Gaming Affiliate Programs Worth Exploring [Gamer Niche Blog Idea]

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I’ll, share some details on how you can start earning consistent commissions online, promoting these different gaming affiliate products. So let’s, go ahead and get started. The first affiliate program we have is green man, gaming, this company specializes in publishing and marketing games.

They are experts in marketing and selling games. The green man, gaming services include digital distribution, marketing strategies and campaigns, royalty and tax management and more they sell a wide variety of games for the pc and playstation.

The affiliate program is managed by cj affiliate and offers up to five percent for each sale. You can find them at and you can find all of the affiliate programs i discuss in this video in my link below to my blog post.

So don’t worry. If you don’t take down the url, you can find them all on my blog link below next up, we have a company called vortex. This service enables game play the best pc games on the market on any device you choose, it eliminates the need for expensive hardware by providing game streaming from the cloud.

There are no downloads and no updates users can get access with a monthly subscription. The affiliate program offers a 10 commission on subscription plans and you can sign up to the affiliate program by creating a new vortex account.

You can find them at vortex dot gg. Next up, we have This is a great product line to recommend to gamers, because gamers since tend to spend a lot of time sitting for hours on end playing video games and they need a good chair to sit and be ergonomic in order to do so.

So this is a good product line to promote the affiliate program, offers a 15 commission which isn’t bad a day, cookie length and their affiliate program is managed by reversion. So you can find them at chairsforgaming.

com and get all the details here on their affiliate program. Page next up is gt racing. This is another company company that specializes in gaming chairs. This company was founded in 2011 and is a known brand among gamers.

They specialize in producing racing style, gaming chairs that are cool and comfortable. You can find a wide selection of gaming chairs, as well as desks headphones game pads and more. The affiliate program is managed through affiliately and offers an 8 commission with a 7-day cooking link, top performing affiliates can negotiate up to 12 or more in commissions.

You can find them at Next up, we have, subscription boxes are really popular and you can find boxes for just about any niche. Loot crate offers boxes for pop culture, film and tv as well as gaming.

These subscription crates provide pop culture figures, teas home goods and more that you can’t get anywhere else. The affiliate program is managed by impact and offers a 15 commission and 30 day cookie length.

You can find them at, [, Music ]. Our last affiliate program is mac game store, just as the name suggests the mac game source specializes in selling games for the mac. They are the leading mac, only distributor of digital download games with over 1 million mac games sold.

If you want to focus on mac only gamers, this is a great affiliate program to consider joining their average order. Value is 20 as an affiliate. You can link to any product in the store using your affiliate link.

They offer a five percent commission rate and 30 day cookie length. You can find them at So now i want to quickly discuss how you can start earning steady commissions by being in the gaming niche, and if you’ve been in my channel before or been to my blog, then you know that i focus solely on creating niche blogs or What you call a niche website and that’s, because that’s, how i got my start and they are excellent for promoting affiliate products.

They are a long term tried and true online business model. For one thing they are low, cost and low risk to start it. Doesn’t, take much time or effort to get your own wordpress website up that’s. Really, all you need to start with a niche blog niche blogs generate free, targeted traffic because of the content that you create for your audience.

This brings targeted traffic, which means a percentage of those people visiting your blog. Will click on your affiliate links and a percentage of those will actually buy from the merchant’s website which results in a commission for you, niche blogs are super easy to maintain it’s, just a matter of being consistent and creating Content on a regular basis and like i said it is a long term business model, you create one niche blog that generates income and it can do so for years, then you can repeat the process creating as many niche blogs that that you can handle are earning Steady income, so if you want to learn more and get started with your own niche blog, then i highly recommend, following the same step-by-step training program that i followed when i got started many years ago, i’m still a part of this training program.

Today, because i use the platform to help others one-on-one with creating their own niche website. So if you use my referral link below it enables me to serve as a mentor answer, any questions that you have along the way and just be a support system for you.

As well as all the other members inside of the training platform that can help you out. So if you want to get started for free, the first 10, lessons are free, no credit card is required, then click the link below and i’ll meet.

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