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Okay, now i’m, not guaranteeing you any results. Results vary depending on person to person right okay, but if you put in the time and effort you watch this whole video until the end. Listen to everything i have to say i’m betting.

That is a good good chance. You can actually start making money online using the fiverr affiliate program. Okay, it is one of the best affiliate programs out there right now. It’s. Actually, really really good.

There are some downsides to it, which i’ll talk about later in this video, but overall it’s, an absolutely great affiliate program, which i would highly recommend everybody join and try starting to make money online using it.

Okay, because it’s, a very, very good opportunity right now, so guys i’m gonna, be showing you exactly how people making are making money online using this and how you can do the exact same thing: okay and yeah.

We’re gonna start right now, nothing else to say so. Let’s get into my computer and let’s. Get straight into this video. Let’s. Go all right, then guys. So this video is all about the fiverr affiliate program.

Obviously, so the first thing you’re gonna need to do is to sign up to the fiverr affiliate program. How many times am i gonna say this in this video somebody count in the comments how many times i say, fiverr affiliate program in this video.

I think i’ve said like 50 times already, but yeah. This is where you’re, going to want to start okay, you can see the url right here. Affiliates.Fiverr.Com all right, i’ll. Also link this in the description for you just to make it easy for you to find all right.

So this is where you’re, going to want to start now. I’m, not going to insult your intelligence by showing you how to sign up for it as just a generic sign up process like you usually would okay put your name, your email address, your password choose all that stuff, and basically you will have Your fiverr affiliate program, okay, and to do that, let me just move my camera.

There’s, a button right here, just click. This big join now button. All right, just click this and you’re, going to get taken to this page. So i’ve already got an account. I’ve already got a fiver affiliate account just made one right now, just to just as a demo account to show this video.

So this is what you’re, going to need to do account type. Okay, you can choose this. Obviously you’re. Just gonna be a private account all right. First name last name: email address: choose a username choose the password for your country, phone number, blah blah blah.

You can do that very, very simply. Okay, i’m. Just gonna pause. The video really quickly and log into my account, because the next step for us i’m, going to show you how to get your actual affiliate links.

Okay, it’s, not the easiest thing on fiverr. Their affiliate program is a great affiliate program, but the dashboard is a little bit confusing. So i’m, going to show you how to get your affiliate links and all of that stuff bear with me.

Well, for you, it’s, going to be two seconds by the power of editing um. I’ll, be logged in give me a sec. All right, then! So, once you’ve created your fiverr affiliate account. This is what you’ll see.

This is the dashboard right here. Okay, so now what we’re going to want to do is actually get our affiliate links. That’s. The most important part of affiliate marketing is those links you don’t want to be sending people to any other links, apart from your affiliate links right.

Otherwise, what’s? The point you won’t, be making any money. So what you’re going to want to do is come to marketing tools right now, and this is one way you can do it. Okay, there’s, two different ways.

So if you come to all marketing tools right here now, this is going to be some affiliate links. These are like the just generic ones that take you straight to the fiverr home page and that’s. All they do pretty much okay.

So you ‘ Ve got a few different kinds right here. You can check them all out. I’m, not going to show you what each and every one is, but different links. Take you to different parts of the fiverr website.

Okay, so for now i’m, just going to show you one: okay, just copy click url right here, if you just click this, it’s, going to automatically copy the url okay, which is this right here. So i’m just going to show you this in a new tab.

Okay, i’m, going to open that i’m, going to show you this. I’m going to search for that and boom. This is where it takes you, and this is a fiver. This is my fiber affiliate link. If i was to send this link to somebody and they clicked on it and they bought something on fiverr, i would earn an affiliate commission.

I would get some money. Okay, that’s, just how it works all right and that’s. How you’re gonna, do it now. One thing is very, very important and, like i mentioned earlier on in the video, there are some downsides to the fiverr affiliate program and one major one for me and for everyone else who’s, an affiliate on fiverr.

Is it’s? Only for first time buyers that’s it if the user that you send the link to already has a fiverr account. They’ve, already bought something you’re, not gonna make a single penny. Unfortunately, that’s, just how it is okay, it’s only for first time buyers only.

That is it. So if, as you can see here, i’m, not logged into my account right now, so this is what they would see if somebody would just click. My affiliate link that i just the one i just used. This is what they receive.

You get a little call to action pop up on your screen here to join fiverr, that’s; great, that’s, good! That’s good for us, okay, because this is what we want them to do. We want them to create a fiverr account and then buy something, because that’s, how we’re, going to make money all right so going back to the actual just the home page of the five, the affiliates. okay. This is i’m gonna show you how much money you could potentially make per per thing. You sell okay because they got a very, very uh, varied price range on all sorts of different gigs all right.

