Fiverr Affiliate Marketing: This Will Make You Up To $300/DAY (Full Tutorial!)

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We don’t need to have a seller account and stuff like that. We’re, not going to be selling anything on fiverr. All we are going to be doing is giving away information to people, and these people are going to be making us money and trust me.

I’m, going to show you guys everything step by step. So all you simply have to do for yourself is watch this video in detail and trust me by the end of the video you will be on set up to the point where you will be able to go out after this video and set up these things.

That will be making you up to 300 dollars every single day right. So here’s. What i’m, going to show you guys in the video basically here. First of all, i’ll. Show you guys proof that i have made money with the fiverr affiliate program right and i’m after that i’m, going to show you guys the things you need to know about your commission plan that will help you make the Most money out of this method right so after i show you guys the things that you need to know about the commission plans.

I would then move ahead and show you guys how we can actually set up. Our fiverr affiliate account the right way and when you do this the wrong way, your account will get disapproved. You will not get approved that that means you won’t be able to make them.

So you have to pay close attention to see exactly what you have to tell them to get them to approve your account instantly. So, basically, after i show you guys how to create your account and get it approved, we then move on to one of the very, very important parts of this video which is actually where i i show you how to create and give away information for free and Then make money with that information right that’s? How we’re gonna be making money we’re, not gonna need to sell anything.

Here. We’re, not selling any gigs on fiverr. No seller account on fiverr stuff like that right, so i’m gonna show you guys this and it’s very, very important, and after i show you guys this, i’m gonna get to the main point Of the video that that this is the most important part of the video – and this is the part where i actually show you guys – how to get a ton of targeted buyer traffic for free to the information that i’m gonna show.

You guys how to create here right. So after creating information here, i’m, going to show you guys how to get a ton of targeted buyer traffic to this place, and when you get this traffic to this place, people are going to be buying stuff on fiverr, not from you just Buying stuff on fire and you’re, going to be getting paid up to 300 every single day, and i’m, going to show you guys how and what we have to do right.

So, first of all, let me get into the video by showing you guys proof that i have made money on fiverr, but before i show you guys that uh, if you are new to my channel, let me just uh introduce myself.

My name is danielle may, and this is my channel here – daniel’s joseo and on this channel i teach people how to make money online right. You can see videos here. I publish videos almost every single day for you guys.

So all you simply have to do is to click on subscribe and turn on notifications, bell, icon right beside it and when you do that, you’re going to get notified by youtube each time. I drop awesome videos like this, because i’m, going to be dropping more strategies and like tomorrow.

Next next tomorrow, i’m, going to keep on dropping more fire strategies on here that you guys are going to love right. So now that i’ve done the intro. Let me get right into the video, which is why i’ll.

Show you guys proof that i’m, actually making money with the five affiliate program. So this is actually a new five affiliate program account and here it says no data available, because when you have slow internet it’s going to say that.

But if i click on here, you can see my balance is around 69. But if you look here, you can see end 379 and that’s. Actually, the amount of money i’ve actually end right now, with this new account, because my old account got banned and you you, you can prevent your account from getting banned by simply clicking on this place where it says: affiliate user guide.

Click on this place here and uh download the user guide and read it because i didn’t read it and i made some mistakes on my account that has all that has made me. Thousands of dollars actually got banned, but they still payed me up my money to paypal and you just have to make sure you read this to make sure your account.

Doesn’t get banned, so this is actually the money here over 279 dollars here and and now that i’ve shown you guys proof here that i make money with the five affiliate program. I will then move ahead and actually walk.

You guys, through the things you need to know about your commission plan in order to enable you make the most money right. So here is what i mean by the commission plan commission plan, actually how much they pay you right.

So if you do not understand what i’m talking about here, fiverr fiverr itself is a website where people come to to to uh um, buy stuff right. People buy stuff like videos, logo, design stuff, like that different things, website, design and stuff.

Like that right, so people come here to buy stuff, but us what we’re literally going to be doing. Is we’re not going to be using this particular website where we buy stuff? We’re, going to be using the parts where we simply refer people to fiverr and when they buy stuff on fiverr, we simply make money right, and i’m gonna show you guys how we can actually get these like targeted.

