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So let’s, get started at the time of shooting this video. You can use aweber for free as long as you stay below 500 contacts and below 3 000 emails per month. So the first step is to go down to the description of this video and click on the first link you find there and that will take you to aweber, where you can get that free aweber account.

So do that now and we’ll move on from there all right, so that first link in the video description will take it to this page right here, where we can go ahead and get a free aweber account. Now, as you see here with the free plan that they’re, offering you pretty much get everything you need to start with email marketing, so you get email marketing, which just means email broadcasts, email, newsletters.

Then you get automations. You get landing pages. Signup forms integrations and also customer support, and that’s quite a lot if you compare it with other email marketing providers and their free plan.

So i think that’s, pretty good. If you want to have a more detailed overview of what is included in each plan, you can just head over to the pricing tab right there, and then you see exactly what is included in each in each plan, so they have basically two plans.

The pro plan and the free plan and, like i said a lot of the main features, are already included in the free plan and you can use it for free up to 500 subscribers. So i would definitely suggest you start with the free plan and then once you have more than 500 subscribers, you can just upgrade to the pro plan and if you pay monthly, that will be 19 per month.

So let ‘ S actually go ahead and get started with a free aweber account. So to do that we just click on get aweber free right here and then we just get started with typing in our first name and our last name right here and also our email address.

I usually sign up with a gmail address and not really an address that is connected to my domain, because if at some point i switch domains or something then i will not be, i will not have access to that email address.

So i really like to just sign up with a simple gmail address and then add my kind of domain address, which is simon medics I will add that later, which will i’m, going to show you how to do to actually be able to send out emails from my branded email address, so just go ahead and click sign up right here.

Okay, so now we have received an email from aweber that we have to open and then confirm the email address that we have just used to sign up for aweber, so go to your email inbox and then find that email that aweber has just sent you.

So this is what the email looks like that you’ll, be getting from aweber to confirm your account, and all we have to do here is just click on the get started button right there and that will take us back to aweber, where we Have to decide on a password so just once again type in your email address here and then decide on a password and then click on save password all right.

So now we’re at the part where aweber asks us to decide on a plan and as you’ve seen before aweber has two plans, so they have their pro plan right here, which starts at 16.15 per month. If you go for the annual payment and they have the free plan, which is basically free for up to 500 subscribers and up to 3 000 emails per month, if you want to go for the pro plan, maybe because you have more than 500 subscribers – that you Want to import to aweber, and then you can just choose the pro plan and type in all your payment information right here, but probably most people are watching this tutorial.

The free plan will be more than enough and everything i’m, showing you inside of this tutorial will be doable with the free plan, so that’s. What i’m going to do here, i’m. Just going to go ahead and sign up for the free plan, and this way we also don’t have to um sign up with any credit card information.

So i’m just going to go ahead and click continue right here and get started with the free plan. So now, on the next step, we can just type in our company information right here and they also ask us if we have a website.

I’m just going to tell them. No, i don’t have a website, and then you have to give them a physical address that’s because of the canned spam act. It’s required by law. That you have a physical address at the bottom of every email that you send out using a software like aweber and that’s, why you have to give them a physical address.

I would recommend you just give them like your business address, or maybe you have a po address that you can just type in here rather than your home address, and then you can also decide on a from name so that what will be visible in the inbox When people receive your email, it will say this as the from name, so somebody will get an email from medics media the way i have set it up right here and then once you’ve done that just click on next, and here we’re already setting up our email list, which is the place where your email contacts will be stored.

So we have to give our list a name. I’m, just going to name it medics media newsletter, and then we also can give our email list a description, and this is what people will see when they click unsubscribe.

So when they don’t want to receive your emails anymore. At the bottom of every email there will be an unsubscribe link and when they click that link, they will see the description of that email.

So you can just type in something like this is a weekly newsletter of medics, media or whatever applies to what you’re, going to use that email list for then, once you’ve done that click. Next and now we have to approve our confirmation message so when somebody signs up to your email list by maybe typing in their information in a landing page or registration form, they’ll, receive an email requesting them to confirm their subscription to your email Newsletter and here you can decide on how this email will look like so here you can decide on a subject line, so you can have it say.

First name confirm your subscription, so it would say simon confirm your subscription, so i’ll. I’ll just choose this one, and then this is what the message currently looks like, and you can also edit this message.

So if you click on edit message, content right here, you can maybe um just say something like hey and then personalize by choosing their maybe first name, and that will say: hey simon, please click the button below blah blah blah and then the button text confirm confirm My subscription is fine and then signature.

Thank you and then i’m, just gonna type in something like simon and also medics media, and that looks good to me. So i’m just gonna click on complete setup cool. So now we’re inside our new aweber account and, as you can see here, aweber already wants to help us kind of adding our contacts and don’t worry, i’m, going to show you how to add contacts And all that kind of stuff in this tutorial, so it just you – can click this away by just clicking on no, i’m, getting just started and blah blah blah something else.

Doesn’t really matter just um. So you get to your aweber dashboard, so i’m just going to quickly walk you through the dashboard here and i’m, not going to spend too much time on it because it’s really learning by doing by Kind of setting up everything by kind of setting everything up, you will pretty quickly learn how to navigate through this software.

So here on the top left there’s, the kind of menu menu options where you’ll, navigate through aweber, and when you log in you will be always you always see your dashboard. So here you have some quick links.

If you want to add subscribers, you can create a new email right here. You can add integrations, and you will also see some stats of your latest growth of your email list and also of your latest emails.

How well they’re doing how good the open rate was, how many people receive the email and so on, but that’s, not really important for this tutorial, because we haven’t actually sent out emails yet um so And then, on the next menu item here, the messages this is where you actually can create new emails and new email campaigns.


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