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Specifically, it is not a review or endorsement of their hosting quality. That’ll, be another video for another day in full disclosure. I am being compensated for this video, but as with every video that I create, these words are mine and they are 100 % truthful real quick before I introduce the cloud ways affiliate program, I want to give you a brief rundown of what cloud ways hosting is And how it’s a little bit unique, so cloud base is a managed cloud hosting platform.

Essentially, what this means is that they simplify the process that’s involved in using one of five different big-name cloud hosting providers, for example, like Amazon’s, AWS Google cloud platform digitalocean, so traditionally, you’d, need a pretty Decent amount of technical experience to host a wordpress site on one of these platforms, the cloud ways makes it so that anybody can get started with just a few clicks, so it’s really easy to scale up.

As you need more resources, you have access to multiple data centers all over the world. You’re using the same infrastructure that these big companies are using. They do backup security SSL, all that stuff, that’s, taken care of for you and you can install WordPress or WooCommerce with just a few clicks from the dashboard.

So I do plan to take it for a spin over the next couple of months and I’ll report back on my experience with the hosting platform itself. But now I want to talk to you about their affiliate program. If you want to earn some extra cash and you’re connected to the web industry, really in any way, you should consider the cloud ways affiliate program.

You might be an online marketer who deals with WordPress or plugins and themes or really any other self hosted website platform. If you’re, a freelancer or agency, who works with clients, whether you recommend hosting to your clients or you actually host the client sites yourself, the cloud was affiliate program might be worth a look, or maybe you’re, an educator who Teaches people how to set up their websites becoming a cloud Wiz affiliate partner could work well for you too, and no matter who you are cloud raised actually has people on their team that are dedicated to working with the affiliates.

I’ve interacted with my affiliate manager on a few occasions. He’s been very helpful and you will be supported with content. Ideas might be SEO tips any other resources you might need. They’re available for you.

By far the most unique and beneficial part of the cloud wise affiliate program, is there multiple commission types, so slab commissions are one-time payments, so they’re, not recurring, but the amount per referral increases, as you reform refer more people per month, their hybrid Option gives you a flat $ 30 per sale, plus an additional 7 % lifetime recurring commission for as long as that person remains a customer and one of the other really cool things.

Is you can even switch between these two? Whenever you’d, like you, can start with one switch to the other switch back, you can switch at any point in time, and if you get to the point where you’re, referring more than 80 new customers per month, they’ll even work with you on some kind of a custom commission structure.

It might end up being some kind of mix of the two, but they’ll work with you on that. Once you get to that point, you ‘ Ll need to make your own decision on which Commission type is right for you.

If you’re, confident that you’ll send a high number of referrals each month at least 21, for example. You can make a lot more money up front with $ 100 per sale, so that’s over 2 grand each month. But if you’ll only be sending a few referrals each month or you have a much smaller audience to start out with.

You might want to stick with the hybrid method. So you can take advantage of that 7 percent recurring Commission, but keep in mind. You will only get the 30 bucks up front which each with each of those personally, I would probably start out with hybrid and take $ 30 per sale, plus 7 % recurring Commission, and once I got close to referring over 20 people in one month consistently, then I’d, probably switch to slab, but you can evaluate your situation and make the best choice for you.

Another thing that’s, really cool about the commission structures here. Is they even have a calculator you can switch between slab and hybrid and based on how many customers that you’ll, be referring? You can see exactly how much per sale you’ll be making and what the total estimated earnings would be.

So, as you’ll see here, slab 1 1 through 5 slab 2 6 through 20 customers, 21 to 40, 546 to 80, and then once you get over 80, then you can about maybe some custom custom commissioned structures there.

So here you can put in the number of customers per month and you’ll, see that it jumps you up to the appropriate slab, how much per sale each one of those will be, and then this will be your estimated earning.

So that’s for slab, where you just get a one-time payment, then on hybrid there’s, even some more additional options. It gives you a nice graph over time, so you can see when your recurring commissions start to stack up, that it keeps growing and growing.

So you ‘ Ll, see that here again you can put in how many customers per month, you think you’ll, be referring, and then you can even change the provider for any one of the five different cloud hosting servers that they offer.

As well as which plan they’ve chosen on that one, so the higher the plan it’s, going to cost the customer more money, which means that 7 percent commission that you get over time gets even bigger. So seven percent of 200 is more than 7 percent of 100.

So if they’re choosing higher plans, then your commission goes up even more with the hybrid structure. So this calculator is a pretty neat way to figure out how much you could actually be earning with their affiliate program.

Most of the other features of their affiliate program are fairly standard across the hosting industry. There are a couple of exceptions, so payouts are issued monthly via PayPal, but if you are making over $ 1,000 a month, they do have a direct bank transfer option one.

What I consider to be a small downside to the program is that their payment threshold is two hundred and fifty dollars, which is a bit higher than most other programs. So you’ve got to hit at least that much in referral revenue before you can get paid and that’s a little bit higher than what a lot of the other programs offer.