Buyer traffic to fiverr, so let me scroll down here. Let me scroll down literally here right. So let me scroll down and if i scroll down here, uh see where they say the commission plan, i’m, not actually listening right now, when i scroll up okay, sorry here is the commission plan? Okay, so this is it so here it says, commission plan and when you scroll down, you can see you get paid a hundred and fifty dollars each time, someone from the fiverr uh um, someone buys something on on the fiverr pro part of fiverr.

Through your affiliate link and don’t worry, i’m gonna show you guys how to get these people targeted traffic right so um, land 500 is when people buy courses on fiverr right when they buy costs on fiverr, because fiverr Started their land platform, which is like a place where, where people buy courses and stuff you’re gonna make 30 30, but we’re, not gonna promote in this one.

We’re, not gonna be promoting this one. We’re only gonna be using the fiver pro and this one where it says fiverr services. Basically, this is what we’re gonna be promoting five services right. So you can see, fiverr will pay you fifty dollars per person who buys something through the whiteboard and animated explainers uh um category on fiverr right.

They’re gonna pay you when people buy book and ebook writing they’re gonna pay. You fifty dollars when people buy architectural interior design, they’re gonna pay. You 50, when, when, when someone buys something uh about game development and stuff, like that, so here um website, builders and cms stuff, like that, this part is gonna pay.

You forty dollars per person right, so you can actually send people to fiverr and when they buy stuff that that’s related to to to um um website, building and stuff. You’re gonna make forty dollars right.

So people who are smart are gonna promote this one here this one here, because you’re gonna basically make the most amount of money here right and i’m gonna, be showing you guys how you can actually get People who are gonna be interested in buying these things.

You see here right so that’s. What i’m gonna be doing so my point here, of showing you guys this commission planning, so that you make sure you’re only promoting um um, these four categories that are gonna pay.

You fifty dollars right. So that’s, what you have to know about uh their commission plan and when we are promoting something that’s, going to pay us 50 per cell. That means we only need, like, i think, uh six sales a day six times.

Fifty that’s, gonna equal three hundred dollars every single day, and i’m going to show you guys how to get six people every single day. Six people is very, very easy to get. I’m gonna show you guys how to get it in this video, so yeah that’s.

The second part where i’ve, shown you guys uh what you need to know about our commission plan, and now i’m gonna move on to the next part, which will show you guys how to set up your fiverr affiliate Account the right way and it’s, going to be a walk through to the whole process right, so basically um.

What we’re going to be doing here, is we’re, going to be going over here, like when you land on the main fiber website? Okay, let me start from scratch to make sure i don’t confuse anybody here, so let me go over to the basic fiverr website.

So when you land on the fiverr website and you’re inside your account, it should look like what you see on the screen here. So when you scroll down here when you scroll down here, uh you, you can either click on athletes here or you can just click on the link.

I’ll put in the description, click on the link. It will bring you to this page. So once you’re on this page right now, you simply click on join. Now, click on join down here and they’re gonna ask you for information, so you simply select account type put it to private right then hit enter your your first name.

Your last name enter your username just choose any username here i’m. Just gonna enter something random. There then choose the password confirm your password. Choose your country, your country here and uh.

Once you’re done. Choosing your country enter your phone number here and then here where it says skype make sure you enter your skype. If you don’t, have skype go and create a skype account it’s 100 free right.

So i’m. Just gonna uh choose a password here, write something random right. There click on copy paste it here; okay, sorry into okay! So guys what i’m, showing you guys this is so that so that you make sure you get your account approved, because most people will actually come to this part and and and and they would they would fail right.

So i’m, going to go, choose a password and i’m going to complete password right, so it says: use six or more characters. Mixed letters are numbers uh. Okay, i don’t know why it’s actually telling me this, but basically just choose a password right there, and once you’re done click on next and on the next part they’re, going to Basically, ask you for stuff like, like your website and stuff like that, but that’s where people get it wrong.

People actually skip the word. The website part and stuff like that, but what you have to do is you have to go back to google, just search, search for anything random, just search for how to how to make a girl fall.

