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So last week I created and published my first mobile game. Ever there’s, a link down below by the way you should totally check it out. You know just saying just putting it out there go download now and one question.

I’ve been asked. A lot is how much money did you make? Did you get the bread? Did you obtain the grain? So you could bake the loaf and the answer is yes. I did get quite a lot of bread from advertisement on the game now, since I just started University again and I don’t really have time to make any fun and original content.

I thought hey. This is the perfect video people want to know how much money I made and it’s, an easy video to make let’s. Do it so that’s? What that’s? What I’m doing, I’m, doing it right now. Look I’m, creating a video yeah, pretty cool.

Now. One thing I’ve learned from publishing a mobile game is that there are tons and tons of bugs and I’ve gotten so many emails. So many tweets so many comments. So I’ve, been putting a lot of time into fixing bugs and updating the game.

So I’m working on this, pretty big update, which should come with a lot of changes and cool new content. So the biggest thing is you have this mission kind of thing where you can unlock your new skin? You can see we now have it unlocked and I can go in here and I can select it and I now have a cute face on my player, which is cool.

Another big change is I’ve added this obstacle course. So if you go through this teleporter, you can enter the obstacle course and try your hand at it and if you make it all the way to the end, which I clearly can’t, you can unlock a pretty cool thing.

But I’m, not going to show you because that’s, super secrets so yeah. The last thing I want to do before releasing this update is: I want to implement some more upgrades, because people keep asking me for upgrades [ Music ], so I’m, now finished with all of the upgrades, and you can see them here.

These are like the advanced top-tier upgrades, so yeah. I just got to do some small tweaks and make sure you don’t spawn with $ 10,000,000, and then we can publish so I just finished up the update and have now uploaded it to Google Play.

And now we just wait a couple of hours and it should be out for everyone to play. I also did a major oopsie in the very first update for the game, so I was just trying to fix some bugs, but I forgot to remove this god mode that I implemented.

So everyone got like 10 million points for every ball they destroyed and I basically kind of might have ruined the game for like tens of thousands of people. But now the question on everyone’s, mind how much money did I make during this first week let’s, get into it transition effects Wow.

So all the ads are provided by unity, because that was the the easiest way for me to do things and also the quickest way. So if we head on over to my Unity dashboard, you can see all of my statistics here and so far in a total of eight days, we have made $ 1,300.

That is pretty insane. So you can see. I uploaded the game on the 23rd of August and then it just really spiked up, because everyone saw the video and download the game, and now it’s like kind of fallen off, but still that’s.

A crazy amount for such a small time, and you can see we have like 1 million requests for ads and I think 700k at impressions. I think that means a total of 700,000 people have actually seen the ads. Now.

You can clearly tell up there rewarded videos. Definitely do way more than the actual forced videos, because every seven rounds there’s going to be a forced video. You have to watch for at least 5 seconds now the rewarded video is, you can click it and watch an ad for like 25 to 30 seconds.

I think, and then you get one level and also a lot of cash. So apparently, a lot of people have clicks to watch this ad because it’s made almost a thousand dollars just from that, so that is pretty insane now.

If we head on over to my google play dashboard, which is basically where I can see all of my stats, we can see the game currently has 69 thousand active installs, and if we click on it, we can see some more stats.

So a total of 89 thousand have downloaded and a total of 25,000 have uninstalled. Now the app currently has a rating of 4 point 82 inches ridiculously high, mainly because people have watched my video and then downloaded the app and just given it a high rating, because I made the app and not actually because they rate the app.

So you can actually check out user acquisition and I think I pronounced that right arrow and in here I can see how many people came from my video and how many people actually came from the Play Store.

Now, surprisingly, the game actually got the top trending and also top three games. So it actually got quite a bit of visibility, and you can see here that there are around 5,000 people who found the game by just exploring on the Play Store, which is pretty cool.

That’s, a lot of people and 3400 found it by searching, and then you have the rest, which is like 80,000, so that’s from a YouTube video. So 80,000 people came from a YouTube. Video and don’t loaded, the game, so um yeah that’s about it.

There’s, not really any more fun stats, so a total of 1,300 dollars so far and still going, which is ridiculous, so yeah it’s, absolutely crazy. Obviously it’s, important to note that the reason I’ve made this much money so far is because I have a pretty decent fanbase on YouTube.

If I didn’t have those people, I definitely would not have made anywhere close to this amount. So keep that in mind it’s not like you can just upload an app and it will take off like this. I’m, just very lucky to have so many people watching my videos and thus downloading the app all in all.

It was a very fun experience and I’m. Definitely gonna keep updating and adding new content to the game, but I’m, definitely also gonna start working on other projects, because I don’t want to be stuck on like one thing.

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