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People ask me this all the time if I start learning how to trade right now in two months, can I be profitable yeah it’s possible, but it’s highly unlikely, very, very highly unlikely. I don’t, see the rush that everybody’s, trying to have when they come into this market.

I get it like. You have problems at home. I totally get it like. You’re stressed out. Bills are piling up and you’re using this as a last resort, but this is not the last resort market. Unfortunately, this is a market where, when you’re broke and your back is against the wall.

You can study this, but the rewards are years from now a year and a half two years, three years it’s. The rewards are later it’s. Not let me study this for 30 days, so I can pay this light bill or this rent.

Unfortunately, that’s, not gonna happen, like you, can’t just roll into this market and expect to just rock with the big dogs automatically it takes time. You have to put the work in. I don’t know how many times I have to say this put the work in and you’ll reap all the benefits and all the rewards from its period.

Simple end of a story like I said this, like in my uh academy. I want to say two days ago. I said this before you guys will go to medical school for eight years and not even blink an eye. Not even have you know a position at a hospital or anything in general and not care.

You guys will go to college for four years without even knowing what degree you guys want like undecided on a major, but when it comes to this market, you give it a time limit. I don’t understand. This is the only market, or probably only job in the world where, if you put you know two years in three years in you could potentially you know, be successful in it like all out the gate, whereas you know doctors and NBA players, you realize that only 450 players are in the NBA that I’ve, been playing basketball for eight-nine years, and I didn’t.

I can’t get a tryout for the NBA. I didn’t go overseas. It’s too hard, but this job this market is the only job in the world where, if you put your time in and be patient, you can be successful. Now I’m, not saying in two-three years you’ll, be making fifty thousand dollars a day or ten thousand dollars a day, but ten thousand dollars a month.

Five thousand a month, fifteen thousand a month, even four thousand a month. All feasible all possible, but it comes with time, cannot be profitable in two months three months. Why are you giving it a time limit for what, like I don’t, see the need for a rush.

I’m trying to get you guys into gear. Stop rushing this market. This market’s, not going nowhere period. It’s not like this is the job where it ‘ S like you can be 50 years old in three years from now the market’s still going to be the same, like you get better with age, unlike the NBA, unlike others, you know sporting jobs or even if you’re an Intern at a company there’s, some people who work at Walmart and they’re 40 years old, like no shade to them like the shout out.

But you know if you’re working at Walmart and you’re 41. 42 43. You may feel, like your best years, are passing you by that’s, not the case with this market, the older you get the better. You get the wiser you get the more money you’ll.

Make like don ‘ T think that I’m gonna come into this market and then, with two months be profitable. Do you guys realize that, for you guys, I’m talking to people out there who have never played basketball before a day in their life? All my soccer players or my hockey players you’ve, never touched a basketball, potentially even often right.

You can get in the gym right now, every single day for the next two-three months, and play basketball. I’m to all my soccer players and hockey players out there get in the gym for the next two-three months.

Dribble as much as you can get a thousand shots up, you know get 500 layups to go, do up and backs do suicides every day for two-three months, and then, when it comes to February at the end of three months you get on the court with me.

Do you think you’re scoring more than two points? Do you think you will score eight-point if you’ve, never played basketball a day in your life, and then you play your heart out for three months.

Do you think you’re gonna score, a point against me? No, it’s, not happening, but guess what you got better. You got way better from where you were three months ago, but you can’t just expect in two-three months I’m.

Just gonna be rolling with the big dogs. I can score on swaggy or I can start making how much swag it makes it won’t happen. It’s. Like me, I’ve, never played soccer before Austin played soccer. I can practice soccer every single day for three months also can be a goalie.

I can be a kicker. I can be a distance away from him. I can kick the ball a thousand times. I guarantee you. I will not score one point. I practice for three months straight. I guarantee I won’t score one point, but I got better.

My form got better. My kick got stronger you. What I’m, saying I can’t, expect to just roll with the big dogs from three months of practice. Put some time in after a year then talk to me for those who have been you know putting pain in for a year and a half then come talk to me highlight me: I guarantee you’ll score a point on me.

Then. Maybe even two, but don’t expect to come into this market, give it a timetable, and then you’re. You know half-assing it and you’re, not even giving it your full effort. You’re, treating it as a hobby, and like oh, why am I not making the same money swag you making? Why am I not making the same money these traders make or this trader make? Oh, the whole market’s, a scam? No, you’re, the scam you’re, giving no effort at all period.

End of story. I’m, not trying to yell at you guys I’m trying to let you guys know that get into gear. I became great at this market because I had nothing. I had nothing and I I I used this as a way to make something out of it all.

You know what I mean, whereas you guys are looking at this as a way out like I did great, but you’re, giving it a timeline. I gave this no time limit. I did ‘ T expect myself to be where I’m at right now, with five years in the market.

I could only be successful someway somehow, but not like. Oh, I’m lit in the market. You know what I mean to take, however. Long it took me no time limit. I may even name this video no time limit, but realistically stop giving it a time limit.

Realize yeah you put three months of pain in or five months of paying in, but don’t expect to come in and start trading with the big dogs or you can score a point on me or I can score. You know a hockey puck goal.

I don’t know if that’s, how you call it on you and you’ve been doing this for years. Stop comparing yourself! You compete with yourself. Your own mind gives it time you didn’t even know the market.

Last year, I’m only going to talk about 30 more seconds, but you didn’t even know this market existed last year, and now you’re complaining because you’re, not making x amount of dollars. Don’t put, and I’m gonna have this.

In parentheses, in the description, don’t put the pressure you have in your real life with your job and the bill stacking up on the market. The market got nothing to do with that. The market didn’t, get you in the debt.

The market didn’t, have those bills stacked up the market. Did ‘ T drop your credit, but it can help you, but you got to give it time and patience. Don’t put your pressure on the market like you got to get me out of here, all right: it’s been a month.


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