Love right. What i’m getting at is that you can actually search for anything right, just search for that pick up one websites here there’s, ranking put it there as your website and when you do that they’re going To approve you right, i’m, going to approve you and you.

You can equally go over to um youtube and pick up a youtube channel. Please right there. They’re, going to approve you right because they don’t know who actually owns those things. They just need to show them something and when you show them that they are going to approve you right, so that’s.

Actually, what you have to know about setting up an account just put a website, a a website that’s random there and they’re, going to approve you right, so that’s. What you have to know about this? Third party, that brings us to the first part, which is actually creating and giving away information for free and making money with it right.

So let me go ahead and walk you guys through what we’re, going to be doing here right. Let me walk you guys through what we’re, going to be doing. Basically, let me open up the jamboard and show you guys what we’re going to be doing so.

Let me clear this jam, but i think it’s, a dirty board. So let me clear this jamboard here. Okay, so, basically, here’s, what we’re gonna be doing right. So we know that there are a ton of people online who need services who needs who need fiverr services right who need to buy stuff on here, but they don’t know that five exists right.

So what we do is we simply get all these people and we actually create a free, uh uh training that’s. Gon na be giving these people information about fiverr, telling them how to use fiverr to get what they want right.

So they come to our free training, and the first thing we’re gonna tell them is to click on the first link in the description and create an account on fiverr show them how to create an account on fiverr and don’t worry, i’m gonna show you guys how to create this kind of training here right.

So when people who are looking for stuff online come over to our training, they’re, going to sign up to further through our affiliate link and remember what we are going to be promoting here is one of these categories.

Here that’s, gonna pay us fifty dollars per person that actually buys something, and that means all we simply need is six people per day to convert, and we’re gonna make 300 every single day and don’t worry, i’m, going to show you how to get a ton of people literally thousands of people here thousands of people come coming to come and watch your content here.

So these people are gonna create an account. They’re gonna go over to fiverr and trust me. At least we need just six six of them every single day and those six will equals spit out 300 for us here, right 300.

For us here right so basically, i know what’s in your mind right now, you’re, wondering okay danielle. What am i gonna create? What am i gonna give people for free? What am i going to show people? How am i going to get people and don’t worry.

I’m, going to show you guys everything right so right now i’m, going to show you guys something we can actually create here. So if you come over here where it says commission plans, remember we’re only trying to promote whiteboard and animated explainers.

We’re, trying to promote uh book and ebook writing new trying to promote architecture and interior design trying to promote game development right. So we can actually um uh, probably either make make a a training video where we teach people how they can actually get whiteboard animated explainer videos for their businesses done, for them are cheap right when created training.

This is going to be a training like the one you’re watching right now on youtube, and this training is going to be aimed at teaching people how to get animated. Uh videos for your businesses tell them the benefits and then show them how to get it and guess what we’re, going to be showing them fiverr right.

Fiverr is what we’re gonna tell them to go to so when they go to fiverr. They they type in on whiteboard, whiteboard, uh type in whiteboard, animation, whiteboard animation, and they’re gonna come here.

They’re gonna see one of these people. Here they’re gonna buy and we are going to make money from it right. So we can either create a training showing people how to get animated videos for their businesses.

We can uh make a training, teaching people how to outsource uh, ebook, writing and stuff, like that, we can make a video uh um, showing people how how how they can get their architecture and interior home design assignments done right like something like this right now.

We can be targeting students for this particular architecture and interior designers and and and interior design. We can targeting students who are studying architecture and interior design, and we know that these students might be having issues with doing their homework and stuff.

Then we can actually tell them that they can go over to fiverr and get their homework done on fiverr right. We can actually do that here right, so here game development. We can actually make a a training video aimed at showing people how to create games and make money from their games right.

Basically, what you’re gonna show them is fiverr right, but you’re, not gonna be selling anything. You’re, just gonna be referring people, and i know you’re, probably wondering but danielle okay, if i create a training right now, how do i get people, people, people to view my training and don’t worry.

