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Landing Page

Landing pages are very important in affiliate marketing. If you don’t have a landing page, you can’t advertise on Google. You can’t advertise on Facebook. You can’t advertise on YouTube.

You need a landing page and I’m going to go over 2 methods to create a landing page. I’m going to go over a free method to create a landing page. And I’m going tO go over it on my computer and it’ll also be going over a paid method which is I think easier.

And I’ll be going over that as well on my computer here. So let’s check it out. Let’s get it. Landing pages are so essential. Landing pages were the missing link for me becoming successful in affiliate marketing four years.

For years not being able to create a landing page held me back. Because I kept trying to put affiliate links in Google or in Facebook but they don’t like affiliate links. And it’s just so… I feel like it’s discriminating but it’s crazy but it’s the reality.

Those networks want people who have their own websites. And even then they sometimes ban you. It’s crazy. But the only way to give yourself a chance is to have a landing page. Now, the downside of the free method that I’m going to go over is it requires programming.

Okay? So, that’s… That sucks. But I’ll show you the simplistic of how to do this method. I don’t know programming. I know a little bit. But I really don’t. I will break the internet if you ask me to program.

And I’ll show you the paid method. And the downside of the pay method is it requires money, right? Nobody wants to spend money. Ooh! Okay, so let’s go over to my computer and I’ll show you both of these methods real quick.

Okay, so for the free method, this… It sort of varies whether you have a Mac or whether you have a PC. So, if you have a PC, if you’re working off of Windows, you want to search the term HTT track, okay? HTT track.

Just like I have right here. And you’ll be given a software. It’s a free website copy, okay? So, you see that right here. It’s a website copier. And you can go to this site and you can install it.

And this will allow you to actually copy websites to use as landing pages. So, what you’ll do is you’ll go to the download area right here, okay? And you will download whatever the latest version is.

They recommend this version. I would download this version of HTT track. It’s very old site. It’s free software, whatever. Just you know, I use it. This is… This is what I used for years actually before there was clickfunnels which is the second method.

I’ll show you soon. Now, if you have a Mac or some sort of Apple computer, what you want to use is site sucker. Search that in Google. Site sucker, okay? Just like right here. And you can download it.

I don’t have a Mac I don’t use Mac’s. And not on that fan waggon. But for those of you that do, you can download it somewhere here. It looks like there’s there’s links on the site to download.

.. to download site sucker. The next thing we have to do is we have to find a site that we want to copy. Preferably find a landing page or squeeze page that you see another affiliate marketer already using.

Now, in this case, I found a website called Weekly Penny. And it says Newbury Park California proves little to no cost solar. This is an affiliate page promoting solar programs. As you see their affiliate link is down here in this big learn more button.

And if you click this button and fill out a form, the affiliate will make some amount of money. I don’t know. Maybe $10, maybe $20, maybe $30. Somewhere in that range by clicking this button and filling out the affiliate form that is on this page.

Now, what I want to do is I want to copy this site. Because I want to advertise this site myself and use this to promote maybe a solar panel installation affiliate program. Great. There are a lot of them.

There’s a lot money in solar. A lot of people are switching to solar in the United States. If you’re located out of the United States, you can find products that are sold in your country or you can sell products in America.

It doesn’t really matter. You can sell products in America, you can be an affiliate for products anywhere in the world. Affiliate networks don’t care. All they care is that you are making money.

So, I copied the URL and I’m in site sucker here, okay? So, here’s… Sorry, this is win HTT track. Now, the first thing I’m going to do is click Next. And I clicked Next. And it will do a project name.

I’ll say, “Weekly penny solar Lander.” And the project category I’ll just say solar. Just to keep things categorized. Now, then I’m going to click Next. Now, here’s where I put in my web address.

So I’m actually going to paste my web address which is… I don’t know if you can see this. Because it’s very small but it says And it’s the site that I just entered. Now, the action is already set which says download website.

And I’m just going to click Next. And here we go it starts downloading my website. This may take a minute. So, I’m just going to come. I’ll have my editor skip ahead to when the site’s already finished.

So, once it’s finished downloading our site, we should be able to get it and it will have saved to whatever folder that we had set in the beginning. So as you see, I have… It automatically sets up my web sites folder and you will go there and just click finish right there.

Okay? So, that’s how you mirror a site. Then what you would do is you’d have to drag and drop those files over on your own website and change out the affiliate link that appears in here. Now, the way I did that was I simply said copy link address.

If you see that. I’d actually look at the link address. I’d paste it into a file. I’d paste whatever affiliate link that the other affiliate was using into a file. And I would go into programming.

