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The first is to create a follow up sequence that will indoctrinate your leads with your content. It’s. Gon na deliver your free thing. It’s. Gon na start the relationship building process with you once that follow-up sequence, the autoresponder is completed, there will be a system that builds you a broadcast segment.

These are for your daily emails and future ongoing emails. This way, you can mail your broadcast segment separately every day and it won’t double email or interfere with people who are going through your follow-up sequence.

This is how I run my autoresponder. This is how my wife runs her autoresponder that seen hundreds of thousands of leads go through it. Obviously, this is how I recommend you do now. We’re, not going to go into the actual.

What to say in the emails. My wife and I created a separate video on that. I’ll link you to that video for the actual content of what goes in the emails in the description below I’ve got some content just in a notepad file that I’m gonna be adding to make The process, quick to show you exactly how to get this all set up the one other thing I’m using Aweber.

If you’re, not on Aweber, yet you can get it at Myles, Beckler, comm, /a Weber. I am an affiliate that is an affiliate link. I do receive a little kickback, but I also believe that a weber is the number one auto responder for people who are just getting started with email marketing.

If you’re under 30,000 or 50,000 subscribers, and you’re, really still just getting momentum on your side, whoever makes things easier than most other companies, and I’ve been testing their deliver ability.

It is still the best deliver ability in the industry. It actually beat active campaigns deliverability by over 6 %. Imagine that 6 % of your efforts on some other campaign system won’t even reach the inbox where they actually reach the inbox.

Here with a weber, so that’s, a key to your long-term success follow along. I’m gonna jump on the computer now and show you how to get this all set up and let’s. Do it. So we’re here in a weber and i’m on my DIY sales funnel list, which is the list that I’m, creating this autoresponder for – and this is the campaign Paige you get here from messages, and you Click on campaigns you can see.

I have none of them yet so you can click create here or click create there and it wants us to name it now really quickly. If you’re running multiple offers and giveaways from one domain, for example, you have like a Facebook entrance and something free for Facebook, then you have a funnel giveaway for the funnel side of things and you have a Google paid traffic giveaway.

You will create a separate campaign for each giveaway because each of them will have a separate follow-up sequence and you can still put people back on one broadcast list so long term. You’re only managing one broadcast list, but for this example, I’m just doing one.

So I’m gonna put it as the name of the list, and now we’re inside of the campaign. You can use these campaigns in a couple of different ways and they’re. Very powerful number one is to run the main list, and this is the on subscribe, which is what we’re gonna use today, when a user subscribes to this list here’s, what happens? The other is when you apply a specific tag.

This is more advanced and essentially, if you have in your autoresponder sequence, let’s say you mention a Facebook tutorial and they click on the Facebook tutorial. You could then add a tag that would move them to another campaign that goes deeper into Facebook products.

This is the kind of segmenting type of stuff. This is advanced, email, marketing, Frank Curtin calls this dynamic behavioural response marketing. We will build our way up to that, but for right now you just want to get one email, autoresponder series created, so we’re gonna use on subscribe.

Now we ‘ Ve got three options on the left. You can either drag and drop or double click them, but essentially I ‘ Ve got a four email sequence and it doesn’t matter. Whether you’ve got our two email sequence or a 30 email sequence.

You build it out the exact same. We want to alternate email and then wait for a day and then email and wait for a day. So I’m gonna get that set up right now again, you can drag them and drop them in order or you can simply double click.

So now I’ve created four emails because I have written four emails again. It’s up to you what’s best for your business, and you can see our video where we talk about the content for these in the description below.

But you want to make sure that the send message is first. So right. After they subscribe, they’re gonna get delivery of the item that you promised them from your opt-in page. Then we’re gonna wait a day, email wait a day, email three-way two-day email four-way today and here’s, the magic behind the system.

We now want to apply a tag at the bottom, so at the bottom we’re, applying a tag and what I’m gonna name. This tag is my list broadcast when I say my list for me, it’s, DIY sales funnel right, because that’s.

The name of my list – and this is what I’m gon – na – build my segment off of in the future of this video, and to do that, you simply add this tag. You create it right here in the system. I’m gonna. Do that right now and again I name it with the list and also the broadcast.

So I know essentially what I want to focus us on and you can see now that it’s, got that kind of graded out and turned it into a little bubble. I know that it has finished and it says, apply tag DIY sales funnel broadcast.

Now these emails, I’ve, just put in there’s, nothing in them. Yet right there there’s, no content in there, and I have, as I mentioned, I’ve, got this notepad with email, one email to email, three email for now for pure transparency and to show you how I go through this process.