I’m gonna show you guys how to get a ton of people coming over to your training right. So, first of all, how do you create the training right? You simply create your training by doing what i’m doing right now, you can simply record your screen using this tool here called obs studio.

This thing here called obs studio and you can actually download it right now. By simply going over to obs go over to obs it’s, going to look like what you see on the screen here.

It’s going to say, obs studio. Then you’re going to choose what i use the windows from here. Is the windows mac os linux, whatever you use, click on it to download it latest one, and you can actually go over to youtube, set your tutorials on how to use obs and after searching you will.

You will be able to to to start recording trainings right? Basically, all you need to do is to record a training say something like hey guys in this video i’m, going to show you guys how to get animated, explainer videos done for your business for cheap right.

So you’re, going to actually go first of all. Show them how to create an account on fiverr, tell them to click on the link or or visit your your, your your url. So you can actually shorten a your affiliate link, which you can get from your five affiliate program and i’m going to show you guys how to get that very soon right.

So you can actually tell them that they can um click on the link somewhere in your video or or go over to to to the five athletes. Sorry that they can click on the link below your video or that it can go over to a specific url.

So you can use bitly to shut in your affiliate link and here’s. How you get your affiliate links simply come over here, where it says: marketing tools, click on marketing tools, click on all marketing tools; it’s, going to bring you here.

Okay, saying no results found because i said my internet is slow, but basically, when this page loads up, you should see our affiliate link somewhere here and when you copy that affiliate link, you can shorten it and when people visit they’re going to Be going to five or three after the link, so the point is to record a video telling them hey guys.

Um! I’m in this video. I’m, going to show you guys how to get uh, whiteboard animated explainer videos for your businesses and use it to grow your business right. So you can simply go ahead. Show them how to get this kind of videos on fiverr tell them to create an account first and guess what they’re gonna create their account through your link that way they are joined up through your link and after they turn up to Your link anything they buy.

You’re, going to make 50 for that right. So you get them to turn to your link, and then you show them step by step how to place others on fiverr. How to contact people on fiverr. You can show them how to message people on fiverr, because that’s.

The problem people are gonna face. So when you solve that problem show them how to use fiverr, they are going to uh, buy these videos for their business and guess what you did not sell anything you’re, not doing any work on fiverr.

All you needed to do was to refer people to five or three affiliate link and you’re, getting paid out fifty dollars even more money than the person who is selling here on fiverr right. So that’s. How you can actually create a training just be creative, think of something to create and then put your affiliate link as what they will go through to actually get these kind of videos right, so basically um that’s, that’s.

How you create a training right or if you are too awkward, you feel you don’t want people to hear your voice or see your face on camera. What you can do to actually get this training done is that you can actually go over to fiverr fiverr itself.

Go over to fiverr itself. Pay someone right go back to five by itself. Let me show you how to do that here. Go back to fiverr click on post, a request here, click on poster request and then right say i need someone to record and and on screen tutorial on how to use fiverr to buy white board white board animated animated videos right.

So what’s? Gon na happen is that you, you’re gonna write this here. Uh click on select category put it on a video animation; click on stellar, subcategory click on a short video ads or just go down here.

Click on order right then choose your time as 24 hours then put a maybe a five dollar budget. Here, click on submit request and what’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna see a bunch of sellers on fiverr who are gonna message you and when they message you they’re gonna, be Willing to record this training for you, so you can actually pay people on fiverr to actually create this training for you right.

So once you have this training created here once you have, this training created what you’re gonna need to do. Next. Is then you’re gonna need to um, get people coming to this to this training right and that’s gonna be the fifth part of the video.

Remember here i’m. I said i’m gonna show you how how to get a ton of targeted buyer traffic to the free information that you’ll, be that will be making you money on fiverr without gigs right. So, first of all, to do that we’re, going to be using youtube all right to get all these people.

We’re, going to be using youtube and i’m going to show you guys how we can actually like why we only pay when we get people who are interested in what we have to offer them right. So i don’t know. If you’ve been watching youtube videos, then you notice.

