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Now I’m gonna go to my shop page right here, just to kind of give you an example of what you can do on this site. So here we are offering different products so right here you can offer an e-book or cooking instructions or icons or even pieces of software.

So if you want to offer a template services or you want to sell plug-ins, you can do that with this websites. Now also be talking about the different type of digital downloads. You can offer on your websites, so here we have a product.

Now this is actually a subscription product. So if you want to offer products where people can come to your sites and pay you every single month or every single week or every single year, you can do that in this video.

Also, if you want to have something where people purchase something on a one-time fee such as icons and you can set the price to whatever you want, I’ll. Show you how you can set that up into this video and the great part about this video is that I really like this interface.

You know it’s very user friendly. In fact, your users will have their own personal dashboard where they can go ahead and download any product they wants. They can see their purchase history, they can also change their account information as well, and they can even update their payment method on their personal dashboard as well.

So right here, for instance, you know let’s, say they’ve, downloaded something in the past. They can click on view, details and download and right here they’ll, always have access to their digital download product.

So you can see right there. The foul has downloaded. Now we’ll, be using again a free theme, and this is really easy to set up. So you want to learn how to create your own digital download websites. Today, in this video I’ll, be showing you step-by-step on how to do that.

So if you’re ready, let’s, go ahead and get started all right. Let’s. Get this tutorial started so the first thing we’ll do is purchase our domain and hosting so, for example, your website comm. After that we are going to install WordPress on to our domain and WordPress power is more than one third of the internet.

So it is by far the most popular platform for making websites. After that, we’re, going to install a free theme and import our website for us with a one. Let’s in demo importer and lastly, I’ll. Be showing you how you can set up your website and start selling digital products, and I’ll, also be recommending different services at the end, such as pro features or something else that you really want to kind of add more functionality or websites.

I’ll, be introducing you to those features as well. Now there is a link in the description of this video. It’ll. Take you to a page that looks just like this right here, and this is sycron com. Now you might be wondering why am I using sycron com? Well, I actually tested out site ground against what was this 15 different other hosting companies and sycron came up as number one as the most fastest animals reliable with the best uptime and the best customer support, in fact, bb-baby Hostgator they be GoDaddy.

They are fast that’s. Why, in all my videos, I always recommend psych rom-com for hosting now right here you can see yeah. You know I recommend them. You know their grades now when we scroll down right here, it will have three plans.

Now not to worry, if those of you who are on a budget not to worry about it, because this company offers 24-hour customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that is pretty cool. Now, in all my tutorials guys, all my tutorials, I always recommend the grow.

Big option, because, with the grow big option, you get to host unlimited websites rather than just a single one, so that is a pretty big difference. So for those of you who are new here, you’d, probably want to go with grow big.

You don’t need to go geek that’s too big, but starting out the grow. Big is perfect so right here I will click on order. Now this is your domain, so this is going to be the one that you type in on the dress up here, so make sure it’s, something that you want.

So I’m gonna put my digital download website see if that is available. Hopefully it is there. It’s available. Alright, congratulations! Now you brought to this page right here and this page. Obviously you’re gonna enter in your email.

Your password, you’re, going to basically create an account with psy chrome. Here you’ll enter in your client information and your social security number. I’m. Just kidding that is a joke everyone I do.

I make that joke in all my videos. They don’t ask for your social. Nobody asks for your social here. You’ll, enter in your card information and everything else, and then right here we have purchased information and I’ll go ahead and talk about this right now, so I recommend the 12 months option because you already get the discount using My link and you actually get a larger discounts and the months a month it’s more expensive.

She’s, got to pay a $ 25 fee, which is just not worth it. So I recommend the twelve months and also for the extra services. I highly recommend the domain privacy protection and this is gonna say to you from spam, because I’m telling you guys you don’t.

If you don’t. Have this check you’re gonna get emails from people from all around the country, trying to sell you sex pills and and and all sorts of weird services, so just make sure you get the domain privacy protection you’ll.

