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I just did a brief overview, so I was like okay, I’ll. Do a more in-depth video on how I used ad spied to find fresh creatives and to get ideas for that campaign. But before I get into that, I want to mention that my affiliate marketing with Cody free facebook group, if you guys, want to join and tell me what you want to see on my youtube channel – feel free to click the link in the description and when you Request the join you just have to answer three membership questions.

Question 3 is the most important type, the following phrase twice in the box below I will not spam. If I do spam, I will be called out and removed. I have I have everyone write this and twice because the previous group that I had, I just accepted everyone automatically and it literally filled up with so much spam so fast.

So if you want to be a part of a no spam, Facebook group click the link in the description below I’d love to have you in the group and then you could tell me what you want to see on this YouTube channel.

It’s very important that you answer all the questions and agree to group rules, because I probably had around 500 people request to join the group. But I only accepted about 120, because the majority of people didn’t, follow the rules and didn’t write to this twice so so I’ve, been denying a lot of people, so just follow the 3 steps, because I don’t want this group to turn into a spam zone.

So with that being said, I’m going to come into ads by here and before I get too deep into the tutorial, I want to mention that it does cost money to use ads by there was a free trial. At some point I don’t know if they’re still doing that.

But right now I’m, paying $ 99 a month. It might go up to like 147 a month, but it’s totally worth it, because you can spy on affiliates that are doing huge numbers, get ideas and start making profitable Facebook ad campaigns.

And if you’re looking for an alternative. If you think like, if 100 bucks a month, is too steep for you, I totally understand, I do have a video on big spy. Big spy is a free Facebook, ad spy tool, and I’ve used that a lot too.

I still use it to this day, so you can check out that video and save some money. If you don’t want to invest the $ 100 into ads back, so that’s that and let’s, get into it. For starters, I’m gonna go over all the criteria that you could use to search for ads.

We’ll start out with ad text view. Let’s say we’re, promoting a Clickbank offer and let’s. Just say it’s like Ted’s Woodworking you could type in woodworking. Here add two filters, and then you could start seeing ads that have woodworking in the add text, so that’s.

Add text comments. I don’t, really use that I don’t use the advertiser name. Unless I find an advertiser that’s, doing huge numbers, then I might type in an advertiser name here to see what other ads are running.

But I haven’t done that too much. Then you can search by URL landing, page URL or landing page text, and I would have to say that add text and landing page text are the most common things that I search for.

When I’m using ads 5, that’s right there, that’s, the most common right there site type, Facebook or Instagram. If you’re just looking to do Instagram ads, you can click that if you’re just looking for Facebook right there, but I leave it on both and then you can do gender you can do age ranges just drag that along.

So I don’t use that much I like to keep it broad, but whatever you want to do daily likes, I don’t mess with that total likes. So you could use this to filter out the ads that are like brand new. So let’s say you know what I’m, just gonna type it in I’m gonna type in woodworking.

So now, right away, we get hit with makers mob. This is clearly a woodworking tedswoodworking ad right here and then, if you come down here, it’s got more than a thousand likes, so that’s, a great way to filter out ads that aren’t really performing well, Because, obviously, the more likes and interaction you get on an ad the better they’re, probably doing so.

That is a great filter to use and look at these ads. It’s just so interesting to see all the different angles. For the Ted’s, Woodworking offer. So I’m going to take that off that’s, a media type. You could, if you’re, just looking to spy on people promoting Ted’s.

Woodworking using video click, video just photo click photo. I like to leave it on video and photo and then you can enter and create it between or even seen, between and then labels. This is once you like start spying and saving ads.

You can label them and then you can just search search by labels right here networks. This is a really cool it’s got a whole bunch of affiliate networks that you can choose from, and I’m going to come and click Clickbank, because that’s.

The Ted’s. Woodworking offer right here, so we got woodworking and then Clickbank and then we can see all these different types of ads and then start getting ideas, and so that’s. The networks button affiliate.

You can enter an affiliate ID or offer ID. I’ve tried to mess around with this, but I really haven’t had any success with this filter working. Maybe you will, but I just haven’t and I stopped messing around with that advertiser, user ID or advertiser username technologies.

So you can just come down here and only see ads that are using a certain type of software. So, for example, if we want to see Clickbank affiliates that have woodworking in their ad and are using clickfunnels as their landing page, just do that and then you can come down here and I’m gonna open this to see if it okay.

