is for women’s.

Health. You know, depending on your niche, so you can actually just go ahead and take a look at their website and see if it’s for you or not, you’re gonna say well, you know I’m, seeing This, and maybe this is not for me, so you can kind of keep looking or you’re gonna say you know.

Oh yeah, you know I’m. I’m big on diabetes. You know I talk about diabetes and my websites. Maybe you’re running a health blog. Maybe you want to go ahead and promote this doctor right here, so you can say: okay cool! I’ll, go ahead and apply for this, and you can get a link and, as someone promotes its you then make thirty five dollars, so your site would be listed here as well.

So you can kind of tell affiliates what you’re offering and they can decide if they want to apply for it or not. Also websites like Commission Junction as well. All these websites will be in the description below of this video and companies like Hostgator apply for this.

I think you know I think, psych round no.not psych round there’s, a lot of companies that apply for Commission Junction, it’s. A very reputable company, I think no WP engine W engine applies for this company.

I believe I’m, not sure so check out a commission junction as well. You have Clickbank, you have share sale as well, and also Rakatan. Udemy runs their affiliate program through Rakatan and then what it does is it connects the vendors and affiliates to make sure like everyone’s playing fair.

Basically, that’s really. What is it is here? Cuz it’s when you’re dealing with money, it’s very easy. To kind of you know it’s. There’s tension. You know so make sure to check out these websites. So again we have fully created an affiliate program.

I highly recommend to check out the affiliate WP I’ve, actually been looking at it for a while, and most companies out there use a Philly WP because it is by far the best affiliate program. I mean I just showed you how you can set up your own program in literally ten minutes and then just have people you know start applying to be selling website.

You know, have fun get crazy. So again, I hope this video was helpful. Hopefully, by now you can kind of create your own affiliate program again, if you’re running an e-commerce website or anything digital there’s, no reason not to have it.

It’s, a free program to sign up it’s, free promotion, it’s, free traffic – I mean for you not to have it is a waste. You know it’s, a total waste so make sure to check out this plugin and again they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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