Really! Thank me later trust me and after that you ‘ Ll click on this check box and you’ll read through their Terms of Service – and I know everyone out here reads all this stuff, so you’ll have to you know: yeah yeah.

You have fun doing that yeah, you have fun doing that. So you read the Terms of Service privacy policy and once you are done, you’ll hook on pay. Now now I’m, actually going to purchase an account with you and I will go ahead and meet you on the very next page, all right, so I purchased my hosting accounts and I am all ready to go so once you are ready.

You’ll click on proceed to customer area. Now right here, they’re, just basically trying to get you to set up your website. So right here I’ll, just say: okay, I’ll sort. Our new websites and I want to use WordPress and right now they’re, trying to get you to set up your your admin, email so make sure you enter in something that you’ll.

Remember so I’m gonna return, my email right here, so it is Daryl digital download at I’m gonna setup. This right here, patty-whack 99 9 and then I’ll enter in my password. Make sure you remember this stuff and you can always change this later, so don’t worry about it, but make sure you write this down.

So you don’t want to forget. It. Oops looks like my passwords: didn’t match and see right here. Did I enter that there we go. You know and passwords always weird see right here. I’ll. Do this right here? Try it one more time there we go all right cool, so here I’ll click on confirm and right now I’ll click on save sure, and then I have this all set up and I’m just going To say I don’t want to offer this service or I don’t want the service, so I’ll skip that I have read and click on complete setup.

So what’s? Icons doing for us now it’s, actually installing WordPress automatically for us on our account. So we don’t have to go through the process of handling it to our cPanel, but you know I’ll show you also how you can install WordPress as well on to your cPanel.

Just in case, you know it’s, your first time you want to install it by yourself. You don’t want to use the setup wizard I’ll, be showing you. You can also setup WordPress through your accounts. So right here it says, proceed to customer area, and this is it guys, so this is our account.

So whenever you have a problem with something you can always give us icon a call, they have 24-hour customer service. You can call them any time of the day and they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So you know if the video just wasn’t for you and you have problems with it’s, not to worry about it. You can always go ahead and give them a phone call, or you know, talk about whatever you want to talk about.

So right here is our website and we can actually access it by clicking on go to admin cPanel. Now I’m just going to quickly show you how you can install WordPress the manual way, just in case you want to you know, do it yourself, so I’ll click on go to cPanel and Access cPanel securely and right here.

You just simply click on WordPress and click on Install Now and then simply just go ahead and select your websites, you’ll, go ahead and put in all your information actually right here, the site settings.

You can always change this later, so don’t worry the admin username so make sure you put in your admin, username and password put an email and then right here you just click on install now I already have WordPress installed, so it’s just gonna say that it’s already installed.

So for those of you who don’t have an installation of WordPress that’s. Basically, how you do it so right here I’ll. Go to my accounts and right here under we can see that our site is it’s installed WordPress as a WordPress icon, you’ll click on go to admin panel, and basically this is where we’re going to Set up our websites, alright, so go ahead and enter in the information.

I told you to write down, so mine was a the patty-whack 999 and then I’ll go ahead and enter my password. Now, if you forgot your password, just click on lost your password and it’s. Gon na ask your email and it’ll, basically, send you the information to your email, okay, so right here, I’ll click on login.

Now, right here we have a setup wizard. Now I’m, actually going to skip all this, so I’m gonna click on exit right here and I actually want to disable this plug-in so really quickly. I know this might be a little jumping the gun, but I want you to go over here to plugins and go to installed plugins, and I want to disable this WordPress starter, that’s, something that’s.

That comes with a site crown I wouldn ‘ T really need that alright, so that’s, basically, why we do that now? If you want to see your website right now, it’s actually live on the Internet. So I’m, go over here to visit site right here, and this is our website.

It’s live on the Internet. Now we’re using a default theme and it doesn’t really look good. So I’ll, be I’ll, be you know I’ll, give you a site or don’t worry. We’ll, get there. We’ll, get there now over here on our dashboard.

Now I want to do two things before we start this video. I want to show you about the permalinks so right here we go to settings and go to permalinks and right here we have these different options. Now you’ll change this to post name.

