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So without further ado, let’s. Proceed to the topic at hand, and the very first step that I took to become an Amazon seller virtual assistant is yeah to set a goal and reverse-engineer it. What does reverse engineering mean? It’s, basically breaking down your big goals into smaller bite-sized pieces or mini goals that, when achieve help, you eventually lead to your end goal.

For example, if you have a daytime job and you want to have freelancing as a side hustle – and you want to earn extra 20,000 pesos per month, but then you’re, just willing to a lot or commit extra 10 hours per week.

To do that, freelancing jobs that would be 40 hours per month, so 20,000 divided by 40 hours, would give us 500 passes per hour. So that already gives you an idea on how much you need to charge per client.

So you can either charge one client $ 10 per hour to achieve that 20,000 pesos or you can have two clients and charge them five dollars an hour each something like that. The good thing about breaking down your goals is it prevents you from being overwhelmed, because when we break it down it’s easier for our mind to wrap around it.

It’s like mmm, putting puzzle pieces together until you’re able to complete the bigger picture, which is your end goal and, to be honest, we all know for a fact that having a goal is the very first step at everything, Because, during the process, you would encounter difficulties, hardship it’s, not gonna be a smooth flowing journey.

It’s good to have something that you can hold on to. You know the reason why you have to undergo through this. You know sacrifices is because you’re, sacrificing for something greater, and that is to achieve your end goal.

The second step is to choose a skill and a market to serve. You can start by assessing what current skills you have your strengths or what you’re, even passionate about when you’re, doing something, and then once you have decided what skill or service you want to offer, then you have to identify Your target market, so as for me, since I have experience in the human resources, industry and online teaching for some years, I figured that I can offer virtual assistants to my clients.

However, if I’m going to cater to a general market, it will be difficult for me to package my service according to the needs of the menu, because, even though all industries require some level of assistance or admin support, each industry require or have Specific needs, for example, real estate companies, require or prefer the ACE who can do cold, calling or appointment settings.

On the other hand, advertising agencies prefer the ACE with with knowledge on SEO, and/or social media management etc, and the list goes also it’s. Crucial to know what market you want to serve so that you can study their needs, their pains, the problems that you can solve for them and use that information to upgrade any skill that can offer a solution or meet a certain demand.

I hope that makes sense. Now that you have a skill to offer in a market to serve what’s next well, the third step is to find a mentor that you can emulate say if you are a bookkeeper, and you want to do that as a freelancing with multiple Clients, then the best way to start is to find someone who is already doing that and learn from that person in one of the books that I’ve read the richest man in Babylon.

It was mentioned there that the fastest way to learn anything is to learn from the person who has already mastered the skill that you already seek. You can join Facebook groups, there are tons of YouTube tutorial videos and you can also, if you have the budget, you can also consider enrolling for an online course provided that you do your own homework.

You know and do some research investigation if they’re, credible, reliable stuff like that before you actually pay for that course, because not only it does give you structure and focus on what skills to learn or master.

But when you enroll in a course, you become part of a community of the same people who have similar interests and people who do exactly what you do. So not only you’re, getting yourself a mentor, but you’re, also gaining a network that you can tap to whenever you have questions whenever you have queries, because you have a cumulative set of experience and different knowledge that you can Share to one another well, in my own opinion, this has got to be the most important stuff for me because if it wasn’t for my mentor, if it wasn’t for the course that I enrolled for I wouldn’t be able to land a client in less than two months at first I was just I’m watching YouTube, tutorials yeah and there are tons of free resources, but well, I was easily overwhelmed because of too much information.

So good thing I was able to find a Filipino mentor and our classes started, I think in August 3rd or 5th, and then I landed my first client September 18, 2018 in less than two months. The course was eight weeks, but on the sixth or probably that was seventh week, I already got a client.

It would probably take me more months for weeks if I didn’t roll in that course. So that, for me, is the step that had the biggest impact in shaping my career as a NASA. The next step, which is step number four, is to start applying, even when you think you’re, not yet ready.

Why that’s, the best way to practice and apply what you have been watching from your YouTube chat, Orioles or the lessons that you have already learned from the course that you’ve enrolled too so don’t! Be scared.

You know I was passing at least five applications per day, so there were a lot of rejections because you just wan na feel gained insight on how the process goes. You want to learn what questions they usually ask: what kind of screening tests or tasks they usually give to their applicants and every failure? Every every application process is a learning opportunity for you to self, evaluate and then improve your next strategy for the next batch of the application to leave.

Every after interview, you’ll gain the momentum and the confidence which will make you a better applicant in your next interviews. Bonus tip is whenever you successfully pass a screening test. What you do is you put that in your resume and portfolio, you put the pass that you did.

Oh, I did project that product research and supplements for this company blah blah blah yeah, because it may not be a big win for you. They may not be, they may not hire you, but you were able to practice that skill.

You were able to pass that skill using YouTube. I mean it built that confidence in you and it also strengthens your portfolio in resume. The last and fifth step is to actually ask the questions instead of them asking you questions during the interview.

Why, when you ask the questions, you assume a level of or a position of authority, and that makes you more credible and knowledgeable about the service that you offer it’s like they’re consulting in my case.

It’s like they’re, consulting me for the visual virtual assistant service that I offer and in doing so, you’re, able to evaluate and understand their pains and their needs and use those information to better showcase.

How your offer can be beneficial to their business and I discovered that this is a beginner friendly technique. Why? Because for the first 10 to 15 interviews, I I was passing this reading, but during the final interview they would always choose someone with experience, because whenever they asked me about my experience working for an Amazon seller, I would tell them none because yeah it was.

They would be my first clients if they hired me so that didn’t work to my advantage and then in the next batch of my applications and interviews. I tried asking the question so in one in one of my interviews.

I asked that client what products he sell on Amazon and he said how to supplements. I told him: oh, that’s good. I graduated with a bachelor’s, degree in nursing. It’s really easy for me to understand the concept, the mechanism of actions of supplements, blah blah blah, and there was also one client.

He said that his I asked him how he sees his company five to ten years from now, and he said he wants to expand and me having a background in HR, told him, oh, that’s great, because I can help you with recruitment.

I know how to create training modules, etc. So I was able to steer the conversation to make myself more valuable as a whole, not just on the Amazon seller virtual assistants, experience which I was lacking back then so by September second week or third week of September.

I had three offers waiting for me. I had to turn down two offers and I just chose one full-time and I think one more thing that asking questions help you is. It gives you an opportunity to know the client deeper to vibe that client, if he or she is someone you wan na work with for a long time.

If you’re gonna, do this freelancing for quite some time, and if your gut tells you that there’s, something off with the person, then you probably should follow your gut, and another bonus tip is always come from a place Of help always come from a place of help.

Don’t be too obsessed in closing the deal because they can. They can tell if you’re, just really there for the job or, if you truly care about their company. If you really want to help them out, I believe you have a higher chance of getting the job if you showed sincere, genuine concern to your client, so there those are the five step that I actually took to become a NASA.

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