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How To Create Step-By-Step A Landing Page And Build An Email List Completely For FREE!

Hey how you doing my name is Mickey from evergreen marketers, calm and in this video I’m gonna show you how to create a landing page for free, but before I do, if you’re completely new to this channel here We talk about online business, entrepreneurship and mindset.

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Without any further ado, let’s. Get right into the video in this video. I’m gonna show you how you can create a landing page and start building an email list completely for free. Ok. So I’m. Essentially, going to show you how you can start building a real business, even if you don’t, have any money to get started with.

So if you’re excited about learning, this, please make sure to leave a like, because it really helps me out, and I appreciate it a lot and make sure to watch this video all the way to the end, because I’m Gon na show you how to create one of these landing pages and what we’re gonna use to be able to do this completely for free in this video, I’m gonna show you how to create a very simple Two-Step, opt-in, funnel that’s.

Gon na allow you to collect emails for whatever niche you’re in and start monetizing. Your email list, okay, and you’re gonna be able to do this completely for free. So the first thing that you need to do is you need to go to evergreen marketers com forward.

Slash 500: you’re gonna find a link to this down in the description below and once you click on that link, you’re gonna come to a page like this. Now we are going to be using convertkit to help us build our landing pages for free and also to help us email.

Our list. Ok, so this is not only gonna, be our landing page software, but it’s also going to be our email marketing provider. Okay, so you can get everything in one completely for free now, before I show you how to actually create one of these two-step opt-in funnels that’s, really really easy to do.

Let’s, go through what you actually receive with convertkit on their free plan. Okay, so, as you can see, convertkit actually has a free plan right here, and this is what you get. You get an unlimited amount of landing pages.

You get unlimited, customizable, CTA and signup forms you get 30 plus premium landing page templates. You can send an unlimited amount of traffic. You can create a custom domain which we can talk more about this later on.

The video you get mobile, responsive designs and you can collect up to a thousand email subscribers completely for free okay. So this is huge right here. You can essentially start a real business where you are collecting emails.

While you’re building your audience and doing it completely for free, and once you build up an email list where you’re monetizing it and you’re starting to make some money with it, you can then upgrade to The paid plan with convertkit, which is gonna, allow you to unlock more advanced features that can help you automate your business, more okay, but for right now, if you’re completely strapped for cash, and you want to figure out how you can get A business up and running without any investment whatsoever.

This is your best bet. Okay, so let me show you exactly how we can use convertkit to help us create these really simple, two-step, opt-in, funnels, alright, so to create your two-step, opt-in funnel or you’re gonna do.

Is you’re gonna click? The link down below in this in the description once again that’s. Evergreen marketers comb Forge slash 500, and when you come to this page here, you can actually choose a template that’s.

Gon na help you create your two-step opt-in, fun. Okay, so I’m gonna select one right now and then we’re gonna build out a very, very simple two-step, opt-in, funnel that’s. Gon na help you collect emails and start building your business and email lists.

Okay, so I want something really really simple: when it comes to landing pages and opt-in funnels the simpler they, they are, the better they they perform, usually okay. So I want something really really easy that I can send someone to, and I know that the sole goal that I want them to do is to give me their email address.

Okay, so something like this looks perfect. What I’m gonna do when I find a template that I like is. I’m just gonna click on shoes, and the great thing about convertkit is that you can actually build out your two-step opt-in funnel before you even create your free account with convertkit, so you can actually create it and then, when you’re ready to start using it that when convertkit is gonna prompt you to create your completely free account, okay.

So this is a very, very simple page. Okay, and when somebody clicks on this button here it’s. Gon na take him to another page that is identical to this one, and that’s, where they’re gonna enter in their email.

Okay. So when it comes to an opt-in funnel, there needs to be an exchange of value, meaning that no one’s. Gon na give you their email. Unless you’re, giving them something or you’re, offering them something that they’re, potentially interested in okay.

So what you need to give away is usually what we call a freebie. Now a freebie can be anything, it can be an e-book, it can be a PDF, it can be an mp3, it could be a cheat sheet, it could be a checklist, it could be a webinar, it could be a video course.

It really doesn’t matter. What you want to do is you want to give away something for free in exchange for somebody’s, email and ultimately, the free thing that you’re. Giving away is an introduction that’s, going to lead to the product that you’re selling, whether you’re selling, your own product or whether you’re selling, an affiliate product.

You want your free thing to tie in with whatever product you’re, ultimately selling okay. So I have already a PDF that I’m gonna use here as an example, and I’ve chosen an e-book in the ketogenic diet, niche okay.