So if you come here come to again and if you click on this commission plan button right here, we can see exactly how much you’re, going to earn for each individual kind of gig. Okay, different gigs have different affiliate commissions, so the fiverr pro gigs, which are the really expensive ones.

Yes, it’s possible that you could get a first time. Buyer buy one of these, but it’s very, very rare because they’re so expensive. These fiber pro gigs they’re so expensive that it is very rare for a first time buyer to purchase.

One of these honestly, you do get the big bucks from that. If, if you were to send somebody to a link to a fiverr pro gig and they purchase any fiber pro gig and they’re a first time, buyer, you will earn 150 okay, which is huge right.

That’s. That’s massive, but i’m being real with you here it’s very rare honestly, i don’t. Think i’ve. I’ve. I’ve. Never had somebody buy a fiber pro gig, just as a first-time buyer, okay, just it just it’s rare to happen if it happens, for you very good luck like good good for you, but yeah, just don’t focus on these.

So much okay, it’s, not that important in, in my opinion, just just don’t focus on the prices. How much you get just promote whatever you’re interested in all right? I’m gonna, be showing you later on different ways to promote your fiber affiliate links all right, but you can see the different costs here, but don’t focus on this too much don’t only promote fiverr For pro gigs, because you get the most money from that because, like i said it’s, quite rare, that somebody will buy that.

So if you’re only promoting fiverr pro gigs, it’s, going to be difficult to get somebody to buy it and same for these. Okay, just don’t, just look at oh whiteboard and animated explainers. They got 50 for those.

I’m, focusing on that don’t just focus on the money that’s. What i’m, trying to say just do whatever, whatever fits your audience? Okay, that’s! What is what’s, that’s? What affiliate marketing is all about? Putting the right products in front of the right people? Okay, you’re, finding people with problems and offering them a solution through your affiliate links that’s.

Basically, what affiliate marketing is right? Don’t just focus on the money that’s, that’s, that’s. Just it’s, just not good to do so. You can see the lowest commission. You’re, going to get for all other categories categories.

Anything you don’t see here. Uh is going to be 15 all right, but that’s all right. If, if, if we’ve got a few of these a day, even just one or two of these a day that’s, gonna add up a lot all right, just don’t worry about the actual commission rates.

Yes tonight it’d, be nice to get those bigger ones, but it’s, not a huge deal all right, so i showed you a minute ago how to get this link right. This just takes them straight to the fiverr page, the fiverr home page for them to sign up, but they can search for whatever they want.

But what if you want to actually send people to a specific fiverr gig, because this is this – is actually something that a lot of you will probably want to do you don’t want to just send them to the home page and then have Them search it’s, going to be a very beneficial to you to know how to do this.

Okay. So now you’re, going to want to click on this default and deep links. Click on this right here i have to move my camera a little bit because i’m, hidden, hiding something right here and now. This is what you’re, going to want to do.

Okay. This is what you’re, going to want to come to. We ‘ Ve got two different things here. You’re, going to want to click on this, the lpurl all right and now. This is where we can link to a specific fiber gig, and i’m, going to show you exactly how in just a moment but yeah you link to a specific fiber gig and then it’ll.

It’ll. Add it onto here: okay, we can just copy and paste this link, and that will be our affiliate link that takes people directly to a gig instead of the home page, like we did earlier on the all marketing tools.

Okay, so let me just show you how this works, real, quick, all right. So if you go to, i’ve. I just searched for this. Okay just seo article, just as an example for this video. Okay, i’m gonna choose any random one.

Let’s. Go with this guy right here i will do 50, something blah blah blah, and now we’re going to want to copy and paste the link all right. Now, just but to do that you can copy and paste the whole link.

I think that works, but what i usually do is i do it all the way down to here. Okay, you see this question mark right here. You don’t need anything after that. Really that’s, just like that’s, just telling fiber how you got here and things like that.

It’s, not important. Don’t worry about that. So now, what you’re going to want to do is go back to the fiverr affiliate dashboard. Okay, we’re on here. We’re on the default and deep links. Now, if you were to just copy this right here and paste that into let’s paste this one okay, this is this is still our fiber affiliate link.

But this one again just takes you straight to the home page: okay, that’s, not what we wanted right. So let’s. Go back to sorry this one right here, you’re, going to click this lp url and you’re, going to paste.

Sorry, i just copied and pasted a new one, so i’m going to go back here again. I’m, going to copy this down to the question mark again, just before the question mark now we’re going to go back here and i’m going to paste this straight into here.

Okay, that’s. All you’re, going to want to do all right and now, as you can see, the link just changed. Our affiliate link just changed so now copy this one. Okay, this link, let’s copy and paste on that one.

We’ll, go back to here. We’re gonna paste this one in right here, all right. We’re gonna paste. It boom paste and go and let’s, have a look where this takes us. Where do you think it’s going to take us boom straight to here? However, this time look right here affiliate.

