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Article by C Mark Babcock

There was an ebook recently titled “20 Ways To Make 0 A Day Online” which was very revealing. It basically answered some of the questions on how do you make money on the Internet.

In this article I will give you some real strategies for using the Internet to make money in more than one way that I call multiple streams of income.

1. Start a service business doing things for other Internet marketers. Your product is your service and your customer base is basically unlimited. Examples of this include blog writing, website design, freelance copywriting, graphic design, becoming a virtual assistant, and much more.

2. Build your own niche blog and monetize it with affiliate products. Blogging is fun when you write about things that interest you. When you zero in on a targeted niche that people are looking for information on it can also be profitable.

Finding information products to sell affiliate programs is not hard to do either. Plus you can place Google Adsense ads on your blog posts and earn money.

3. One common saying that was in the book I mentioned above was using email marketing to make money. Building a list is a good strategy no matter what form of Internet marketing you are doing.

Selling products to your list is a long term approach to making money. The larger your list becomes the more potential income it can bring you. Email marketing is a method for earning money that will continue to be profitable so you might as well get it on.

4. Start a membership site and provide information members are looking for. This can be a good way to develop a residual income both in monthly membership fees and selling products on the back end.

This is an idea you can use to build membership sites in more than one niche. As you get a system down for operating these you can run as many of them as you want and really make a tremendous income!

5. Join an Internet based network marketing company. Find one that offers products that can be accessed via the Internet.

Training programs, domain names, and so on are all good ways to make money in network marketing. Internet based programs mean you can build a worldwide operation because you are not limited by products that need to be shipped.

These are a few ideas on how do you make money on the Internet. There really is no limit to the number of ways to make money and many people choose to earn money doing more than one thing. Creating multiple streams of income is a good idea.

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Professional Internet marketer Mark Babcock helps average people make money on the internet and create extraordinary incomes from home. If you are looking for extra money ideas visit his website today so he can start helping you.

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