I’d click control find and I would simply replace this link with my own link. Now, wasn’t necessarily complicated? Didn’t always work. But the point being that I try to make things as simple as possible.

When you don’t have money, you don’t have money. So, using the free method is a way to deal with not having money but still being able to put up affiliate marketing landing pages that are effective.

Because you’re using stuff that people are already using. Okay, so let’s be honest here. That sounds a bit complicated. And it is. Back in 2012 when I started affiliate marketing, they didn’t have tools like they do now.

You didn’t have… You weren’t able to create a website without any programming. Without finding links and actually going into the files and changing stuff around. They… I wish they had the tools they have today.

And the paid method solves all of those problems. The paid method makes it so accessible for anybody to create an internet business. It’s unbelievable. The paid method uses a program that I’m a huge fan of called click funnels.

I’ve been using click funnels for the last 2-3 years. I’ve been a massive fan ever since it was released and makes internet marketing way easier because you don’t have to do any programming whatsoever.

So, let’s check it out right here. So as you see and clickfunnels, the way it’s organized is you have a bunch of funnels, okay? You have bunches of funnels and you can easily create a new funnel just by clicking this.

Or you can copy somebody else’s funnel. What I’m going to give you today is actually a funnel you can copy directly from me if you want to get your start in affiliate marketing. So you don’t even have to write anything yourself.

Now, that page is this. So this is a pre sell page for my own affiliate program which is in Clickbank. You can just log in and click bank and search my name. So, here’s my program in Clickbank. If you are interested in following along on this video, it’s called the super affiliate system.

And it pays over $464 per sale. And it is my six-week course about how to be an affiliate marketer. So, it’s kind of crazy, right? You can be an affiliate to help teach people how to be an affiliate marketer.

Kind of like a cat eating its own tail but whatever. Pays out a lot of money. Very successful course and has helped a lot of people get their start in affiliate marketing. You would just grab the link right there.

Now, here in my funnel, what you’ll see is here is my page. And what I would click is I’d click Edit page right there to get started editing the page. And what you’ll see is how simple and easy it is to make changes to web pages.

Now, as you see here, I have a disclosure and let’s say you wanted to change around this article to say something else, okay? So, you know, I could say “28-year old medical guinea pig turned internet millionaire.

The full story.” And let’s say I wanted to change the date around on this particular story to make it more relevant to today. I could change it around just by clicking… I could say, “Written on Jan 7th 2019.

” And let’s say you want to change your affiliate link around to be your own link for my program. So, what you would do is you click promote. Maybe you put in your your name. If you want to promote the German version or the Italian version of my course, you could click this button.

But we’re not going to do that. Typed in my affiliate ID and I’m going to click generate hop links right there. Generate hop links. And here we go, we have our generated hop link. Going to highlight that and click copy.

Then we would go into clickfunnels and we would replace the link that is on this video with our own link. Okay? So, we’d click it and we see the link URL right here. And I’d simply highlight that link, delete it and paste in my own link.

Then I would go up here where it says save. And I’d click Save. There we go. Now, if you want to see the page live, you can just click preview and you will see you have the updated page where it says “Guinea pig, January 7th.

” And you have your affiliate link that goes over to the free training I offer for people interested in affiliate marketing. Now, that’s that. That’s the free method and the paid method. Now Clickfunnels is.

.. It has a free trial for 14 days. I recommend you take it up and just see how easy it is. Feel free to try the free method yourself it is complicated. I don’t do it. I would, you know, never do that for the life of me.

But clickfunnels is $97 a month. Now, if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing and take it seriously or if… You know, especially if you want to advertise on Google or Facebook or YouTube, you’re going to need to have a pre-sale page.

And this is a great example, this has been a tested one and I’m going to give you this funnel. This the link to this funnel. If you want to take advantage of the 14-day free trial of click funnels is in the description, is it’s in the link description somewhere or I’ll put it in a comment, a pinned comment on this video.

Booyakasha! I hope that helped you figure out how to set up a landing page. And also help you understand why landing pages are so important. There’s so much traffic on Google and Facebook. You have the capacity I mean tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per day as an affiliate.

The traffic is endless. So, hopefully this helped you. If it did, let me know in the comments. Say, “John this helped me. And yes I am setting up advertising tonight.” Or whatever you’re going to do.

Let me know how it goes because that’s really exciting. And I hope to inspire you to create your own internet incomes yourself. So subscribe to my channel for more videos where you’ll learn how to be an affiliate marketer and earn an income online so that.

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