This is an affiliate link. It’s got my code and everything right there. This is an affiliate link. So now, if somebody was to click on that and purchase it, i would earn that affiliate. Commission, okay, i’ve, taken them straight to here, but now what’s important now, you know how to do all of this.

You know how to get your affiliate links. Uh, you know how to like specifically choose send them to different gigs, and things like that. Now you probably need to know how to actually start promoting, and i got a few different ways for you, okay, and that we’re going to use to promote them.

Some are better than others. I’m gonna go through all of them. Tell you how good i think they are and all of that stuff, so uh yeah, let’s. Do that real, quick! All right, then guys. So i’ve gone to google, and i ‘

Ve searched just for a random thing. I’ve just searched for best seo article writers on fiverr, okay, that’s. What i’ve searched for, because this is what some people do. They’re searching for things like this.

Okay, they’re, searching for best blah blah blah on fiverr. Now this is one of the best ways. By far to actually find the right traffic – okay, these people that are searching for things like this – they are exactly who we want.

Okay, they are, they’re, searching for it on google, so we know that they want it badly. They’re looking for people like article writers, so google is honestly the best place to do this, but it is a little bit difficult and i’ll.

Explain why right now, okay, so one thing is a blog, okay blogs. That is a great way to start promoting your affiliate links all right, so i’ve just opened a random one right here, the six best blog writers on fiverr for seo articles, and this is on medium.

com. Now this one’s good, because you can write on anyone can for free. It’s like a blog website, but it’s. Not actually your website, you’re, making blog posts on for free. So this person right here has written this entire article and look he’s, talking about the six best blog writers on fiverr for seo articles.

Now the only people who will be reading this article right here are people who want to. Obviously, nobody else is going to read it. The only people who are reading this are going to be people who are looking for writers on fiverr for seo articles.

Okay. So what he’s done. Is he & # 39? S talked a little bit about it. He’s, put a lot of seo in there keywords and stuff to make it rank on google, and then he’s got all of these different things. He’s.

Talking about the six best seo article writers and now each person right here, each link is going to take you to okay. Now each of these links should be an affiliate link. I haven’t even checked if they are, but it should be.

If, if they’re, not affiliate links, he’s, he’s. He’s. He’s, not very smart. He’s missing out and he’s. Doing this. For for no reason apparently like to not make money that’s, the whole goal right is to make money.

So this should be should take us to fiverr right now and it should be an affiliate link. Isn’t it okay, it’s no longer available, unfortunately, for him his uh, maybe his affiliate account got shut down or something, but his affiliate link right.

There, doesn’t work anymore, but that’s. A good example, this is to show you just to keep on top of it. Okay, because you need to keep checking your links. If you’re writing blogs and stuff. Keep checking that your links are working all right, because if somebody was reading that article they just missed out on some money right, i just closed on the thing.

Let me go back all right, so yeah he didn’t, do a great job right. There, because it’s, not up to date, he needs to just redo. He needs to put his. He needs to put his new link in there and a new link.

That is an affiliate link taking him to this exact user or one of this users gigs. Okay, that’s. What you need to do that’s, that’s. What would that’s? The whole point of this thing right, your links need to go to you.

They need to be your affiliate links. Basically, that’s. What i’m trying to say all right, so this is one way of doing it. That’s. What i’m trying to say through blogs, you can do it on a free blog like medium.

com and use their website. Now this isn’t your website that’s. The only downside to it’s, not your website so and there’s. A lot of people on here already writing the same sort of stuff. So a good thing to do would be to make your own blog website.

You can use wordpress anything at all, just make your own website now. I know that’s, a that’s difficult for some people right. A lot of you, don’t want to make a website. You can’t afford it because it is going to cost you some money.

You don’t know how to do it, which is fair enough, so that’s. Why, in just a moment i am going to be showing you some other methods which don’t require websites or anything like that. Okay, so bear with me.

I will be helping you guys out all right, but this is probably the best way because, like i said, these people are 100 if they, if they’re reading this article, if they’re searching google for best seo, article writers or Whatever, okay, whatever they’re looking for, they are interested, they are that’s, the exact traffic that we want.

Okay, so it’s. Absolutely perfect! A blog is a really good way, youtube channels too. You can make a youtube channel talking about anything at all, but make sure your fiverr affiliate links you’re, sending them to things they’ll, be interested in okay.

Like me, personally, my channel is all about making money online right. So i would go to fiverr and i would find some gigs that are about making money online, something like that like how to make websites anything like that, something that matches my niche the niche.

I’m in okay on youtube and then i would put my affiliate link in the youtube description, okay, but i would make sure i’m only talking about i’m only sending like showing people things that they’re actually going to be interested in.