The reason why we do this is because, when we make our website, we want to go to our website about us right Knots. 2:09. Do you know all this weird stuff so doing this? It’s good for SEO, and it makes your site looks a lot cleaner.

Also one other thing I want to note is that, right here under users, you click on your profile. Now right here you have different color schemes and everything else. So I’m gonna set mine. Now, whatever you want to change your password or your email, this is where you’re, going to do it at so right.

Here you can change the email and also right here you can generate a new password and then you can also put in whatever password you want, so that’s, just a way on how you can update your security information.

Okay, so right here, I’ll click on update, and now, if you want to go ahead and kind of just browse around, you know all this stuff right here it’s. You know this right here will make a page. This right here can make a blog post, appearance and themes.

These are basically the the themes that you can use. So there’s. You know there’s, a lot of free themes out there. You know there’s, a lot of different themes and it’s. Basically, the structure of how your website looks so you can kind of browse around and just you know, just kind of get comfortable and say: oh, these are cool, you know, etc, but we’ll, be using a free theme on another website.

Now there is a link in the description of this video. It’ll. Take you to a website to purchase. I’m sorry to to download your free theme. So this is the theme that we’ll, be using and again there is a link below to download this free theme.

Doesn’t cost you anything at all. So once you are here, you’ll click on download down and then right here we’ll, go ahead and enter in our first name and last name. So I’m, going to my first name. My last name.

I’m gonna give them my email address and I’ll click on download. Now, all right, so it’s, making us a free account, okay, cool! So right here you can see digital download. We can go ahead and download our WordPress theme so right here you just click on download and there you go so now you can see that the file has downloaded, and now we’re gonna go ahead and upload this to our website.

So let’s. Go back to our website right here. Now we have there’s. Various themes, of course, now right here, you’ll click on upload theme and we’re going to upload this theme right here. So I’m click on choose the file and I’m gonna go ahead and download or upload that theme right there.

So the theme that I use right here is right here, so digital download and I ‘ Ll click on open and click on install now all right cool. Our theme has been successfully installed now right here. You click on activates, now right here it’s saying this theme recommends the following: plugins.

Now we’re, going to install all these plugins and for those of you who don’t know what plugins are they’re, basically like applications for your website. They’re kind of like additional features, so you know you know when you’re on your iPhone.

There’s, something for a chase application or there’s, a video game, or this helps you record better or something like that. That’s exactly what plugins are they’re, just apps for your website, and a lot of them are free.

In fact, all these plugins right here are free. So right here you click on begin installing, plugins and right here you’ll click on this and you’ll click on install, so we want to install them all. At the same time.

Let’s. Click on apply alright and now right here it says, return to required, plug-in installer, and now we want to activate them all so right here who click on activate, all right, cool and then right here, click on return to dashboard all right now our site might have Changed a little bit so let’s, go ahead and take a look at our website right here.

So right here and click on visit sites – and you can see our site looks a little different now and that’s because of the theme that we’re using, and this theme has a customizer page builder. So I’ll show you that in just a little bit, so we’re gonna go ahead now and upload.

I’m sorry and download our demo that we want to use so over here. Actually, there is another link in the description below and it’ll. Take you to a page that you can actually download the demo importer.

So again, the link is in the description below and you’re gonna go ahead and download. This file right here now what this file is and why you’re uploading it to your website is this: is the file that uploads all of the demo content and sets up all of the pages and everything so we don’t Have to build everything from scratch.

So after you upload this file, you’re, going to have a fully functional website that can literally take payments and it’ll, even upload demo products for you. So right here you ‘ Ll click on’theme demo right here it says click here to download the demo file.

You go ahead and download that, and once you do, that we’re going to upload that onto our website. So let’s. Go back to our website right here we’re gonna go to dashboard. Now we’re gonna go down to appearance, and you see it says rora demo import.

We’re gonna click that now, if you don’t have that option. That means that the plugin that you installed didn’t install correctly. So it’s going to be this one right here. The whare one click demo import.