I’m gonna go like this and then now I’m in the ad and I can see the landing page. So I’m going to click, and then this does look like a Clickbank. I mean I click funnels landing page just so you can know for sure you can view page source and then once that happens, the original favicon for the click funnels page turns into the click funnels logo if they use click funnels.

So, as you can see right there, so that’s, working pretty awesome stuff, you can get so detailed and all this stuff and sorry, if that was your landing page, I’m, not trying to expose you so that’S, a really good drop-down right there, it’s technologies and then your country’s, language and then your button.

So you can target people that are doing woodworking and then I have learned more as their call to action button and then it ‘ Ll have all the learn Morse. So that is how simple it is to go through ads by and then start spying on affiliates who are doing numbers that a bunch of likes on their ads that I’ve been running for a while.

Then you can see what’s. Working, get ideas, get inspired, and another thing that I like to do is just open up a blank WordPad and then just you know, label it spying, and for this example, we did Ted’s Woodworking.

So like, if I’m coming down here, I’m gonna search from likes again, so I’m gonna bring this to a thousand okay, so this one is active still today, woodworking projects, this guys doing some Numbers then you could just come over here and then I would.

If I was running this, I would make sure to make a note of the URL of the add spy, and then you can come over here and see their landing page that they’re using come back over here and then label it lander.

You know, and then you could even download the video if you wanted to use that video or you could just look for other videos that are like this. This video, I’ve, actually tested out this exact video before for this offer, and it works good because that’s, such a unique little chair bench thing right there, so that’s good, so that’s.

What I would do, I would just spend a lot of time, spying, finding different advertisers promoting the offer in different ways, get inspired, make my own landing page similar to theirs. Remember, don’t copy the whole thing exactly basically being successful with affiliate marketing comes down to actually putting in the work and putting in the man-hours making money online.

Everyone tries to say that it’s super easy, but you do have to do your research and really grind out on some campaigns. So another thing that I like to do when I am thinking about creating a couple campaigns for Facebook.

I come down here and I clear all the filters and then I’ll just choose a network and I’ll stick with Clickbank because I feel, like click, makes it easiest for everyone to get into. So I’ll use that, for this example, I’ll just choose Clickbank, and then I won’t do date, recent on top, because even though that’s, an interesting ad right there, I will come over Here and just go buy likes, so let’s, see who has the most likes on a Clickbank affiliate marketing campaign, so three popular ab exercises that do more harm than good, so we can come over here and see where this goes to.

So this goes to flat belly fast. It is a clickbank product. I just don’t, see the Clickbank badge. Oh here it is so that goes directly to the offer page that’s risky. I would add my own Lander and maybe swipe this background – do a title that’s like this.

I wouldn’t use the words flat belly fast, because you don’t want to make any claims, because that’s, just asking to get your ad account shut down, but that’s. Crazy! Look at this four hundred and thirty six thousand likes on this ad one hundred twenty four thousand comments and 130 thousand chairs that is freaking insane unreal.

Okay, so next up is the coolest log cabin ever take a peek in peek inside, and you can also look at the date, so this was created on May 7th 2017 and then it was last seen in 2018 and this one was last seen 2019.

So let’s, try to find one that’s still running today. Okay, so I had a scroll a little bit, but the last book of remedy is last seen on May 14 2020. It started March, 2nd, 2020, ok and this this has a hundred and thirty-eight thousand likes on it.

So let’s, go and check this up, Marn March 8th 2020. So it’s been running for two months and it has over a hundred thirty thousand likes that’s, freaking crazy! Now let ‘ S highlight the URL and go to it.

Well, it goes to a very, very long sales page, but this is awesome. Let’s, see how long the actual ad video is. It’s about plans. Well, they’re. Clearly doing something right, this video is really capturing attention, getting a lot of likes and comments and look at the shares that’s, just insane 117 thousand shares and you can come check out the demographic, so they’re, targeting probably like 60 percent male forty percent female the country’s roughly eighty three percent United States and then the age groups I’d – have to say the majority is a forty to sixty.

What’s, this forty to seventy? Okay and then you can just dive into the technology. They’re using leadpages and it’s. Obviously a Clickbank offer. That is how easy it is to spy using ads by a good thing to do is just get into the routine of going on ads by and just checking out ads every morning, or this is something that I’ve been starting to do is Just I wake up early, then I do like an hour of just looking through ads getting ideas adding to my master list of my spy notes.



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