Now you can find all different types of freebies on the internet. Okay. So if you go to, for example, the Clickbank a lot of products here on Clickbank, if you go to their affiliate resources right here, a lot of these products will already have ebooks or PDFs that you can use as a lead, magnet to start building your email List: okay, if you don’t find anything on Clickbank.

You can also go to a website called ID PLR com. I’m gonna put a link to this down in the description as well, and this is essentially a website where you can download the licensing rights for different digital products.

So here you can find ebooks courses and a lot of these products will actually give you the ability, once you download the rights to use them as a lead, magnet as something that you can use to build your email list.

Okay, so I really don’t want you to over complicate too much the lead, magnet or the free thing that you’re gonna give away in exchange. For somebody’s email. You want to make sure that you get something up and running something that you think your audience would like, and you can always change it right.

You can always test something new, but the goal is to start building your email list so that you can start emailing. Your list and and you can start growing – that relationship okay, so I’m gonna go back to convertkit here and we’re gonna start designing this page all right.

So the first thing I want to change is obviously this image right here. So what I’m gonna do is I’m, going to click on it and I’m gonna go to replace now here you have a few options. You can either upload an image that you already have or that you’ve created or you can use this feature inside of convertkit called unsplash, and here you have access to a ton of royalty-free images.

So what I’m gonna. Do is I’m just gonna click on ketogenic, okay, and I want to see – or maybe kedo since they don’t have anything here, and I want to find an image that would resonate with what it is that I’m giving away okay, so I’m gonna try and find an image that I like okay, so something like this, for example – and this is gonna – be the start of my landing page.

Okay. At this point, we’re, just gonna come down here and, as you can see, this is very intuitive. It’s very easy to edit. You just click on it. You can highlight it, you can delete it and you can now start typing in so what I want to put here is a headline write, a headline that’s gonna make people interested in what it is that I’m, giving Away for free, okay, so in my case I’m, giving away an e-book that is giving people around about 20 different recipes for free with for the ketogenic diet.

Okay, so I want to create a headline around that that’s gonna peak somebody’s, curiosity and make them want to enter in their email for that free, ebook. Okay, so I’m. Just gonna write something here and then I’m gonna show you what it is that I’ve come up with all right, so this is the headline that I’ve come up with.

It says. Free ebook reveals nineteen plus dumped for you, kitto friendly recipes to help you lose weight without giving up the foods. You love okay, so really really simple headline all you need to do at this point.

Is you want to edit this part right here? Okay, so you want to say something like in order to get access to the free ebook. Simply, okay, simply click the button below and enter your email. Okay, you want to edit the button as well, so just click on it.

You can highlight the text and you can put something else to say like yes, I want the free, ebook, okay and if you want to change the color, it’s really really simple. So if I want to change the color here on the button, I can just go to background color and I can now move this around right.

So if I want to make this, let’s say a blue okay! Let’s say I like this blue. I can now change it. If I want to change the font color inside of the text on the specific button, I can do that here. If I want to make the text bold, I can go to font weight and just click on bold, okay, and if I want to change the font for the entire landing page, I can come here to this sort of ones icon, and I can now change the Headings right so let’s say I want a different font.

Maybe I want this one here. I can add that if I want the body as well to have the same font, I can scroll through here and click on that as well. If I want the form to have the same phone, I can change all the font here.

Okay and you can obviously change the background color. So if I want to change the background color, I can do that right. So if, as you can see here now change the background color, I’m gonna leave it as it was so something like that.

Okay and if you want to change the background color of the form itself, you can do that right here. Okay, so it’s, really really simple. So essentially, here we’ve created the first part of our two-step opt-in funnel, and all you want to do now.

Is you want to click on this thing here that click to edit step two, and this is going to take you to the actual email forum right? So when you click on this, you now have to do the same sort of thing.

You want to change the picture, put a headline, and now people here have the option to enter their email address and when they do that they’re gonna be added to your email list inside of convertkit okay.

So let me show you very quickly how we can edit a page like this alright. So this is the second step of the opt-in final. Okay, so, as you can see, all I’ve done. Is I’ve just added in the same picture that we had in the previous step right here? Okay and then I just entered in here some text that says enter your best email address below to get the free ebook.

Once you enter your email below, you will get instant access to your done for you keto recipe ebook and then here they can enter in their email. Then I put the same color on this button as I have on the previous one, just for congruence and some branding, and then it says, send me the free, ebook, okay and that’s.

It you’ve, now designed a very, very simple, opt-in, funnel, and at this point all you want to do. Is you want to name it? Okay, so you might put in like the product that you’re, promoting or maybe a specific list, or it’s, just a name to help.

