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Landing Page

Landing pages are vital for capturing information from your audience and one of the most important stages in your sales process. Hey guys Stewart here welcome back, I hope everyone as well today, I’m, going to guide you through how to create a free landing page using MailChimp.

Now MailChimp is a powerful free email marketing platform that is ideal for small businesses, looking to grow their email list and get involved in email, marketing, and automation. Todays. The focus is on showing you how to create a beautiful landing page that converts.

So here we have the landing page that we’re, going to create today using MailChimp. Now, with a landing page, you want to have a single, focused call-to-action. As you can see, we want to capture our visitors, email, address, and name.

This is how we can build our email list for future email marketing activities. Essentially, we want to build up our community and audience okay, so let’s get started the first step to building your landing page is to sign up or log in to MailChimp, okay.

So the first thing you want to do is head over to MailChimp, command sign up. If you don’t already have an account. If you do, then just log in what we’re going to do is because this is all about building a landing page.

We’re gonna skip through this signup process. It’s very straightforward and we’ll meet you at the MailChimp dashboard, okay great. So here we are at our MailChimp dashboard. Now, once you’ve signed up, you’ve logged in this is what you’re, going to see you’re, going to see all these elements here on your dashboard now up.

The top is some important elements here is where you can create an email. Add website your landing page, which will jump into in a moment, survey social posts, signup forms, and postcard. So with MailChimp, you don’t just have the option to create our email marketing activities, but you have other marketing automation activities that you can get involved in.

But today we’re, just going to talk about landing page how to create a converting landing page. Now we also have campaigns, automation, audience, brand, and reports. Then we have our settings up here, but what we’ll do.

Are we’ll dive into the landing page? So the first thing is: we want to understand our audience. So this is your audience here. When you sign up with MailChimp for the free version, you can only create one audience, so we’ve already got an audience created here called Stewart tutorials.

Now you can rename that if you like – and you can import contacts that you might already have just down here, so we’ve got an audience that Stewart’s tutorials. Now we want to create a landing page where we can capture our audience’s, information, email, and name, and we can add them to this audience so that we can retarget and kind of build our audience in our relationship with our audience later.

On down the track, so let’s, create our landing page. What you want to do is hit over to create and then head down to landing, page, and click landing page nowhere you want to name your landing page. Okay, so I’ve named my landing page digital marketing for beginners.

Then we want to pop down here and click on your audience. Now. Remember, as I said before, you can only create one audience. We ‘ Ve got Stuart’s tutorials. So again that’s, going to automatically show up there and then we’ll click begin.

Then we just want to accept terms and conditions. So we can use these templates if we like now, as you can see, we have a bunch of templates that we can choose from to create a landing page. So again, if you don’t want to create one from scratch.

You can come down here and you can select one of these free landing page templates to start building from. So we’re, going to start with something simple and start creating from a basic template. So we’re going to click grow your list because that’s.

Essentially what we want to do. We want to grow your email list with this landing page, so click here to view the landing page and as you can see, this has taken us to the basic landing page template which we can now customize and change.

The way that we like now. The great thing about this is it’s, a really simple landing, page builder, which we can simply drag and drop to add to our landing page again. We can also just come over to the left-hand, side and we can drag each of these blocks to the position that we like on our landing page, and you can also edit each of these blocks by simply clicking edit block on this icon here.

And that will bring up the information on the right hand, the side where we can edit and change the content. So again it’s very simple: to create and change the content on this landing page. It’s a really easy landing.

Page builder, so remember the reason we want to create this landing page. So we can start building our email list building our audience, so we can start with email marketing activities later on down the track.

So let’s start building your landing page. So the first thing we want to do is change the background image because, as you can see it’s just this dull gray color. So you can come up here and you can change them here.

If you have a specific color that maybe represents your brand, your business, you can choose that color here or you can add an image. So what I’ll do is end the image here and, as you can see, we don’t, have any images or files on this account.

So what I’ll do is pop up here and click upload, and then I’m, going to select the background and click open. Now what you can actually do is head over to and you can download images. You can create your own business content for free using canvas.