In fact, you can even find this plug-in on the WordPress repository for plugins. So if you just search for that plug-in, you’ll, be able to find it that’s. It right. There 20,000 active installs wow – that is, that is a lot of active installed and realize had that many active installs so go to appearance and go to rar at demo.

Import and right here. Click on demo import, upload demo file, and now you’re. Going to upload that file – and I’m telling you it’s, gonna change our website into a fully different website. So I’m gonna go ahead and upload that file.

I believe it is and see right here, my name, my downloads, you guys help me find it. I have so many files. I believe it’s right here, so the digital download demo content and gonna open and click on install now now right now it’s, just saying import demo.

Now so how’s? Everyone today, you guys doing good. Let me know in the comments below you know. I I had a really good day. I I was I don’t know why I just went hiking today and I feel great after that.

You know just it was a good day. You know some days you wake up it’s a bad day, and today I just I woke up. I yeah that’s kind of a good day today. You know I kind of I don’t know it ‘ S felt good.

I played some video games, I won, you know, and you know that goes so the skin guys this might take like a minute or two there. You go it’s done so alright, alright, so it has successfully installed. Click on check the front page now and voila.

Look at that! Look at our website. It’s all done for us. This is a fully functional website and this is live on the Internet. Here we have a blog. So if you like to talk law and blog and tell people about your feelings – and you know today, I went to the store and all that good stuff.

You can talk about it right here on your blog downloads. These are basically the downloads that we have and also our shop, and these are basically just showing us the pages, so it’s created like in case someone failed, a transaction, a purchase, confirmation, a purchase history, it’s, basically created all The pages for us, so your users will never have to be lost and it’ll, always redirect them to the correct place.

Pretty amazing right. So I’ve shown you all how to oh sorry, one more thing I’m gonna back up here. These links right here are actually from their websites. So right here, if I click on home, it takes me to actually the demo on their website.

So we need to go ahead and change that really quickly. Okay, so yeah that’s kind of one thing and imported they should have imported. So we need to change the home right there, so we’re gonna do is when take our URL right here and I’m gonna show you how to customize your menu so right here we can go to dashboard appearance And go to menus now right here it says home, you see how has their URL right there well just go ahead and paste ours right there that’s it and save the menu now in the future.

Whenever you have a page, you’re, just going to go ahead and just say: okay, I want to add this page to the menu. Add it to the menu and you see style. Guy was added to the main. So a lot of these pages we’re gonna, go ahead and and delete they’re, just showing you an example of the pages.

So we don ‘ T really need these pages, so they’re, just kind of giving you an example of what these pages are. Looking like for the demo, you know just to kind of help. You understand the theme and everything else so, but for these pages right here we don’t even need to offer this on our menu.

So just right here it’s. Gon na remove everything we don’t need any of those pages. So all this right here, the portfolio we’re gonna, go and remove all this right here, all right, post page category page – and if you want to view these pages again, you’d – have to go to your menu, just check Them out, but you know we don ‘

T really need to have these on our menu because they’re already on our theme. So we’re, not deleting the pages we’re, just deleting it on our menu. We don’t want to have this on our menu and, of course, you want to make a drop-down menu, see how we can make a drop-down menu, so that’s.

Basically, a drop-down menu all right, so our you’ll click on save and now let’s, go ahead and take a look, and you can see right here. Their menu is now fixed. If I click on this, it’ll. Take you back to my original homepage, all right! Now let’s.

Talk about editing this page. So how do i adit this page? You know you. Probably don’t want to offer this same exact stuff right. So let me show you how to do that so right here, you’ll click on customize at the top, and these are the theme customizer options.

So this is basically where and how you edit your websites so right here they’re talking about they have a pro version and again there is a link to the pro version, but I’ll talk more about that at the end Of the video you don’t have to get the pro version right: hero demo documentation.