You remember what this landing page is for, so I might put in something like keto and then you’re, going to click on safe, okay, and when you do that, now is the time where you’re gonna create your free Convertkit account, so all you’re gonna put in is your email and your password, and you’re gonna click on create your account, and at this point I’m, going to show you once you’ve created your convertkit account and you’ve logged in how you can actually finish setting up all of this, because we want to make sure that when people actually enter their email, they then receive a confirmation email where they can download that free Ebook right because you need to give them what you promised okay, so I’m gonna show you very very quickly it’s super easy.

How you can do this inside of convertkit once you’ve created your account. Alright, so once you’ve created your free account. You should come to a page like this now to go to the landing page that you just created.

You’re, just gonna go to the main menu and click on landing pages and forms, and here you should see the landing page you just created with the title that you gave it. So this is the landing page that I created and, as you can see it’s, the same one that we just did a second ago.

Ok, now at this point, what do you need to do? Well, there are a few things. Ok, so the first thing is: you want to go to this email icon right here and you want to actually upload your free giveaway here inside of convertkit.

So in my case I have an e-book and it’s. A PDF file that I can actually upload directly onto convertkit, but if your PDF file or if your free thing that you’re, giving away is hosted somewhere else on some other website.

You can simply just add in the URL right here and when convertkit sends your incentive email, which we’re, going to talk about right now when somebody clicks the button inside of that incentivised email it’s automatically gonna send them To your free giveaway, okay, so all I’m gonna do here is I’m just gonna click on download and now I can actually choose a file and upload it directly from my computer.

Ok, so I have my PDF right here. I’m just gonna upload this right here inside of convertkit and now convertkit is essentially hosting my PDF file. Okay. So at this point, once we have that free thing inside of convertkit, how do we actually deliver it to people? Well, it’s very, very simple.

What we need to do is we need to go right here to edit emails content, and what this is is an incentive email and the reason why we want to have this is because a lot of people when they go to landing pages and they’re asked to enter in an email.

Sometimes they put fake information. I’m sure you ‘ Ve done it. I know if I ‘ Ve done it in the past and in order to mitigate that to make sure that you don’t have fake or spammy emails inside of your email list.

What you do is you send an incentive, email, and this email is essentially confirming that people actually want to be added to your list. So if somebody entered in a fake email, they would never receive this confirmation, which means they would never be added to your email lists.

Okay, so it just makes sure that you get real emails and then the quality of your email list is a lot higher. Okay, so to do this, you’re, just gonna make sure that you tick on send incentive email, and all you want to do.

Is you want to edit the emails content? Okay, so let me make sure that I clarify when this email is gonna be sent okay. So when somebody comes to your landing page right here, okay and they click on this button – and they go to step number two and they enter in their email and they click on.

Send me. The free ebook convertkit will now send them this incentive, email and inside of this email. You can actually add in your free thing so that when they get this email and as you can see here, there’s a button right here when they get this email and they click on this button.

It’s automatically going to download your free giveaway okay. So let me go through what I’ve, actually written inside of this email, so it’s very simple: it’s, a very simple email that you just want to make sure you get right to the point you tell People what they can expect from you, how often you’re gonna email them? What sort of content you’re gonna email them and then obviously you give them access to the free thing that you promised them? Okay, so the subject line is right: here I have a typo, you’re free done-for-you, keto recipe, ebook very, very simple, and it says: hey it’s Mickey here.

Thank you so much for requesting a copy of the done-for-you keto recipe book. I know this is going to be one of the most valuable ebooks you’ve ever learned from to download the e-book. All you need to do is click the download, the done-for-you keto recipe book here button below and that’s, it okay.

So when they click on this button, it’s. Gon na do two things: it’s. Gon na confirm their email subscription and it’s. Also gonna automatically download that PDF that we just uploaded onto convertkit, then I go on to saying clicking this button below will also confirm your subscription.

So I let them know to my mailing list, where I’m, going to deliver you some really valuable content on the ketogenic diet and some more awesome weekly recipes. Obviously you’re gonna put in whatever it is that whatever niche you’re in and whatever content, you’re gonna be sending people.

This is just an example. Obviously the three emails I’ll, be sending you a lot. We’ll help. You lose weight faster than ever before, without giving up the foods you love, but for now just enjoy the free ebook.

Okay, speak soon Mickey and then I always put in this PS. Okay, this is really important. It’s. Gon na help make sure that your emails get delivered to people’s. Inboxes, okay, I say PS, make sure to whitelist this email and add it to your favorites.

So you don’t miss a beat okay. So when somebody adds your email to that to their favorites, it makes sure that it automatically gets sent to their inbox each and every single time. Because when you whitelist an email, you’re, essentially telling your email provider that you want to receive.

Those emails in your inbox, so you don’t, want them to go to the promotion folder or you don’t want them to go to the spam folder. You want them in the inbox. Okay and once you’ve done that you’re, just gonna click on save and that’s, it okay.