Now the image we’ve, just downloaded, as you can see here, we actually just downloaded from It’s, a free image that we’ve downloaded, and we’re going to use it for the background of this landing page, and you can do the same so head over to the canvas.

com. If you don’t, have any business materials or any content, any images, and download the images that you like using canvas com all right. So I’m happy with that image. There that background image – and I’m gonna click select and it will take some time to upload.

But, as you can see, we have the image background here. So I, like the look of that now. What we want to do is add a logo here, so what we want to do is click this edit block icon and come over here and click replace, and I’m gonna come over here and click upload and then I’m going to select this logo here and click open again that’s, going to take some time to upload, and then I want to select the logo and click insert and that’s going to insert my logo here now.

You can also come across and change the size, so I like the look of that size there. Then, when you’re happy with that, come down here and click Save and close, so we ‘ Ve got our logo here now we want to edit our headline, so this is going to be compelling.

This is going to be enticing. We want to invite people to essentially look at our landing page and enter their email, information, and name, so we can capture their information and build our email list.

So I’m going to edit this heading here and then I’m gonna delete this and then paste my content here. So, as you can see, I’ve already created my own content and it’s on a document. So I’m, just copying and pasting to make this process tutorial a lot faster.

So make sure you have your content in place already. So again I’ve, got helping your small business thrive online and, as you can see, I have made it italic. I’ve. Also, an underline under this particular word thrive, and I’m happy with that, although it’s quite large, so I’m gonna highlight the text and come across here and change the size to about not 24.

It’s, a bit too small. We’ll go, we’ll go 26 and I’m happy with that and I’m gonna click Save and close. Then we want to come down and change the body text. I’m going to click Edit. I’m, going to delete the dummy text here and then paste my already existing content.

So here we have our content again. We want to make it as compelling and inviting as possible, and you want to share the value you want to explain exactly what you’re, giving and return for their email address.

So I’m gonna highlight this text and I’m gonna click center-aligned. I like the look of that again, some of it I have already highlighted here. This whole section here has been highlighted. Some of it has some of the words underlined again.

That looks quite good. I could change the size, but I’m happy with that text, and then I’m gonna click Save and close. However, I don’t like how it’s, all just plain white. So what I actually want to do is change the background color of this section here now I can’t, actually do it with this block itself.

I need to come across and I need to click on this box text and drag that across here and put that just above the original text box. Now. What I need to do is transfer this information up here. So I’m just going to click here to in it.

I’m gonna highlight all this information. Ctrl C I’m gonna copy it. I’m gonna come over here and delete this block. Yes, you know I’m gonna click it and highlight this information and control V and paste that information that I just deleted into this textbox hit, and then click Save and close and as you can see, this is a boxed text.

So it looks a bit more attractive than just the plain white background, so I’m happy with that click Save and close. So again we ‘ Ve got the logo. We’ve got a header here, then we’ve got our body text, and then down here we ‘

Ve got our email information, so this is where people put in their email address. I want to add their name as well, so I’m, going to click Edit this box, and then we ‘ Ve got the email address, so the available fields we’ve got an email address.

You can click all of these. If you like, so we’ve got the email address and first name again you can add last name address phone number birthday if you like, but you want to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible.

You can come down here and change the subscribe button. I’m happy with that subscription. Yep, we’ll go subscribe, we’ll leave it as it is and then after they have submitted, we can have a confirmation message.

Yep. Well, keep that and then you can change that confirmation message down here. The success you’ve, been added to the audience. I’m, going to change it to you’ve been added to our small business community yep.

I’m happy with that and then click Save and close. Now that looks quite good so far, but we want to have a footer and we want to add some more information down here. So what we’ll do is come over here and add a divider, so I’m gonna drag.

This and put that under here I’m happy with all this information. Here again, you can edit the style, the sizing, the padding here I’m gonna leave. That, as is I’m gonna click, Save and close, and then I’m gonna come up here and add an image and we drag this image below the divider.

And then I’m gonna come across here and upload an image. So I’m going to come over here. I don’t want any of these images. I ‘ Ve already got my logo, so I’m going to click upload and I’m, going to add this image of myself and click open.