They can give you like the documentation link. You have a problem with something right here: site identity. So this is your logo and if you have a logo, you can go ahead and upload it right here and if you don’t have a logo, you guys can go to fiverr.

com. There is a link below to fiber comm. You can go ahead and purchase a logo. In fact, I’ll, just kind of give you the example of it really quickly so fiber comm and I recommend fiber, because you can get a logo for like five bucks, guys it’s.

Really cheap so and they have really good ones. In fact, on my website I even got a logo from these guys. They haven’t really cheap. You know you thought the right price. You know we’re on a budget. Here we can ‘

T afford hundred dollar logos, guys that’s too much money. You know, but here we go. You know they’ll, make a logo for you for five dollars and they’re very good. You know they’re pretty good, so you can go ahead and get your logo here and once you get it, you can go ahead and upload it to your websites and right here it said you know my blog.

We can change that to what’s. What’s, your? What’s, your website name, so we’ll. Just call this patty-whack, the downloads store the download store. Now you don’t have to have that display. In fact, we can take that off and it’ll disappear, so it’s, just an option for you to decide to do that, or not also for your favicon.

So right here you see how all these websites have these little icons. You’re gonna upload, yours right there, and now I con, will display whenever you visit the websites appear in settings color. So you can change the background color, but it changes the border, but I don ‘

T really recommend it’s. You know, I think it’s ugly. You don’t really need to have that and the background image as well. You can add a big background image over its, but I don ‘ T really think that’s, needed it’s really old-school.

I mean slides back in the 90s used to do that and today it’s like you know it’s, just really old and outdated, a general sidebar layouts. So this right here controls the layout of your pages. So I’m going over here to my shop page or my my downloads page, and you see here how we have this default layout right here, so the sidebars on the rights the icons are in the middle.

We can go ahead and change that, so I believe it is like this right here on the top. Not this one, let’s, see it’s. Is it this one right here or it’s, the post sidebar, or is it the default sidebar layout? It’s, the default, I below sorry about that.

So the default sidebar layout controls the general sidebar for any page that you create. So right here you can see that it controls our downloads page and it’ll, also control our shop page as well. Now, on the blog page, when we talk about blogging earlier, this section right here controls the blog section.

So when you make a blog post right here, you can see that’s. We have the sidebar to the right now. I believe this is actually the the actual post. So when you click on the post right here now, we can control it.

So right here, if I want the sidebar on the rights, we can do that or we can change it to the picture picture bigger there’s, four different ways on how you can do it and this right here to change the position of the Content, etc and then the the general page table sidebar layouts, but for most of us we’d, probably just want to have the sidebar on the right.

That makes the most sense so that’s, just an example of what the sidebar layout is front page settings now. This is probably the most important part of this video banner section. So here we can have our banner section now here you can go ahead and upload a background image now, if you do decide to use a background image, you ‘

Ll have to use it by this size because that size works the best for this theme or you can choose to hide the image or even disable this whole entire section buts. You know you might not want to do that, so I think it’s welcoming if you want to change the title of something right here.

You can type it in right here so for products, and now you can see that it’s changed also right here. This subtitle controls this section and you can actually just click on these little icons and the theme customizer will actually guide you on to where to edits.

So right here the banner link, and then we have the second link. So this first link: where do you want to take them? Well, you probably want to take them to your shop page right. So let’s, go ahead and do that if you’re gonna click on publish, I’m gonna get the URL for my shop page.

I’m. Sorry, it’s. The downloads page, the Downloads, is considered the shop page. It’s, the same thing guys. The shop is downloads in in this section we call it downloads, but you can always change it to your shop page.

You can change the name of the change. The page of the wait, let me step back here, change the name of the page. You can always do that. So we ‘ Ll, go click on our theme customizer here and we’ll, go to our front page settings and for our banner section I want the first one to take them to our shop page and then maybe this one could take us to our contact page.

So you just do the same thing and then just do the contact. Page, write, publish, publish, always means safe, okay download section. So this section right here controls this and of course you can change.

You know the best selling items all right and of course you can always you know the button link. We can link them to you know any any page we wants etc. So you can go on and kind of go through that and mess mess around these settings.

