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In this video, i will show you how to connect your amazon echo to your laptop. In this way, you could play anything from your laptop or your computer. That has got bluetooth and it will play through your amazon echo.

In other words, you would use your amazon echo as an external speaker to your computer. Let’s, get started to connect your laptop or your computer to alexa. So what you need to do is to go to this corner touch new notification here.

If it is collapsed, you can just touch it to expand and find this symbol. Then right click on it and go to the settings and in the settings you can see the already connected devices. We are planning now to connect echo to do that, click on add bluetooth or other device, and it falls on the audio so select this and now say alexa pair searching and it finds the echo and just select it, and it says your device is ready to Go just click on done and if your speaker is not shown in here, what you have to do is right.

Click on your start, go to your device manager. Then click on bluetooth to expand it and you can see echo is there, but what we have to do is to select microsoft, bluetooth, le enumerator, right click on it and click on disable device.

Click. Yes – and another thing you have to do – is to go to here again to notification and turn this off and then turn it back on now connected to desktop rhlq a2. And now, if you go and click in here, it will show that it’s connected to echo as a speaker.

You can change to any other speaker that you already have as well. Now you can play any audio youtube films, anything and it will play through your echo dot acts as a normal mirror and if the mix will start to form all over the mirror.

So if i want to turn it back on for my highlight, if now you have learned how to connect your laptop to your echo, please don’t forget to subscribe, and i hope to see you in my next video thanks for watching bye.

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