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I used how to bring native advertising for twenty dollars for one day I got $ 500. How in this video, I will show you a step-by-step guide, what I did exactly so you can maybe test this and you own scenario, but before we start please don’t forget subscribe to my channel.

Now, click on that red button to get every new update every week, ok, friends! So let’s start together, okay, friends! So what is the first step simply to write an article I went to my website to create a new article.

Like start writing, my post, it was about creating a full main server and how to send unlimited emails. An email marketer will be interested in such topics even reading and taking general knowledge about them.

So I love this topic or article. You can see it’s, somehow a long article explain a step-by-step guide with videos on how to build your own mail, server or mail system very nice. So what is the idea now I got this link and went out?

The brain here is outer brain native advertising and by the way, if you don’t know what is native advertising it’s, simply those ads these squares that you see under posts and Sun and certain websites like on CNN.

com. You see a block of ads. These are called native ads anyway. Now I learnt a campaign you can see here with $ 20 only and I got 676 clicks, let’s, say 600 views and by the way, I chose outer brain simply because you can see the network that is being used without a brain.

Like CNN MSN is PN, it’s, really a highly valuable network. They are trusted and people who are surfing such websites are somehow ready to invest online anyway. Now so I got 600 views to my article, but anyway you can use other networks like tabula or if the content, maybe Facebook Ads Google Ads whatever native advertising you want.

Just you need clicks to your website. I found auto brain is somehow good, because you can invest only $ 20 per day and you can set the clicks to 0.03 per click, which is really good if you want to test a campaign.

So I got these 600 views to my website and by the way, when you target native advertising and create a new campaign, be specific. It’s very important to target the correct people, so I run a campaign like this one.

I said the target audience those who are interested in email marketing. So, as I told you, anyone, interested in email marketing, he will be curious about building his own mail server and sending unlimited emails anyway.

Now this person, who is interested in email marketing and got my article here and start reading it, what I did simply in the article we can see. I mentioned my premium courses here’s, a link to my premium course.

If you go down and while he’s reading anyway, he’s. Here’s, another premium course, and he’s. Another premium course down here it is, you can see. We have three links to my premium courses inside this article.

So if anyone is interested in learning more about these topics, he can click and buy my premium course. So what happened is 13 out of 600 clicks both my course 13 by $ 39, which is my course price is five or seven dollars.

It’s around five hundred dollars very nice, so you can see how simple it is now I want to mention some more details that will help you run. Such campaigns you can see this website is a WordPress website.

Here is my login page. I am in my blog and articles and our press website which makes it easy for you to create things like opt-in forms like monitoring and so on. So let’s open another article, just example: now you can see why a person is reading the article he will get a pop-up asking.

If he wants more help with more articles, he can enter his email. So, at the same time, I was advertising the article for selling my courses. I was also collecting, leads and lets. Tell you this small trick.

I did and this article here down where it is here. I mentioned that if you want a free $ 50 coupon to build or system for free to test it before you start, you can enter your name and email and I will send you a $ 50 coupon, very nice.

So, in the same way, as I told you, I’m advertising, the premium courses I am collecting leaves so I collected around 100 leads with this operation also, so I want in two places in getting revenue and then building my email list and by The way if you don’t know how to build email lists.

I have a video about building email lists here on my youtube channel, you can check and understand the main concepts around building email lists anyway. Now so, as I told you, I got $ 500 as a venue, and I collected email leads, and the third thing I got visitors.

I am telling more people about my website, 600 new visitors, in one day to my websites. So, in all places you are the winner, even if one person only got my course and let’s say I don’t have any new revenue, it’s.

Zero. Then I get new visitors and I collected leaves a very nice another tip. I want to mention here that these things about my courses are targeted. If you look here at the link, it started with a URL shortener which helps me and monitoring these clicks.

I use me all URL shortener you can see here is my website. I shortened links and I used my own domain and by the way I have a full video here about URL shortening and how it helps an online business. It’s really very important to know about it, and there is a free giveaway inside that video.

Also, we can check it in the description below it’s, really very important to subscribe to such services or have your own as I do. If you need help setting up such a service for your own business, I can help you a time just contact me on my Facebook page comment below my support, email.

Whatever you want, I will be with you to help you set up your own URL shorter. If you want so to sum up, this whole case study simply writes a high, valuable content. The article then advertises this article with a native ad network like auto brain tabouleh, Facebook.

Whatever you want be specific and targeting the correct people, then, when people came to your website or your article, be sure that you are mentioning a premium service inside this article, and in the same way, be sure to collect, leaves using opt-in forms and, as a Best practice use URL shortening service, so you can monitor your clicks before I end this lecture.

Maybe someone is asking this obvious question: why you don’t. Do this every day, why you don’t, increase your advertising budget and get more revenue simply the answer is I do this, I advertise every day using native ads using Google Ads using Facebook.

I own revenue every day, and this is my online business, but here in this video, I’m sharing with you may be the least scenario that everyone can implement and test. I don’t want to tell you to start with $ 100.

No, I’m sharing it with you. My first point that I started a couple of months ago in this field in native advertising and sharing this experience with you that’s. The idea of this video that’s it for this lecture.

I hope you got some benefit, please. If you have any questions any suggestions, any comment, I will be here any time to help you, please. If someone tested this in his own scenario or on maybe physical products, maybe it’s somehow different in any case scenario you have.

Please share it with me all with others. In the comments, if you don’t want to comment, just send it to me. I will share it on my Facebook page here on my youtube channel anywhere, so we can help each other and help people all over the world.



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