You know a number of downloads, you want three, you six, you want nine, you can go ahead and do that right there over here. The feature section this section right here controls this section. So if I click on this right here, you can see that now we can edit it so right here we can change this, something that we want.

We can change the icon, so amazing screen sharing and we can always change or upload the image. We can even upload our own image and we can even add a link right here, so you can even how to read more so read more and then right here.

We can open it in the same tab or a new tab, so probably just leave it like that. I want to open up in a different tab, so that’s, basically how you can edit this section. You can also add widgets right here.

So this section this theme has different widgets that you can add. So maybe a call to action. You can add in a call to action by now and then description and then maybe put in a link right here. Does it store and then um you know you can basically add in whatever you want, you can add on you can even Center this make a blue or change this to you know whatever you want to change it to button number one button link, so you guys Get it you know we can, we can upload an image, etc and see we can upload them on our library.

You know just something you know something: oh, that’s way too ugly. Yeah see I don’t like adding background image. It’s, it never works good. So I would just use the icon text. The icon, techs are pretty good, but I’m, just showing you that you can kind of venture off and kind of you know adding your own widgets or social media or something like that to kind of you know, add more style and decor for Your websites, let’s, go back over here, newsletters section, so this is actually due to the plugin.

Now, if you have MailChimp and you if you don’t have MailChimp and you want to learn how to make use MailChimp. I have a full tutorial on MailChimp or you can actually integrate MailChimp on your website all for free.

Now I’m, not gonna go over MailChimp in this video because I already made a forty minute video on MailChimp. So I’m, not going to cover the email marketing in this, but I will provide you all with a digital resource on how you can integrate your website with MailChimp.

All right, testimonial, section and test medals are great, and half of them are probably fake. I mean they’re all Fagan. These people are just you know. This is where you put. You know we love the website and it was a beautiful website, and here you could talk about testimonials and you know they have demo images that you can use and everyone’s having a good time.

You know everyone’s having a good time so right here. The section controls this up here and then these four are the people below that and of course, you can add in more testimonials. If you choose to do so all right and you can always reorder these to change them to wherever you want to change, so it’s, all drag-and-drop guys, and then the call to action right here.

So right here, you know, get your free ebook! Now you might want to link them to a specific product. So right here you know you’d. Put the the name. I’m. Sorry, the link right there, so you put the link of the product and then you know, get your free, ebook, etc, and there you go alright.

So once you actually make downloads, I ‘ Ll show you than just the bits you can link them later to that download right there. Alright, I’ll click on publish and let’s go ahead and go back so we have general settings as well.

So the header settings – header settings is the this section up here, so we can choose to hide the shopping, cart or the header search. If you want to do that, so you see how the the magnifying glass is gone, we can go ahead and activate that as well all right, the dashboard page.

We already have the dashboard page set up for us, so we don ‘ T need to do anything right there, social media settings. You can go ahead and link your social media follows and I believe they’re on the bottom of the page right here.

So the right here going back over here we have SEO settings. I have a full tutorial on Yoast SEO, so I don’t recommend. Actually they don’t offer much, but I have a full tutorial on SEO. So if you want to learn how to optimize your site, you can go ahead and check that video out as well.

The link is in the description below here we have the posts and pages settings, so here you can kind of increase or you can change off certain sections. So, for example, on the blog section right here, we’ll, go ahead and go to the blog page.

So here we can actually hide the author section. So you see how there’s, an author right there. We can go ahead and hide that we can hide a related posts. We can hide the category as well. We can hide, you know the post author, we can even hide the the data was posted as well and again you ‘

Ll need to go ahead and click on, publish and then refresh it because some times and you change these settings, they don’t, always work visually, so you have to actually change it. And then you have to kind of go and look at the page and it’ll change, so that’s.

Basically, what this section is right here excerpt is the number of words so basically saying there is 55 words, and now you can see it’s shrinking so 55 and then 30 it’ll. Just basically, you know it just shows more words that’s.