However, one upside is that they’re cookie lasts for 90 days, which is pretty generous when it comes to affiliate programs. So if somebody lands on the site from your link, then they have up to 30 days to make a purchase and when they do, you’re still credited for that referral.

So 90 days is a generous amount of time. So if you’re interested in joining the affiliate program, let me show you the process signing up. So the easiest way here is just from their affiliate program website and you can click.

This become an affiliate button and we ‘ Ll start the process. They do also have a full FAQ page here that walks you through step-by-step of how to sign up for it and how to access the affiliate panel.

I will put both of these links down in the description below, but let’s, go ahead and click come and affiliate and get the process started. So, in order to be affiliate, you need to actually sign up for the cloud waves platform and create an account so that’s.

What this first screen here is for you simply just fill in these basic information here with your first and last name: email, password answer a couple of simple questions, agree to the terms and click start free, and that will create an account for you and then I Will show you the next step on how to actually sign up for the affiliate program itself, so once you’ve created your cloud ways account the way in order the way to access the affiliate program.

Is you can come up here to the top and click on these nine squares that will give you this drop-down menu and you can choose affiliate program so that will bring you to this page here now. I already have an affiliate account with them, so your screen might look slightly different.

You won’t, see this button up here. Yet until you’ve filled out this information, so you’ll just go ahead and put in your payment method. Your paypal email address that you’re, going to use to get paid website domain and your role here’s, where you can choose your Commission structure between slab and hybrid and a phone number a little bit about yourself in terms of Who you are and how you’re, going to be promoting cloud ways, and then your estimated number of customers that you think you’ll refer each month and so mine says Save Changes like again.

I already have an account, but for you you will actually be applying and submitting this information and that will get you set up for the affiliate program. So, after that, I will actually will click this access, your affiliate panel button, and then I will take you on a quick little tour of the affiliate panel itself.

So once you click over into your affiliate panel, this is the screen you’re going to land on, so this is just the the dashboard. You do. Have your unique affiliate link right here at the top that has your affiliate ID attached to it.

You also have some contact information if you need to get in touch with the affiliate manager here as well, and you can jump directly to reports campaigns or get some banners and links. You can also access all of that from the left-hand panel over here.

So let’s. Just take a quick look at the reports. These are some very quick stats overview here. You’ve got clicks here. You’ve got sales, some conversion ratio, average Commission per sale, some stuff like that, and the trends report has some similar information, but we’ll, also break it down last 30 days today this week this month this year, all time and Give you your clicks and your sales and your Commission’s, and all of that and you can pull two different data points here and map them in this graph and then look at it be a day week or month.

So there’s, some good visual graphics. Here you can take a look at for four different reports here under trends. Commission & # 39; s is just what it sounds like you’ll, have a list of all of the different Commission’s.

What the status of it is, whether it’s paid or unpaid, and I’ll – get to these extra data points here in a second and just a different referral, ID referral type. All of that will be listed here for Commission’s.

Next up is payouts. This will just show you every single payout that you have so again. The minimum is $ 250, but once you reach that you will get paid and then every time you reach that in the future you will have another payment as well, and all of those will be listed here.

Roll clicks is just a running log of every single click that was generated and the date and the IP address is captured there for every single click, using your affiliate link and then under campaigns.

Here, you ‘ Ve got a whole bunch of different banners and links that you can use. So these are, for example, right here. We’ve got some cloud ways, footer bed, badges and we can show those – and this is, if you want to display a proudly hosted with kind of banner, then they’ve got all of those there.

You can sort through the different campaigns that they have going on and you can even pull up specific WordPress and WooCommerce ones, which are helpful. So if we apply this, these are their WordPress banners that specifically talked about hosting WordPress, so those could be helpful as well.

They also offer add channels. This can be helpful if you are promoting cloud ways in multiple different ways. So let’s say that a blog where you’re, promoting it, you’ve, got a YouTube channel. You might have some clients that you work with, that you send those clients, links and emails.

You might have a handful of different ways that you’re, promoting it and you can use these ad channels to be able to track each of those individually. See which ones are converting better than others? You also have the option to use the sub ID tracking, or essentially, you can just depend to different parameters to the end of your affiliate link, so that’s.

Nice, if you just wanted to different data points for a specific way, you were promoting it or a very specific time-sensitive promotion, maybe that you were running you could add these in here, and these will show up in one of your reports.

You’ll, be able to see for all of your Commission’s where it came from based on these sub ID tracking parameters that you use. So that’s, pretty neat as well, and that pretty much covers it for how to use the affiliate panel.

Alright. So to sum things up, the cloud res affiliate program is open to anyone. They have a custom affiliate panel and a dedicated affiliate manager to help you out along the way. You can choose your commission structure and you can receive one-time payments or you can get a combination of a one-time payment plus recurring commissions.


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