So what we’ve done now is we’ve now actually uploaded our free giveaway. We’ve, made sure that we’ve written our an incentive email, our confirmation, email and the last thing we need to do is we need to actually add a thank-you page that is going to tell people where what they should expect.

Next right, so in that thank-you page when somebody enters in their email here, they’re gonna get sent to a thank-you page that’s. Gon na tell them they’re gonna receive a confirmation, email soon and to make sure to check their inbox right, because if they don’t confirm their email subscription.

You’re, not gonna get that email subscriber. Okay, so it’s very, very important, so I’m gonna show you very quickly how to do this right now, all right, so the last thing you need to do is create a thank-you page and in order to do this Is very simple: okay! What you’re gonna do! Is you’re gonna come right up here to this plus sign and you’re gonna click on it and it’s automatically.

Gon na add in a thank-you page for you now. Why is this page important? Well, because when somebody enters in their email here on step, two and they click on, send me the free ebook. Now they’re, expecting probably to click on this button and download that ebook right there and then so.

On the Thank You page. You want to make sure that you let them know where they’re gonna get that ebook and it’s gonna be in the confirmation email that we just created a second ago. Okay, so all you’re gonna do on this page.

Is you can see it’s very simple? You’re, just gonna put in the say, exact image that we had on all the other pages right and then you’re gonna put in a little bit of text here and you’re gonna tell Them you know you, you’re gonna receive a confirmation, email in about five minutes or so make sure to check your inbox inside of that email.

You’re gonna have a button where you can click on it and you’re gonna be able to download your free ebook and then tell them what they can expect from. You write what sort of content you’re gonna be sending them.

How often you’re gonna be emailing them right. Just make sure that you give them a heads up on where they can download the free thing they just opted in for and then what sort of content they can expect from you? Okay, so that’s.

All you’re gonna. Do with this Thank You page. It’s very, very simple! Alright, once you setup your Thank You page, there’s. One final thing: you want to do. Okay, you want to come back to your main opt-in, page right here.

You want to go to this gear icon and you want to make sure that you tell convertkit that when a visitor subscribes to the page or subscribe to your email list, okay, you want to redirect the traffic to the Thank You page, because by default it’s, gonna be show a success message you don’t want that you want to redirect the traffic to the Thank You page that you just created.

Okay, so that’s, it that’s, the entire setup! Now one final thing I want to talk about is custom domain. So if you want to host this landing page on a custom domain to give you you know obviously branding it’s better, to have your own domain, you can set this up right here.

So just click on set up a custom domain. In your account settings just click on this link here and it’s. Gon na walk you through how to do that. You obviously need to have your own domain so that’s. Gon na cost you some money and you don’t, have your own hosting provider.

I usually suggest to use Sai crowns. You’re gonna find a link to that down in the description, and you can literally get started for about forty dollars per year. Okay, so that’s extremely cheap. That’s.

If you want to have your own custom domain, which I personally do suggest to you, okay, apart from that you’ve, now created a landing page and an opt-in funnel where you can start driving traffic to it.

You can start collecting emails and you can start building your email list and you can start emailing your list and monetizing it with your own products or affiliate products. Okay, so at this point all you need to do is you need to drive as much traffic as you can to your two-step opt-in funnel and to do that? You’re.

Just gonna go right up here to share and you’re gonna copy this link, and this is the link that you want to be driving traffic to. So if I go ahead and click on share and I copy this link and then I go to a new tab, this is how our landing page looks like okay.

So when you send people to this link, this is where they’re gonna go you now. If they click on this, obviously they’re gonna go to the second page. They’re gonna enter in their email and they’re now inside of your email list.

Obviously, if they confirm that that email subscription, okay and that’s, how simple it is for you to go out there and start building a real business where you’re building an audience, and you’re building an asset That you own, which is your email list, and you can start doing this for completely free okay.

So if you want to get started with convertkit, make sure to check the link down in the description once again, it’s. Evergreen markers comm forge last 500, all right, so that is the entire set up. If you enjoyed it, please make sure to leave a like, because it really helps me out, and I appreciate it a lot and if you have any questions whatsoever, make sure to drop a comment down below okay.

Apart from that, if you want to learn how to start your own affiliate marketing business from scratch, even if you’re completely new, make sure to click. One of the first links down in the description and you’re gonna, come to a page like this, where you’re gonna get my free 10 step guide, where every single day I’m gonna walk.

You, through a new step, and I’m gonna – show you how to set up a real affiliate marketing business and have all the foundations in place that you need for success, and I’m gonna show you how you can Do this from scratch? Thank you so much for watching this video.

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