How To Build An Email List Easily With Aweber


Do you want to know how to build an email list and how to get started easily, then this video is for you. My name is Michael from online zero to hero, and if you have looked into making money online or into how to grow an online business, then you have probably heard that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of doing this.

But it can seem a little bit overwhelming to get started. I know when I first started. It took me way too long to get started because I thought it would be really difficult, but luckily it does not have to be difficult, and in this video, I will show you how you can very easily get started by using Aweber.

So you can start building your email list today, no matter your experience, and I will even show you a method that you can use to start building an email list even without a website. So I will show you how to build an email list using Aweber because this is the autoresponder the email tool.

I am using myself and I have been using it for quite a few years because it is just very easy to use and they also have great support and you can even get started for free. So the first step, if you are not already a member of Aweber, is to of course create an account there, and, as I mentioned, you can create an account and actually get started and get your first 500 subscribers completely for free, and I will leave a link below this video here that will take you to the signup page, so you can get started and then I will now show you two methods that will make it easy for you to start building your email list.

So the first method I will show you is a method that you can use, even if you do not have a website, so no matter what type of business you have or how you want to collect leads, then you can use this method to get started to Collect leads and then send emails to follow up then convert that into sales.

So once you have your Aweber account and you are logged in then there is a tab up here called landing pages, so you click here and then you can simply just create a new landing page and what is great is that they have these different templates.

So you do not have to be a good graphic designer or anything like that, which I personally really like, because they have all these great templates. You can just scroll through here and they also regularly add new templates here.

So I will just try to find one. I think I’ll go for a fairly basic and simple one. You can just keep going through here and, of course, you can also just adjust them as you want to and change images and colors, and you can also build one from scratch yourself.

As you can see up here, so I will choose this one: that’s called simple sign up and then I will just choose a template and then you get in here where you can design the page. You can leave it as it is. Of course, you would need to change the text, but if you like the images you can change that you can upload your logo here.

You can also drag and drop different elements over here and decide if you want to add these different things here. So whatever element you want to change, you can just click it, and then you can over here see the different settings.

For example, if I wanted to change the background, I would click the background, and then I could remove this image and upload a new image and I could also make it transparent. If I wanted to, I could change the colors of the buttons and all these different things here, and that goes for all the elements you can see every time.

I click something you get different options over here and, as I mentioned also over here, you have different options. So if I wanted to add a button or if I wanted to add a video, then I could also do that here, and let’s say you wanted something else and the name and the email.

You can click this area here and you can see over here there’s, something name and email, and I could also choose other form fields here and you can also create custom fields if you want to – or I could also remove it.

If I, for example, did not want to collect names, I just want to make it as easy as possible and just get the email. So then you can do that here. You could also show that here there’s, email privacy so that it will link to the privacy policy if you want the two people to actually get the option to do that before signing up here.

So there’s. A lot to play around with here, but they have some great templates. That makes it very easy to get started, and once you are done, you can either click preview here or you can just save and exit.

And then you get an overview of your different landing pages and you can create a lot of different ones for different purposes. If you want to create leads for different campaigns or for different businesses, you can do that here and then you can click here to publish it and you see how the page is live and then the right here that then the next step is, of course, starting To send traffic to that site and you can start sharing the site, so people can actually find it, so they can sign up by clicking this button here and then you get the settings here.

You can see it is published. I can un-publish it if I want to, and you can then copy the URL here and if I then just open the screen in incognito mode here and then I paste the URL in here, and then you can see.

This is the landing page. So it is actually live. You do not need a website. You do not need a domain. This is now connected to my email list here inside Aweber, and it did really not take long. Of course, you can spend quite a bit of time adjusting with the logo and the colors and everything, but overall this is an amazing way to be able to have a landing page and collect leads, even if you do not have a website.

So that means, if you have a youtube channel or if you have customers on social media or anything else, then you can start sending traffic here and actually build an email list even without a website.

So that was the first method. I wanted to show you the next one is here: something called sign-up forms, so you click here to get there, and then you can create a new sign-up form here, and just as with the landing pages, you get a lot of different templates here.

You can show more here. There are different styles, you can see if you wanted something that is appropriate for a blog or for consulting business money. All kinds of different things here you can just choose whatever topic is relevant for you.

So let’s. Try to see these ones that would be relevant for traveling according to what it says, and then they have all these templates here. You can see I can go through here and there definitely are a lot to choose from.

So let me just take a random one here and you can see, then I get a preview of it here and I can then choose to load it, and then you have a signup form here, and these signup forms are then actually meant to be embedded on.

Your website so contrary to the landing pages, you will actually need a website to be able to use these sign-up forms here. But if you have a website there are a lot of great designs. This is not the best one, to be honest here, but you can just try all these different ones here, and they have many and new ones are also added all the time here and then you can again choose if you want to add some different fields here Or you can change the header you can add here with the links with the privacy.

If I want to delete anything here, I could also delete this one here. I can change the image. I can delete it there and add a new one you can see here. I could just remove it, so there are all kinds of options here to create the signup forms that you want.

Personally, I think that the advantage of this is that they have also these templates here, so you do not have to spend too much time actually creating one yourself, for example. This one would be great if you had a blog, a website, or any kind of business that had to do with winter sports, for example.

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