There are adverts that play before the videos where it says keep add somewhere around here, says, keep add here. Then people can click, and the thing good about these ads is that when people click on skip youtube does not charge, the advertiser youtube only charges the advertiser when someone either clicks on the len more button, which is always around here or the person, watches their adverts.

Uh over 30 seconds, so you have to make sure your advert is over 30 seconds right. So what we simply do is that, since we know we have a video training that is targeted towards people who own businesses and need videos to use and grow their businesses, we will be, we will be making an advert.

That will say something like hey. Do you have a a business you’re struggling to get sales? I can. I can help you make more sales with your videos and uh. Sorry, i can help you make more sales with your business with videos in my new training right.

So you are gonna basically tell people what they’re gonna gain within the first five seconds, and anybody who is interested is gonna click on your link and that’s. The only time you get charged and people who aren’t interested will click on skip and that way you don’t pay for them right.

So i know a lot of you guys might be wondering but daniel. We have to spend money stuff like that guys trust me. The money is too too cheap right for this kind of ads. You can actually spend ten dollars – oh sorry and 10 cents per per person that either clicks on your link or or uh watches your adverts over 30 seconds right so think of it come to think about it.

So if we can get 300 people 300 people to click on our link at 10 cents, 0.10 from the united states, it’s, going to be 30. We have spent 30 dollars and out of these 300 people who have clicked over to watch our training, we have collected their emails and stuff like that.

They haven’t got to watch our training. At least. We are sure that at least six of them, just six of them – are gonna end up um, following what we taught them about fiverr and i’m gonna end up buying videos from fiverr for their business.

Why buying these animated videos? For for for their business right, so let me show you guys what i mean by animated videos so that you guys get the clear idea here. So let me show you guys an example of an animated video.

So let me click on this. Are you a business owner? Do you want to boost and increase your sales maximize your profits so as to take your business to the next level, so guys exactly? This is actually something that you could.

You could even download this particular video because it’s actually geared towards selling this thing here, so you can basically download this particular video upload it to youtube and run it as an advert and don’t worry.

I’m, going to show you how to set up these youtube adverts in a while right. So basically, basically, this is actually the kind of videos people are going to be paying for for their businesses and with 30 dollars we can get with 30 dollars.

We can get 300 people to our training and out of 300. We only need six every single day to make 300 every single day, and that means we just need to spend 30 dollars a day to make 300 a day that’s times 10 of our money right.

So, but how do you run this youtube ads right? So basically, here’s, how you do you simply, first of all create a video ad like the one you watched here like this one right, something like this that says: hey! Do you own a business? Do you want to get more sales with video? I have a free training that’s, going to show you how to get more sales with with your video.

So people who are interested are going to sk are going to click on lemon or watch your adverts over 30 seconds. But people who are not interested are simply going to click on skip and you don’t get charged, so you can actually pay this kind of person to make your video ad for you, and let me say your video ad has been made right Now what you have to do is to go over to youtube.

Let’s. Go over to youtube. You have to have a channel to do this. Then click on this upload button right here. Click on this upload button right here, click on upload, video and then uh choose the video from your from your laptop right.

Choose the video that if five person has delivered to you from your laptop right, just click on here uh, you’re gonna see this place here and you can actually click on uh videos here and you can actually upload the video.

Let me say this is the video that we’ve done the video ad we’ve got it from fiverr, you can simply click on it upload it here, just name it whatever. We want to name it and let’s say we’ve uploaded it right.

So now that we are done uploading, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go over to google? We’re gonna search for google ads because for us to set up youtube ads, we’re gonna need to set it up from inside of google ads, because google actually owns youtube.

So click on this first one here create an account, is 100 free after i’ve created your account. It should look like what you see here right. You should look blank like this is an account. I i don’t want ads on here, because this is just a test account that i i use to make videos.

So basically, once you’re here, simply click on new campaign click on new campaign. Right it’s. Going to take a little bit of time, then it’s, going to ask you what you want to do right. What you want to do is you want to click on this one that says create a campaign without a a a ghost guidance right.

It is going to bring you down here. Then you’re, going to select video, select video, it’s, going to bring you down here. You’re, going to want to leave everything the way it is here. Scroll down! Click on continue and it’s.