I’m, going to select the image of myself and click insert add an image or it’s up to you. What you want to add here, but we’re gonna add an image of myself and then again I’m gonna resize. That image I’m gonna keep it let’s say that size looks quite good and I’m happy with that.

Then what I want to do is click Save and close. I’m gonna. Come back over to box tix and drag that under here, then. What I want to do is get rid of this and add my title here. So struggle digital strategist project and content director at sin do media, so they’re, just kind of like I said before, gives authority and credibility so that’s me.

This is our company, my company, and this is the information about this landing page and what we’re, going to kind of offer and return for their email address and name. So that looks quite good so far.

Another thing we want to do. One of the last things is to add social media buttons, so people can head to our website or they can head to our other social media channels. So I’m, going to click, Save and close, and then what I’m gonna.

Do is come over here and click on social, follow and drag that and pop that below this blocked text, and as you can see, we have the social media elements here now. What I want to do is change this, so we ‘

Ve got Facebook, here again, all you want to do is copy your URL to your Facebook page. If you have a business Facebook, page, and paste that in here so for example, as is, send do media again, you can just hit over to the Facebook page and copy and paste the URL.

Here again, we don’t use Twitter. So we’re, going to change that to LinkedIn. Then again you can add your Linkedin URL here it could be your personal profile or it could be your business page, your company page if you have one and in your website’s, answers Cindy okay, Enz, so we have with that.

Then you can add another, you can add up to 10. We’re gonna remove this, and we’re gonna find it on YouTube there. It is, and then what we would do is would actually add our YouTube URL here. So just copy your URL, as I said before, and add that up here and then I’m going to, and I’m happy with that.

So I’m gonna click Save and, as you can see, that is our landing page. Now I’m, actually really happy with that. I’m, going to leave it as it is it’s, simple, it’s straightforward, its colorful words. It’s professional and it has all the information I want to convert my visitors, my audience into essentially adding them to my email list.

Now again, you can come over here there are other options, and then what we want to do is come down here when you’re happy with your landing page click Save and continue, and then over here you want to add your Page title name: so we’re going to say small business community.

So I’m happy with that and click Save and then down here you can add the URL, so you can create your own URL here or you can connect a domain. So I’m just going to type in the business name, which is Cindy I media.

So I’m happy with that and click Save and then down here we’ve got audiences and tag, so contacts will be added to Stewart’s. Stewart tutorials, which I’m, happy with remembering. If you want to create more audiences and you need to upgrade, for now, we’ll, just leave it as Stewart tutorials and then the contents.

You can preview by clicking preview and we can see this on desktop. So that looks very attractive. I like to look at that, then we can click the mobile and that will show you it on mobile. If you’re happy with that and see what I’d probably do is make this takes a bit smaller because it’s.

It doesn’t look very responsive on mobile, but for now, because it’s, just a tutorial, we’ll. Leave that as it is, and we’ll click. It’s, an out of preview mode, and then we’ll come up here and we ‘

Ll click, publish, and congratulations. Your landing page is now live on the web, and here it is. So what you want to do is copy this here and then share it on Facebook on Twitter. You can share blog posts on your YouTube channel and your videos.

You can send it via email to individuals, you can send paid traffic or organic traffic, and then people can sign up through this landing page. So that’s. Fantastic then, once you’ve got that up and running what you can do is head over to your audience here when someone pops in their email, address, and name, and they sign up through your landing page, that email address is going to show up here and then what you can do when you’ve built up a bit of an audience, you can come over to campaigns.

You can see your landing page that’s active here. You can create another landing page if you like, and then you can come over here and click create and then click an email, and here you can create an email.

So, for example, keep your subscribers engaged by sharing your latest news, promoting a line of products, or announcing an event, so you can create emails and start targeting those individuals that signed up through your landing page.

This is all part of email marketing, but what we wanted to talk about today is just creating your landing page and we’ve created it just here, and that is how you build your email list with a landing page and there we have it That is how you can simply create a free landing page using MailChimp.

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