How to connect LG Phones to Computer to take off pictures

How To Computer

guys let’s, say I am going to show you how to connect your phone to your computer and to get access to your data. Your pictures, your videos, well, I currently have the phone hook off to the computer, but it is not showing up.

So there are some settings on the phone. I want you to take note of the first one with LG phones and most Android phones. Really you need to scroll down. You can see that the foreign C’s, usb-connected charge only you click on it.

What you want to do here, you want to choose media device MTP. Then it should connect on our computer. Here you can see that the drivers are installed and the phone is now connected here, so we can no access all the data that is on the phone.

I hope that this was helpful. I know that their personal ot, why not this tank of a person? So just did this video to help out do like share and subscribe. I’m out.

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