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I recently found out about the strategy that you can use to make use of unlimited free ad paid websites without spending a dime and make huge affiliate commissions and high ticket affiliate commissions online without spending any money, and i’m actually going to show You over 70 free, unlimited ad websites.

This is completely crazy. You can go and use all savings of these to make money online and see high ticket affiliate commissions, that’s well over a thousand dollars per sale, and this is actually a lot simpler than what it seems.

So this does maybe sound a little bit complicated over 70 websites. Don’t worry. I’m, going to show you how we can do this just on one of these websites and replicate this on all 70 of them to basically 70 times our earnings – and i’m, going to give you every single step that you Need in this video to see commissions like this, without spending any money on this, we’re, not going to run any paid ads.

All these websites are free and all of them are worldwide. What’s going on from entrepreneurs jay here from the channel millionaire mindset on this channel? I’m uploading daily videos on how to make money online and how to build an online brand, how to build an audience and how to achieve your goals online.

So if you want to become an online entrepreneur, learn how to make money online, build an audience and build a home based business, definitely go down below and subscribe down below with the belt on, so that i can send you a personal message every time i upload A value pack video just like this one and also make sure to watch each and every step that i show in this video and watch until the end.

Because at the end of this video, i’m. Going to give you this course over here. That cost me 197 dollars called generating big traffic using link exchanging. So if you want to see how to get this course make sure to watch this until the end, but also try not to skip anything in this video, because what i’m going to teach you in this video will really help you blow up.

This earnings with this course, so they kind of go hand in hand very well, so definitely make sure to watch this video until the end. So the first website i’m, going to show you guys – is this website over here – make sure to keep watching, as i’m, going to reveal this just in a bit and what you want to do is and all these websites Over here are free, unlimited ad websites, where we can go and post ads completely for free, and i’m, going to show you that these websites are getting millions and millions of searches you can see over here.

This website alone is worth 71 600. This website over here is worthwhile over six figures. This website over here also 142 thousand dollars worth this website up here. 172. 000.. This website is nearly worth 1 million dollars at 605 000.

That is a lot of money for a value of a website. Now we can go and use all 70 of these websites to go and make money online with this, so just to quickly show you an example to help you understand how much traffic a website like this actually gets.

So let me take this website a video i’m just going to copy the link of this website and let’s. Just go copy link address. We’re, then going to come over to a website called similarweb.com, which is a tool where we can analyze website and how many traffic or how much traffic it gets on a monthly basis.

So let’s. Go and post this over. Here, let’s just go and do that let’s! Click on the website there. It should pop down, like that click on this website, and take a look at this. So this website is currently the twenty thousand five hundred and tenth biggest website in the world.

Now, considering there’s, millions of websites out there. This is a very good ranking, currently the 4326 biggest website in the states, these six biggest websites in its category. That is a big achievement, the top 10 in your category.

This is a big website and we can get a piece of this pie with free, unlimited ads to make thousands of dollars in a day in just high ticket affiliate commissions. And i’m, going to show you in a bit the exact product that i’ve been using to do this, so take a look here.

This website at the moment, is getting anywhere between 2.1 and 2.11 million views every single month. So the in july 2.6, more 2.1, 1.9, 1.95, 2.1 more on average about 2.1 more views every single month.

So there you can see – and you can also see the majority of the traffic is from the united states, which is a top-tier country. That’s. Why traffic from this website converts very well, so we’re going to use this as our example.

So all you want to do. Is we’re, going to come back to this website here? Make sure you keep watching, because i’m, going to reveal this database in a bit that shows all 70 of these websites, but let’s.

Take this one example. In the meantime, we’re going to copy this link. Address over here we’re, going to come to a new tab and we’re going to paste this, and we’re going to come over to this website over here and what you want to do is you want To go and choose you can see here a whole bunch of categories, different niches that we can go and use to post unlimited ads to make huge money online.

So over here, for example, if you want to go to free stuff there’s, a free stuff section over here is garage sales, general entertainment items wanted, lost and found uh there’s, also jewelry kid stuff cell phones, books and magazines, But the best one, where you probably gonna make the most money is jobs, because here is a niche where people are actually looking for jobs, and we can utilize this because it’s, targeted traffic.

That is perhaps looking for you and we can go and make money with this using free, unlimited ads to make this kind of big money online, and the best thing is guys. This website is completely free to join you don’t even need to sign up an account to join this website.

That’s. How crazy and easy this is, so you can come over to classifiedads.com. The first step is over here to come to post an ad in brackets it’ll, say free. We can go and choose our category, but before we go and choose our category guys, we need to go and choose an affiliate product that we can go and make money with this using free, unlimited ads, and i’m going to show you the Perfect high ticket product that we can go and use, and the first website that i’m, going to show you guys is this one over here called vgstore24.

com, which is an affiliate marketplace similar to that of clickbank. We can become an affiliate for different products, high ticket affiliate products and make hundreds of dollars per sale for selling other people’s products, and they then reward us a commission for that.

So i came over to the marketplace on digistore24, i’m, going to show you another great alternative tradition, but the perfect product you can go and use if you type in the search bar called christani so over.

