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Top axe media because you talk act – is actually a media buying company. This is where you can actually go ahead and buy traffic or sell traffic, so you can actually choose an offer, but you can actually use and actually offer from other networks, for example, for the purpose of this video, we will be using athlean Network more being dia, Because it’s, one of the best every network will be using that particular of a network, and we’re, going to take that particular offer from that particular network and then be going to suit the huge hop.

So to do that. First, you got ta sign it in to the hilltop app. So once you have sign – and this is how the dashboard of queue top ads nuke sites, so different type of tools – different type of media buying company hired company – they do have different characteristics.

So many times to filter that they have something which is called as estimation to. Unfortunately, if you are doing push at which we normally do, there is no ad format for push over here. But if you go to manage campaign, you can add a campaign which is a push notification campaign.

But with the estimation tool you can estimate any push traffic volume or any push traffic CPC. You can do for prop under, for example, and then you can actually do all. Then you can actually estimate – and it will come like this – so how many impression what is the minimum CPM and all this kind of stuff, but for first traffic, you can’t.

Do that so for hilltop s. What you need to do if you want to know more about the volume, as well as the CPC read and all these kind of stuff you need to go hit over here, hit the chat button and ask this particular person hey.

I would like to know the CPC to push notification mobile, for example, so once you hit this button, they will actually that you know disobey are like a customer service support. They are also considered.

I wouldn’t say they are. Actually, you have a manager because you’re here and then I can also ask Ellen Avaya Skype or email, but you can also ask here which it’s. A much more general. Maybe Helena would be much more specific, but here is much more general, so you can actually go ahead and ask it and they will give you a rate and when you’re building the campaign with heat or edge, you can actually choose there’s actually a specifications, but you can actually go ahead.

Let me just show you guys here. So let’s just do it for the sample of it. So we’re gonna do sorry, you’re gonna do mainstream, and then, when you’re going to choose the Geo, you can straightaway choose whether you want Tier one country Oda to country Tier three country.

When you’re choosing this, you have to keep in mind that definitely everybody wants to one country, because t1 is a more higher pay or country they do have over with higher pair. But you have to remember when something comes with a higher payout.

They are coming with a different price, so, for example, a tier two country traffic would be much much more cheaper than Tier one and same goes to Thea trees then go to Tier three countries. The price would be much much more cheaper when you compare it with Tier one country and also not only that knee competitions.

Then you are playing in the team. What you’re playing with the big giants. You’re playing with super free and you’re playing with those who knows the game and they want to spend. They got money to spend for ads and they ‘

Ve got money to buy expensive traffic and those are the players that you are playing with, but very accorded tier 1 and tier 2 and tier 3. The competition actually reduced a little bit and it gives you a space where you can actually go ahead and test on your ad.

You can do a lot of stuff within a certain amount of time. I’m. Sorry such an amount of spending, for example, for $ 10 example. You can actually Google here test your campaign run a be test and do a lot of stuff.

You cannot do that with a tier one country, especially when you’re, applying callings free. They route keep that in mind. So this is something that you should definitely consider. So when you’re coming to choose and offer all you wan na do is choose a country that you want to go ahead, dang it.

For example, you can choose T in to country fully or you can choose a specific country in T 80, for example, let’s, go ahead and choose Singapore, if not dinner Crescent Singapore. So let’s, go ahead and choose Singapore.

So once you have actually to Singapore, now it’s time for you to go ahead and find out the offer, and that’s where you need to go to mo be the mo. Vidya is a fee that were like. I told you one of the best cpfv network out there why we are going mo.

Vidya is because you can actually go ahead and press more video offer directly and it will actually need you do this particular page. What is actually this particular page? This particular page shows you the top converting offers already.

That means whatever is working. They’re, showing you, so no, there is no need for you to go ahead and read invent the wheel. What are you gonna do is write on somebody else. Will which is already working? Why do you wan na go ahead and do something from scratch? Then you can just go ahead and take something which is already working so that’s.

The point of the music movie there, because more Vidya gives us that capacity. So once we have done that, we got ta, go over here to the filter and choose a country that we want. So we are going to choose Singapore.

I really hope that there is offers running in Singapore right now. Let’s, go ahead and see Singapore, so there is no offering to the point yet and it’s not found Singapore. Yeah, Singapore, Singapore airing Singapore, Singapore very youths in Singapore is actually very good to you to country single place here.

So once you actually press Singapore hit the apply button and all the offers within Singapore will come so depending on what type of offer you one one. Cpl or you want CPH, do you want, as so? I single wrap chain, one double chain in one credit card: some.

It are all these kind of starts, so this one looks pretty nice Singapore. This is good Cadbury as well, so McDonald’s, looks pretty nice of your going to go for this particular ad. So all you got ta do is see the pair and click on this particular ad that you actually want to use.

This particular offer that you want to do so. You can actually see the pair. You can see the offer ID can see the price model and also you can see any other things, for example, if they have cabs, they will actually put here.

So they don’t have any cats, so you can actually see the around traffic. So push notification is a lot make sure. Is that allowed and then a screenshot banners opportunity targeting? So all you’re gonna do is just go ahead and apply, and we can you need to choose the traffic.

Then you’re going to use. I’m gonna use, push notification and if you have a lander, what I’m gonna do is hit this button and pace you’re landed here. Your lander would be reviewed by your accident, marriage as well.

So we don’t have landed just close it and then I agree and then apply so once you have done that. What you can actually do is contact your athlete managers, pretty simple: if you can’t contact, you have a manager.

Just go to the chat button over here contact the person general percent area may. Actually. This is the code that I’m running 1. 8. 6. 75. This code, I’ve, actually applied to run. This offer do accept this offer.

Do review this offer as soon as possible, so they would go ahead check the offer is everything is good. Then they will approve you and then you can actually go ahead and run this offer. So, basically, that’s, how you choose the best converting offers to make money fast way.

He talked as I they have covered a lot in today’s. Video. I really hope that you enjoyed today’s, video. I really hope that today’s, do you was beneficial for you that’s, the most important part guys.

So, thanks again for watching, I’ll, be seeing you in next one, but before I go, allow me to introduce the dice University forum, whether you were trying to make your first conversion on Clickbank or scale your campaigns to six figures.

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