Fiverr Affiliate Program For Beginners: How To Make Money With Free Traffic

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How to make money with the fiber affiliate program, let’s, get to it. What’s up everybody? My name is David Webb sacred procom. So how do you make money with the fiber affiliate program? Now I’m, an actual fiber seller and I’m part of the fiber affiliate program and I have another video all about, like my fiber tips, from being a seller for the last few years, and I also in that video cover Towards maybe, like the 10 12-minute mark about how I leverage the affiliate program as a way to make money with fiber, so one little strategy that I do is that I take my gig and then I run it through the affiliate program.

So when people find my website or a link on one of my youtube videos and they click to purchase my gig now, if they’re, a first-time buyer and they sign up to fire and then they buy anything, I get a commission.

So it’s, a quick way to like make a little bit of money on the back end and it’s, just a quick way to like monetize a website because, like hey, I’m, a fiber seller. I’m highly rated. People can see that I have that authority on the topic and then trust and trust me.

Basically and now I was just doing like some research on like the fiber affiliate program to see like what other videos are ranking in. I have to say I’m, pretty disappointed in the YouTube algorithm, because there’s, a lot of like low quality videos by people who are not fiber sellers.

They’re, not part of the Fiverr affiliate program. They don’t, make any money from Fiverr and they don’t make any money from the fiber affiliate program. Yet they’re, making videos on how to make one hundred fifty dollars a day with fiber.

What comes to mind I don’t want to call anyone out, but like one video that really irked me was this video by a millionaire mindset, this guy named Jay and it’s like you, don’t make any Money guy it’s like we.

Why didn’t, like his advice, was like to spam. Basically, advice was to jump into the YouTube comments and spam comments and jump into Facebook groups and spam comments. It’s like you’re, not gonna make $ 150 a day, spamming and being annoying like you’re, just creating content that’s kind of hurting people, because you’re, giving bad Advice and then you’re, going to be like annoying content creators, because I know personally having a business oriented channel like this.

I get comments every day from people leaving their affiliate links for things like blue hose or Fiverr, or you know their Amazon like audible, like all the time like it’s like it’s, something that’s quite annoying.

But luckily the YouTube algorithm is kind of sophisticated enough to where, if you do that, you can get flagged as spam, and I will happily happily delete your comment. If you’re trying to like just be lazy and just throw in your affiliate link in the comment section so instead, I want to create a video for the YouTube algorithm about how to actually make money from the fiver affiliate program from someone who Actually makes money from the fiver affiliate program.

Imagine that I’m, not just a guy who’s just making things up in my head and being like. Oh yeah, 150 dollars a day, yeah yeah I just just signup to YouTube and leave comments and link to fiber-filled program.

You’ll magically make $ 150 a day. It’s, so silly all right so with affiliate marketing what it really comes down to is it comes down to your traffic source, an audience okay, so with the filip marketing in general, that’s, what it that’s.

What it takes to make money with affiliate marketing, it really comes down to your audience and like your traffic source. No, no. I keep repeating myself, but it’s, because people need to kind of get that in their head, because there’s.

No, there’s, no secret. Okay, it’s like. If you have a buying audience, then it’s easier to make money with affiliate marketing, for example, like Hogan Chua has a YouTube channel, that’s and on a similar topic as to my channel and he links to the fiber.

He links to logo designers through the fiber affiliate program in his long form how to create a website tutorial videos. Why? Because that converts? Because in the video he’s like recommends hey, you should check out Fiverr.

If you want a logo and then here’s, a link to it and that’s, that’s, providing value because he provides a high-quality tutorial and then links to Fiverr as appropriate. Instead of what Jay recommends, which is just to be annoying Facebook in YouTube, so with affiliate marketing, you want to figure out, you want to develop a traffic source and then put relevant offers in front of that traffic source.

So anyways, let’s. Jump into my laptop. I’m gonna show you how to actually make money with the fiber affiliate program. I can’t promise that you’re, going to make a hundred dollars a day that’s silly, but it can be something that you can leverage in YouTube: videos as well as blog content.

So let’s, get to it. Okay, welcome to my laptop. So this is v or affiliates. It’s, found at the URL of affiliates at to find it just google fiber affiliates and you’ll, find a link to this page.

I’m, not going to insult your intelligence by walking you through how to sign up it’s, simple process. We click the green button join now and go follow the on-screen process to create an account. Now I do want to mention quickly the Commission plan for Fiverr.

Now it does, you do get paid different amounts depending on what people buy now. A key thing to know is that Fiverr only pays a commission on first-time buyers. So if someone already has a fiver account, they click your affiliate link they go through and then they buy something you get nothing which is a really downside at the piper affiliate program, Fiverr on their end, their goal with this program is basically to get new users And new money onto the website, that is their entire goal, and so that should be your goal as well.