Here is what you call the super affiliate system 2020.. This is john christine’s. Super affiliate system course that teaches you how to build a business online, how to make four to five figures a month with affiliate marketing it’s, an entire long bootcamp course that teaches you a lot of high income skills that’s.

Why it’s, paying very well, and you are going to hundred and seventy make dollars and forty nine cents every sale. You can also come over to clickbank.com and type in christani on the search bar. Let’s.

Just click on search over here here you can see his product over here so yeah you’re gonna get 635 dollars. Commission every single sale, so we can go and do is if we want to get an affiliate link. So this is just a clickbank.

If you don’t, have a clickbank account um, you can sign up or sign in or you can go and use digital 24 as an alternative. As i do know, the sign up process on digi store is much easier than that of clickbank over here.

All we’re going to do is click on promote and we’re going to click on, generate hype links. We’re, going to copy our footer link over here; right click, copy or click the copy icon over. Here we’re, then going to come over to a website called bits.

ry. What you want to do is log, in with your account on the top right click on create paste, your along your old, which is your affiliate link, click on create, and over here you want to customize your back off.

Let’s. Go, for example, um make money online and over here your affiliate, link or short link has now been created, which looks a lot neater than this long and spammy looking link. So this is definitely a link where we can also go and track the amount of clicks.

It gets to see how many sales we get, which is useful for analytical purposes as well. We can then copy our link over here. You want to come back to the section over here so since our product is all about making money online with affiliate marketing.

That kind of gives us a good idea of what category we need to go and choose. So let’s, go and choose jobs over here for subcategory. We want to go look at something anything in marketing. Let’s, go marketing jobs, our city or zip.

What we’re going to do is we can go, for example, to um google, and we want to go us address generator. Click on this website over here called fake address, generator dot com. We have to go generate our own us address uh for the states, i would suggest, go and choose new york.

You want to choose like the biggest city in in specifically united states and let’s also go new york and then you click on generate over here and over here is a done view address zip code state, full, even phone number and uh.

The name of the people or a like a bots that we can go and use to sign up on this website or the name of the generated address that we can go and use to create our ad, so the city of zip would just be over here.

You can copy and paste new york and you want to go: choose new york, ny new york city, so add title all right guys, so i’ve quickly, already filled in a template, for you guys just to save some time so over here we Need to add our ad title, our compensation, which is more or less how much this job will pay and then a short description so over here you can put for your title work from home and make an extra thousand dollars per week.

Competition 1000! For the description you just want to say a couple of things introduce people to what the course is about maybe give some one or two testimonials or positives about it. You can say here: are you interested in working from home to make extra cash on the side? I will show you a free training on exclusively and exactly how you can get started with this and how you can make some extra cash on the side.

This will help you start an online business without buying your own products or having any products at your home. On the floor, people are doing this and making over 500 to a thousand dollars daily, which is a great goal to have yourself the best part it’s free and you can really access your free training here.

Click here to get your free training – you’ll, see that if i copy this affiliate link – and i paste this in a new tab – what i love about this specific high ticket course i’ve chosen. They give you a complete free training before they even sell you to the course.

So this is a great way to hook in people through your affiliate link. This free training will then upsell them to the course where you make your thousand two hundred dollars commissions per high ticket sale and you’ll, see what i also like about this birthday link.

If i come back to my bitly dashboard, you can see. I got one total click, which was, which was my click right now, so you can also track the amount of clicks. It gets all these ads to see how many clicks and how many people are actually converting into clicks of your ads, which is really great to kind of.

If you want to analyze that for future ads that you want to launch in the future. And the thing is what we’re going to do is now all you do is enter your phone number email and all of this again and then you click on post and you let the magic happen for the image.

What you can go and do is for the image is come over to this free training. Just like us take a screenshot of of this section over here, upload it to your post as your image, which is kind of like the thumbnail of your ad, then what you want to do is i want to show you this website that i showed you in The beginning, you want to come over to sitelike.

org over here. You want to enter uh globalfreeclassifiedads.com as a website, and then it’s, going to bump up with a whole bunch of alternative and similar free, unlimited ad websites. So what you want to do is you want to go and open all of these, such as classified ads, free ads, adstime.

org, adlan, pro adpost.com locanto addclassified.in go and open every single one of these. Every single one, don’t, stop just keep opening them in a new tab. You want to go and use the same templates over here.

You can even go and post in various different cities, and you want to go and post these free, unlimited ads everywhere, so that you can get sales, perhaps even every single day, and you can make well over a thousand dollars a day.

If you work hard at this and get lots of people seeing your ads, especially now that you’ve got this access to this database with over 70 free, unlimited ad websites, so just to quickly show you if i come back to this website over Here at the top, we can go and do the same thing.

So you can see your categories over here. All you do is click on jobs and employment. This would obviously be our category since we’re using the marketing niche. All you do is now you can see all the categories over here we go and click on post, free, ad and again exact same process.

So this one, you just need to sign up an account, and you want to go and post this ad on all 70 of these free, unlimited ad websites that will pay you huge money online with these high ticket affiliate commissions, but guys.

What i also suggest is, if you want to blow up your earnings with this, i’m, giving away this big traffic link exchanging course, which will teach you how to get huge traffic online using link exchanging it’s very interesting.


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