All the option really does okay going back over here we have menus of I’ve already shown you menus. We have widgets and widgets are basically these little things right here. On the right side, so right here we have the sidebar and we have a search bar related posts, see that archives, which will probably delete categories won’t need categories either meta will get rid of meta and then right here you know they have Just various options like they have recent comments, we can delete that as well featured widgets, so it’s, just something to kind of look nice and add style right here.

They have the follow us which all the social media icons right there, which is really cool, and then they also have the post category slider as well, and you guys can kind of mess around with this. And you guys can kind of add in your own right here.

They have a client logo one. So you can add on like a client logo or something like that to your site right there and that’s, the widget right there. So you can kind of mess around with those and kind of have fun.

With those I don’t wan na go too far. Much into that, because I don’t want to venture off and talk about widgets and everything else, because they’re very easy to understand. Now. Also one thing on the bottom of the page: right here we have our footer now this section right here, footer one controls this section and everything here is virtually just text so right here you can see we’re, passionate about blah blah blah.

They have the icon right there right here. These are all text. I’m. Sorry, this regular category, so these right here to show the categories of your content, so I’ll, talk more about that a little bit later! This right here is footer 3, so it’s, just recent posts, so any blog posts you made it’s just going to show up here as a feed and then also right here for the area for this is the email newsletter Widget, which I highly recommend to watch my MailChimp 2 toriel, so you can edit that and then also right here, this footer settings right here.

We can always change that as well, but home page settings. I want to talk about this right here so in the future. Whenever you have a home page or whenever you decide to make a new page, you need to set your home page as your home page.

So what that means is basically saying when someone visits your websites, what page do you want them to go to? First? Well, probably, the home page right and for your post page when you make blogs you want them to go to your a blog page right.

That makes sense going back right here. We’re, almost done guys, we’re almost done. These are just the the basics. Well, we’ll, get to the good stuff in a bit alright, and then the footer settings, of course right here, is all this right here.

So this is basically how you can style it, and you can just change this to anything that you want right there. Okay, so in a nutshell, guys that’s, basically how you would design the websites now let’s.

Talk about the options inside of Edie and everything else and yeah it’s going to do that. So let’s. Go to our dashboard right here and right here. We have downloads now downloads our products. So when someone says downloads they mean products, so downloads are products.

So here we have a bunch of demo content right here, but I want to go ahead and delete all these products right here and I want to go ahead and make one from scratch. So we’re gonna make a product from scratch now also right.

Here we have categories now I want to go and delete these all as well, and we’re gonna make our own categories. So, first let’s, make a category and what a category is is basically saying what kind of product is this.

Is this like the is this the Nintendo instructions, or is this the WordPress plug-in category so right here will type in images, so images and then right here we’ll do software, so we have one category for images and one category for software right Here, under all downloads, we’ll click on add new, and this is the name of your product.

So let’s, say, for instance, this is a Photoshop. So right here we’re gonna do girls Photoshop enter a subtitle here, so a picture of girls for your website. Alright and let me go to my secrets all right here – secret website, alright and I’m gonna go ahead and grab this demo content.

Alright. So let’s go back over here, and this right here is just it’s, just content guy. So whatever you want to talk about your product, this is where you’re, going to talk about it right here. Okay, so basically the title small description – and this is where you want to go ahead and talk about it now right here we have pricing, so how much does its product cost? Well, I’m gonna say this product cost $ 10 all right and I’ll talk more about payment gateways a little bit later, but right now let’s just create a product.

Now, right here we have product types: is this a default, or is this a bundle? If this is a bundle, we can go ahead and talk about our other downloads and we can bundle all of our downloads together. If this is just a single product, we can just go ahead and put it right here so right here I’ll put girls photo, and this is we’re gonna enter in the URL.

So right here you’ll click on upload, a file, and you’ll upload the file right here. So you can select the files and whatever file that you want to go ahead and basically put that’s, where you’re, going to go ahead and put it’s right there, okay, but I’ll.