When you’re, promoting fibers, just you want to get. You want to put relevant offers in front of the correct people in order to make a commission, so while it’s nice to have all these different commission rates personally, it’s.

It’s kind of irrelevant because, like you got to think about like what is your website about? What is your YouTube channel about Pinterest, whatever like? How are you driving traffic to Fiverr like what is relevant for what you’re? Talking about then just create content on that, and then whatever the Commission is, is what it is like for example.

So we have something right here. We have like 3d models and product design. Like is website creative Pro about 3d models. Is it about proofreading and editing? Nick no, so it’s like there’s, no point in me promoting like that sort of thing.

I got to think about like what is my site about that’s, why? I brought up the Hogan example just because, like promoting like a logo design, that makes a lot of sense now, once you go through the whole process and you sign up, you are gonna be presented with this portal.

It is a little it’s, not user friendly, and it’s a little confusing. So the main thing you want to pay attention to is you want to go to marketing tools, and then you want to go to all marketing tools.

Okay, so once you do that, then you have a bunch of different affiliate links, so if we click copy click, URL alright. So now, if we just take this as an example and see where that takes us, this is taking us to the landing page for the home page find the perfect freelance services for your business, and now we have a call to action to sign up.

So, like you got to play around with all of these diff rent links, but the real value of this is you want to go here where it says default and deep links, and now here we have dynamic parameters and we have LP URL so right here we Can put in a custom URL on Fiverr and then promote a specific page on Fiverr, so, for example, I just did like article writing and then I did.

I found this person word architect, for example, so we want to go up to the URL right up top. There and you just want to highlight the URL structure, so we want to highlight up to about right here now.

You can highlight this entire thing if you want, but the rest of this, the rest of this area is just for, like fibers, only internally used to know like how people are like clicking around and navigating the site, but we just want this URL, okay and now, If I go here – and I type and I copy and paste this in there and now winds up happening, is it generates a URL, an affiliate URL for that specific page? So if I go here and click this and then I go back to we’ll just do Firefox again and then see where this URL takes me and now it is my affiliate link for this page.

So if someone signs up, if there are a first-time buyer to fiver, they click this and they sign up to fiber, and then they buy anything. I get that commission so whether or not they buy this or they buy something else.

It doesn’t matter, and I don’t have real control over that. That’s. Why I started off with saying like don’t worry too much about the Commission. The goal is just to get people on the fiver sign up and then have them buy something.

Then it’s kind of like luck of the draw a little bit now I can tell you that, like fiber probe, people do not pay for five approaches, because these those gigs are really expensive. So I wouldn ‘

T worry too much. Now a real-life example is like when you’re, creating like YouTube videos in the link description, you can link to relevant gigs that relate to the video that makes sense or like, for example, I’ll.

Just show you, like a box that I’m working on right now, the six best blog writers on Fiverr for SEO articles, so it’s like. Why am I writing this? Because people are searching for word, blog writers, people are searching for SEO articles people are searching for, like blog writers, SEO articles hire blog writers, best blog best SEO articles that sort of thing, so it’s like I’m trading content And going after, like phrases that people are actually looking for as a long-term play and now so I’ll.

Go through this whole piece of content, talk about pros and cons of each and talk about the background of the writer and as well as feedback based on actual users and then, for example, like we ‘

Ll have word architect right there. I can go here and we can find where it says. Word architect, and then I can go up here and I’ll click. A link, boom click, a hyperlink, yes and then open in a new tab, save draft in there.

You go so like over time. If you create content like YouTube videos and blog content, and you’re going after relevant phrases, you can eventually start getting traffic and then covering that traffic to fiber by sending traffic to fiber, having new users sign up and then having them be first-time Purchasers and then you get a commission on the back end, so this nonsense about making 150 dollars a day with like putting links and YouTube videos and Facebook.

It’s, not that like it takes work, but it is possible because of the commission structure in fiber does offer a very good Commission. But the downside, however, is that it is only on first-time purchasers, so basically that’s.

Basically, what you want to do so you want to have your all marketing tools and you want to pay attention to like what URL structures are up here and where they drop users off and pick the one that you like, because you can drive people to specifically The home page or you can use the default and deep links option to basically send people to like a specific page, which is what I do on website: creative Pro for my own personal gigs.

So if we just open this up and then we navigate to services – and literally this is what I do for my own gig – where we have this and then this is a link to Fiverr through the affiliate program. So when people sign up, if they buy my gig and make money, if they don’t buy my gig, but there are first-time first-time user to fire and then they end up buying something else.

I still get a commission, and now how much can you make with this? It’s all over the place. It really depends on traffic. It depends on how many first-time buyers like you can get a lot of people who click your link and go through, but then they already have a fiber account.

So then you don’t get anything so it it rant. It’s. Very it randoms variously, sometimes like I’ll, I could like I have bouncing eleven dollars, so sometimes it’s very small, sometimes like oh one hundred dollars or two hundred hours, or something like substantial, like that.

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