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Customer Service

So, as is scale, you really need to start using software’s when it comes to really killing your customer service, because if you just stick to Gmail, you’re gonna be very very behind and your videos they’Re just gonna have a tough time and you get to pay them more to do more work.

You need a jump on Zendesk. It’s. Basically, a customer service platform that integrates Shopify emails, macros and it just makes a life so much easier.  if you guys watch you’re very aware, should go ahead and talk about how to go ahead and hide the A’s that are specialized in its music, scent desk, where you can go ahead and so get them To set everything up for you and just sort of really build a strong foundation when it comes to customer service – and this is very couple as you scale in e-commerce, but Before we jump into today’s, video, let’s.

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Video, I’ll, be picking the best comment, every single video other than that. Let’s. Jump right in today’s, video best customer service app for e-commerce, so whatsapp caught the Zendesk. Why do you want to use? Send ups because this is basically a customer service in one place and it has an amazing integration with Shopify and what really makes it stand out is it has replied, type of macros.

Now, if you don’t know what my girls are. Gon na. Explain more very shortly: let’s first start by showing guys our Shopify integration. So, as you can see, this is sort of what it looks like you have the customer service question in the middle hi.

I need help to find the status on the order. Hashtag zero, zero one thanks polluting and then on the right hand, side. You have all their details, you have how much they spend, then what a number the date that order was done.

They’ve run of quantity. They ordered this shipping address. Everything is right there with the email. So, basically, what you want to do you is you wan na start by installing the Linux app onto your Shopify store, then every email you get through Zendesk will automatically link that customers email to their order.

So what basically happened? Is you have that address and tracking number right next to you like? Do the house streamlined that’s gonna be when Sunglass hey? Can I get my tracking number it’s gonna be right there, where’s? The traditional way when you go on Gmail, you’ll, have to go ahead and get the email go through.

Shopify search in the orders find their order, details and copy it over. All. You would have to search up their name sift through all Shopify orders and just sort of manually find it. This just streamlines everything like this is a game changer, and on top of that, all your needed information is right there with that a map you have things from the time of order to fulfillment status to their address like it just makes it so simple, where everything Is just right there and lastly macros.

This is amazing, like this is a game-changer like you can create macro templates that you could simply select when reply to emails and what macro templates are is so via reply templates. So you have the templates for setting people tracking.

You have templates for people asking for a refund. You have templates for what to do when people ask send your replacements, because there were defects like you have all these templates and usually you will have them on a Word document and when you use macros, it just saves you a lot of time because you won’t have to open a word document on the side, search up for the template.

You need to use copy, it paste it on to Gmail what’s. The next of those is all the macros is just on a drop-down. When you go ahead and reply to emails, it’s. That simple, say they drop down with all your templates.

As you can see this image to the right here and it basically all your different matters, you select the one and it automatically populates and you can go ahead and fill in the missing detail. So if, for example, it’s, a tracking template, you select the tracking macro pops out the template copy, the tracking number, which is right to your right and paste it into that macro like it’s, that simple, like you, can rip The true reply to emails within under ten seconds was what the Gmail format you would have to want, find a template, copy and paste the template find a tracking number find the customers or are like there’s so much to it.

Zendesk, literally just simplifies everything as promised. What to do when it comes to hire the expose index, why you should always do in your job description, for when you’re, hiring a VA you want to put in requirements experience using Zendesk that’s very important.

You want some to already know how to use them. This you, don’t want to train them. You want to actually like have enough experience. They actually train you on how to use in the general sort of basics of synthetics, because a lot of people who are watching this video say this is new to you.

So you could actually get a VA that’s. Where experiences show you the ropes and obviously you want to act experience but as well as opening to listen to what they usually do, what their tips are and basically you can actually hire a professional customer service rep to set up all your macros so that to A hiring a customer service rep act like a more of expensive rate.

I’d, say seven. Eight nine dollars per hour definitely recommend it because they’re, going to be able to provide professional customer service rather than hiring someone for. Like three to four dollars an hour, so that’s, my recommendation hiring signed with his MX experience, but yeah question of the day.

How do you do your customer service so movie a to use, gmail DS up, work do use any other software put in in the description below. Zendesk is amazing when it comes to e-commerce, as always these slides completely for free in the description below, and I give them away a lot of people really enjoy these slides and so PowerPoint presentations I create so I give them away completely for free getting the description Below awesome, nothing, my goal is just to give you guys as much value as possible and other that I hope you guys have an amazing day.

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