Gon na bring us to the next part, which is where we’re gonna actually go ahead and uh name our video campaign. Whatever we want, so we can actually name it. Video video ad for uh whiteboard, whiteboard, fiverr business, just name it whatever you want well something that will help you remember what it is, then you can actually set campaign, total and and um what your campaign total means is like like how much you’Re willing to spend so let me say you’re willing to spend 30 dollars a day to get uh um 300 people into your training.

But you can set your your your your your your total budget to like 300. If you are gonna run, this advert at thirty dollars a day for ten days, but if you wan na run it for just two days and you can make your campaign two thousand sixty dollars or let me say you wan na run it for three days.

You can make a campaign two thousand ninety dollars right. So here we select the start date, which is the date you are setting up. The ad is going to show up automatically then, after that we’re, going to select uh end date, just select 30th of the month.

Whatever amount you’re doing your stuff in right, so here uh building strategy you can set it set it to maximum cpv. This means you tell youtube the amount of money you’re willing to pay per person that that views.

Your ad, or over over 30 seconds or clicks on your on your on your ad right. So basically here you you, you um click on here where it says, networks, click on here, where it says networks and you simply select uh, deselect youtube search, results.

Deselect, youtube! Video partners leave only youtube videos on let’s. Go down here where it says locations you you, you want to decide on what country you you want to target, but for me i’m, going to target only countries.

Only countries uh that actually have buying power because i uh my my account is set to nigeria because i’m in nigeria, but do not use third world countries. You have to use us uk, canada, australia, new zealand and united kingdom right.

So those are the countries you have to target here. So you you’re gonna click on entire location. Then let me just say: we want to target united states here – united states, united states here, click on that, and here we can simply scroll down.

We can add more locations if we want, but i’m, going to leave it at united states, because this is just a a tutorial, and here where it says languages, you want to add the language, because you don’t want to Be targeting people who do not speak english with an advert where you’re speaking english, so you’re, going to put english here.

Sorry, english select english and click on that yeah. So once we’re done with that scroll down, click on in inventory type put this at expand that add expanded, and what this means is that youtube will show your video on any type of content right, but some people say you should put it On standard, but me i like to reach as much people as possible, so i always put expanded right so select that and then um um click on here and just deselect.

This one here then cover this then scroll down here where uh it says, ad group name just name this. Whatever will help you remember what this ad is about right then, here where it says demographics, you simply want to target people who are over 30, who are over 35, because people who are in this age range actually have a whole lot more money to spend.

So here you can simply click uh on unknown, deselect, unknown, select unknown here, deselect unknown here here you select unknown here and what you want to do right now is you want to scroll down here? You want to click on uh audiences, but this is, if you have an email list already, but we’re not going to be using this one.

So we’re just going to close it back and scroll down. Sorry guys! Sorry! I’m, actually having a little bit of cough so scroll down here where it says, uh keywords right: we have three options. We can target either by keywords.

We can target either by topics we can target either by placement right. So for me, i like to go with uh a keyword right, so you want to think of what people who are going to be interested in in in what your training is about are going to be searching for on youtube right.

For me, i think people who are gonna be interested are people who are gonna be interested in uh. For sorry. For me, i think people who are gonna be interested are people who are gonna be searching for stuff like how to grow your business, how to grow your business right, how to grow your business stuff like that right.

So we’re gonna wait for it to load and we simply click on enter and just enter like the kind of keyword ideas you have just think of keywords enter them here or something you can do is to go over to youtube.

I go back to youtube itself. Let’s. Go over to youtube. Let me show you guys a hack. I use go back to youtube type in like business type in aesthetics space business. So you can see business ideas, sorry, business ideas, a business, insider business plan, business, motivation, business ideas in tamil, my business ideas.

2020. So you can target these kind of keywords here. So just think of stuff write it here. You youtube is going to give you a bunch of keywords that people on the platform are searching for. So you can use those keywords for your ads right.

So the more keywords you enter, you, the more people you’re, going to see. So if you look here, you’re, going to see the amount of people you’re, going to be able to reach right now. It’s at 7 million, so that’s.