If i was like, let’s, go back to fiverr right here, a second! So might i never talk about? Let’s. Have a look lifestyle. I never talk about fit fitness lessons. For example, my channel has nothing to do with fitness, so if i was just randomly randomly made a video about fitness and was like hey, you want to buy this fight, this fiber gig about fitness.

I get some fitness lessons. All of you guys, watching you’d, be like what the what this is. This is random. There’s. Nothing to do with channel so find things that’s in your niche. Okay, if you have a blog or if you have a website, that’s very very important.

Okay, because, like targeted traffic, is the most important thing when it comes to affiliate marketing, you need to target the right audience. Okay, my audience are people like you looking to make money online, that’s.

What i’m trying to get at okay by the way guys if you’re, not understanding any of this. I know i ramble on a lot in my videos. I am right now. If you don’t understand anything, just drop a comment down below ask me: i’m, always in the comment section replying to you guys it’s, just what i like to do, that’s.

What i’m here, for i’m here, to help you all right. So what’s next, another way to make money online using the fiverr affiliate program like to promote your fiverr affiliate links is through social media.

Okay, you don’t need a website. You don’t need a blog. You don’t need a youtube channel. There are other ways. Social media is a great one. All right. This is a great place to start twitter. Okay, just search twitter uh, let’s, do something like um.

I need a logo, let’s, search for something like that. Okay and we’re gonna look for tweets that are people looking for logos. Things like this. Okay, so guys, i need a logo designer please slide into my dms this guy right here.

He’s, saying he wants a logo designer. Well guess what guys? Let’s, go back to, let’s, go to graphics and design boom logo design. Okay. Now i’m, going to show you exactly what i would do right here.

Okay, so i would find the best one all right: let’s, just choose any one. For this example, i’m, going to go with this first one, just just just because and now again what i showed you earlier. I’m, going to copy and paste the url right here up until the question mark just before that.

Okay, i just clicked copy. Let me show you again: i did for com control c, but yeah just copy this, and now let’s, go back to our fiverr affiliate dashboard, and now we’re, going to make a deep link all right.

So we’re, going to go to lp url. We’re, going to delete this one. We’re, going to put this new url in press enter and boom. This one is going to direct them straight to that gig. That i just copied and pasted the url from all right.

I’m going to click this button here. Okay, as you can see, click this and now that is our link copied and pasted. So we’d. Go back to twitter right here, and we would so he wants you to slide into his dms.

You can do that if you want to you, can follow him or ask him like tweet at him. Hey, follow me. I’ve got somebody for you. Do anything you want okay or you can just like tweet it at him? Okay, i’m, not gonna.

Do it right now uh, but this is how you would do it right. You just paste your link, easy as that that’s. Your affiliate link, if this guy was, was to now click this link and he purchased something as a first time.

Buyer, you’d. Make money you’d, get your affiliate commission and that’s. All i need to do so. I would write something as well like hey man uh, i’ve, worked with with this guy before he’s. Sick. This is an example guys, okay, just write something: okay, write something and send them your link.

Hey man, let’s, go for a sec, send them your affiliate link boom done that’s, it that’s. A that’s, that’s, you that’s. How you make money using the fiverr affiliate program. Okay, show you a couple different now this is just twitter.

You can do this on reddit. You can do this on facebook. You can do it on any social media. Basically, all right now. One thing i want to say is just don’t be annoying with it. Okay, some people like this is why i want to make this video, because i’ve.

I’ve, seen some people like, i said i’m, not going to name drop in this video, but some people just tell you to like go to you random youtube videos and paste your affiliate link in youtube videos that’s not the way to do it.

Don’t be annoying only it’s. You’re, not gonna even make money that way. You’re gonna be putting in a lot of time and not even making money, because these people won’t be even be interested. You have to find the traffic you have to find the right traffic.

Okay, it has to be targeted traffic, so this guy he is looking forward. He says i need a logo designer he this. So this is perfect. This guy right here he’s, looking for one he and he needs. So we’ll.

Just send it to him, we’ll, send him our link. He’s looking for it, but if you’re, just pasting, your links on random youtube videos, random facebook pages and stuff like that, it’s. Just gonna get annoying and get banned and you’re, not going to make any money.

It’s, going to be complete waste of time. You have to find people who are actually looking for it. That is the biggest thing when it comes to affiliate marketing all right. This is very, very important, so yeah, i think i’ve shown you pretty much.

Everything like i said. If you didn’t understand any part of this video. Please drop a comment down below and ask me and i will reply to you. I’m. Always then, and i’m always reading. I read every single comment.

I get okay, i trust you. I reply to most of them as well as long as this is like a good question and yeah you genuinely need help. I will be there for you. I guess i’m here for so yeah that’s, pretty much it guys.

So uh any, i think i’ve shown you everything i need to. I’m trying to think now. If i need to show you anything else, but i don’t think so, if you think i missed anything, please again comment down below so there we go guys.

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