Just select one, you know just for too-tall purposes. I’ll. Just put this right here and insert that so basically saying if someone decides to purchase this, this is the product they’re, going to get they’re, going to get that picture of the girl alright, and we can also add in A second one, so you can also add in multiple ones right here so right here we can put in like additional image and then we’ll just basically say that if they, you know if they purchases, they get both images.

So there you go and then also right here we have our categories, so I’m gonna say this goes in the image categories. Now we can also set tags as well. So I’ll put girls right here. Maybe you’re selling pictures or something like that.

I don’t know I mean I’ve built websites from Taric cards to pornography to business websites. Everyone out there has a whole different niche. You know so that’s. Basically what that means now right here we have file download limits.

So how many times can people download this? If you want to unlimited just leave it blank and right here, we need to set a download image so right here I’ll, probably set the download image and it looks like we are ready to go right here to stable the automatic output of The purchase button I’ll, just go ahead and leave that blank.

Now, if you ever want to take this product, we can always add it as a shortcode later, but well I don’t think we need to do that because you know I don’t. I don’t think that’s necessary for this video.

It’s. Just not you know it’s, basically taking a. We can put that product anywhere now. Also right here you can see the sales, their earnings and the download log for this product. So we made the product.

Let’s, go and take a look at its view, the product and there you go so this is the photo and they’ll, go ahead and purchase it and they can go ahead and download it. So right here purchase. It goes into their carts here, the click on checkout and voila.

Now you can see the girls Photoshop job is right there and they can go ahead and put in their information, and then they can go ahead and purchase it on the website. Pretty easy right. Very very easy that’s.

It guys. I mean that’s, that’s, the whole tutorial. You know we’re done, see you later. No! I’m just kidding. We have some other stuff to talk about before we talk about the end, so we made a product.

Now let’s. Talk about different products, let’s, talk about their Bell products! So right here I’m gonna go to plus new and go to download all right. So right here we’ll talk about we’ll make another products we’ll talk about! Let’s, talk about a wordpress, plugin, wordpress plugin, and then maybe this one here is called like.

Maybe this one i don’t know it does optimizes images, so optimizes image, plug-in and then right here you can go ahead and talk about something you know whatever you wan na talk about now right here. I want to click on enable variable pricing.

So basically, I want different options. So maybe right here this is the basic plan. So so we’re here. This is the basic and right here this one costs $ 9.99. But this right here is the pro version, and maybe something like this right here.

We’ll, put like 10 websites and this one right here cost in 1999, and this right here is the ultimate one, and this one right here – cost $ 29.99. Now, right here it says default and what that means is saying which one you want on default so when they come to the product which price do you want on default? Well, I’m gonna, say the the Pro and right here we can choose the file right there now over here under bundle now right here, you can see that the the amount of file, so basically, what the bundle is is that it’ll go ahead and search through all your downloads, and you can grab all your downloads together and offer one bundle product now.

You can also achieve the same results by just making them all from scratch. But if you have a lot of downloads, the bundle can just go ahead and search through all of them and it’ll, just basically go ahead and just grab all of your downloads.

So that’s, a difference between bundle and also the default. So right here we’ll, go ahead and give this a name so plug in here I’ll upload the file, so maybe something you know, let’s. Let’s grab one.

I’m gonna grab. I’m gonna grab the bloom plugin by elegant themes. It’s, a great plugin. Of course. I’m, not selling it guys it’s just for too-tall purposes. Okay, so don’t ask me here: I’ll, go and upload it and then price assignment so right here we can set this to the basic, the pro or the ultimates, all right.

So all the senate’s. I’ll, just set it to the pro and again, if you guys are ever confused on something you can always hover over the question marks. So it’s very pressing, enabled you need to choose to allow certain pricing variations, access to specific files, etc.

So, right here I’ll. Just put all I’ll just put all alright. So let’s. Go ahead and scroll down, we have download notes, excerpt and authors and also right here we can set the download image and you’d, probably want to put an image of the plug-in.

So I will just put something that looks like this right here. Alright, alright, so we have the plug-in and we have everything set, and we have the defaults right here. Enable multi option, purchase mode, allows multiple pricing options to be to your car.

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