Basically, how you do your targeting, i like to use the keywords right. So basically, once you’ve done scroll down to here, where it says bidding and bidding is where you actually tell youtube the amount of money you’re willing to pay.

So i usually set this at around 20 cents and sorry say that around. Why is he writing this thing here? I don’t know why he’s, doing that okay. So 0. 0. 20.. I know why it’s, not letting me write cents here, but guys basically just set this to like 20 cents, zero point, twenty or ten cents right, and this doesn’t mean that you’re gonna pay, 10 Cents straight up, this means that, like you’re telling youtube that, no matter what’s happening that it shouldn’t charge you above 10 cents right, so they’re, going to show your ads and when Someone either clicks or or watches your ad over 30 seconds.

They’re, going to charge you anything less than 10 cents right. So once you’re done simply scroll down here and then copy the url of your video, the video id for, or you’ve. You’ve, got them from fiverr and uploaded to youtube paste the video here, and let me give you guys an example.

Let me show you guys what what it & #. 39 s gonna look like so this is one of my videos here. Let me just copy the url to this, my video here and paste it here on inside the youtube ad platform here – and this is my video here so here’s, where you select skippable in stream ad or video discovery ad.

So for me, i’m going to select in stream ad, because this is what we want to run right. So this is what your ad is going to. Look like people are going to see this thing here. They’re, going to be able to click on skip, and here you can see it says, views it’s, telling you how much views you’re.

You’re. You’re, going to get on your ad right with just spending spending like um um 30. A day every single day you’re, going to get like 1 500 to 3 000 views right and averagely you, you’re gonna spend three cents to seven cents per view.

Remember i told you guys it’s, not gonna exceed 10 cents right. So you’re, getting super cheap traffic and you know that people who are going to be viewing your ad are people who are interested in business and when they see that thing at least out of 1500 every single day you’re.

Going to get at least 300 of them who are gonna, say, okay, let me see how i can create this kind of videos for my businesses and stuff like that, so they they’re. They’re gonna click on your ad. They’re gonna land.

On on on the training you’ve created they’re gonna watch. Your your training that they’re gonna create an account on fiverr, because that’s. What you’re gonna teach them how to do. Then, then, at least out of 300, we’re, going to get at least six people to buy a white board and an animation video from fiverr, which you have shown them.

How to do in your video so when they buy it, you’re gonna be making three hundred dollars from spending thirty dollars every single day, and you don’t need to sell anything on fiverr you didn’t. Have a gig on fiverr, you just had to create an account as an affiliate and that way that’s, just how you actually run this thing right.

So that way, you’re gonna be getting a ton of money right. So after you’ve created your training. This is where you put the link to your training right, so they’re gonna land click. On on on the link on on on your advanced, they’re gonna land.

On your training right, so this is where they’re gonna land. This is where you’re gonna put the url. So let me say my training is: is on danielle’s; hustle [, Music, ], dot, com forward, slash youtube training, youtube training or youtube training; yeah uh! That’s.

What i’m going to pull here, then you’re, going to put the display url as just right and that’s. What’s going to be showing up on your ad here, then you can click on this place where it says, call to action.

Put your call to action. Name put uh len, learn how or join now stuff like that right. So you can see it says, learn how here so that’s, why you put what you want right there, so you you can put the headline to your ad uh, make it something like grow.

Your your bees or sorry grow with video make something that grow with video right. So you can see if i scroll up because he says grow with video, learn how so here you can actually name the ad. Whatever you want, then click on create campaign and when you click on create campaign, youtube is going to charge you and your ad is going to start to run and you only get charged when someone either watches your adverts over 30 seconds or or or um clicks.

On this learn how button to go over to your training, so we are not wasting our money, we are only paying when people are interested and trust me. All we need is just six people. You saw um five s, commission plan, just six people to buy something like whiteboard animation or any of the other stuff on the list here, and we’re, going to make 300 every single day.

So it’s. All about you being creative and that strategy i have for you guys today and if you enjoyed this one um then make sure you stay subscribed. I’m, going to have a lot of other videos coming up on this.

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