Super quickly, I’m gonna use the speed up function and post-production, as I’m going through this to make it really fast. So you can see exactly what I’m doing, but it’s not gonna take forever. Although I’m gonna, do it in real time here with you watching, but what we want to do is I want to click on this.

Send message and I’m gonna click create a message I prefer. There drag and drop email builder, although I’m sending what’s gonna look like an H. What’s? Gon na look like a plain text: email excuse me: we want it to be built with their HTML system.

So we can do all the click tracking and all of the fancy stuff in here. So this one will be a little slower. I’ll speed up the next one, but we add our subject up top, which I’ve already written up here.

I’m gonna copy that now inside of the content area, I’m simply going to copy this all and delete it out, and I’m gonna copy. Take my content here, paste it in. I’m gonna add the extra space because it kind of squished that out, you know, got to make it looking good.

Then I want to take my link and make sure it’s, a clickable hyperlink and again you are able to add fancy functionality on these clicks. If you want, I’m, not gonna. Do anything that yet and then the last thing I do here is I copy this whole thing and I bump the size up to 16 point.

It’s very easy to read at 16 point, and this is essentially how I’m. Gon na send out this email – I’m done with this here, so I’m gonna click, save and exit, and I’m gonna go on to the next ones, and I’m gonna Complete this process again four times over, just to make sure I get it done and setup correctly.

It takes me back to this main kind of campaign and you can see I ‘ Ve got my next one, my first one in and then I’m gonna set up the second one, the third one, the fourth one I’m gonna pull that off really quickly here and I’ll catch Right back up with you in a heartbeat, you all right and we’re back now.

I have my four messages. One two, three four messages that are gonna go automated, so it’s, an autoresponder. Then I have my one day break in between each of those, so you’ll, get message 1 after subscribing it’ll, wait, add a message to wait a day 3 way to day 4 way today, and then it applies the tag At this point, I’m done inside of this campaign.

You can see it’s still in draft mode, because I got all that setup. So I’m gonna click, save and exit, and that’s. It I’ve, got it running. I’m gonna activate this. Now it is active. So now I actually have all of my kind of new subscribers are gonna go through this sequence.

You can see you can follow along with the open percent and the click percent, that’ll help. You optimize your headlines and your email copy in the future. But ultimately I’m done at this point. So now we need to go set up the broadcast segment to do this.

We want to go over here to subscribers and we want to click manage subscribers. Now I don’t. Have anyone in this role yet, but I’m gonna show you how to set it up and if you’re just getting started, you won’t.

Have anyone in this role yet as well and that’s? Okay, here’s, how you set it up because we will be able to use this in the future, collect, select field and then tag is and then we need to enter our tag name now I’m gonna click search and You see it pulls up that tag name, and you may be one of the copy and paste it we might want to go double check.

This is very, very key to your success here that this is the exact tag that we had in the campaigns area. So let’s even just take a quick heartbeat to show you how important it is. I’m, actually gonna take the time to double check it.

Real quick DIY sales funnel broadcast DIY sales from a broadcast, and this I’m, going to name it as DIY sales funnel broadcast. Now I have an actual segment of people who will have gone through that entire process of the follow up sequence and they’re now in the broadcast.

So when I want to send a broadcast, I go here to messages. I click broadcasts and then I will create a new message: let’s, use the drag and drop. I’m, just gonna kind of put some some garb league OOP in here real quick.

Just because I want to show you the full process, even though I’m, not gonna send this email, but I want you to see how so same stuff perfect. I’m gonna save and exit. Now I’m gonna choose who to send this to so I go to send options and schedule a broadcast and right here it says who should receive this message.

Currently it’s, set to everyone. Diy sales funnel active subscribers, but I don’t want that, because some people are going through the follow up, and I want to make sure I honor that follow-up sequence.

So what I want to change it to is the DIY. You can see it right down here. Diy sales funnel broadcast it popped up in the segment list. I click apply and there it is now. This email is gonna, go out to just the people who have that broadcast tag right there and that’s.

It real quick to show you how you would potentially tag someone on a click and move them into another automation. That’s right here in the automation, so you can edit the automations and you can put on the message open.

You can add certain tags or if there’s, a link, it ‘ Ll, give you the click, automations and you can add a tag when someone clicks, which means you can move them to another campaign when they click.

So if they’re reading, your follow-up sequence and they click on an email about, subject c – and you have a separate follow-up that goes deeper on subject C, when they click to the blog post, you have you can move them over to that segment.

To follow up more, it turns your autoresponder sequence into a choose-your-own-adventure. I would simply apply this, which I’m, not going to complete, because I don’t want to accidentally send this out.

I would click apply and send message. Now is how I would broadcast to my broadcast segment and that’s, it. That is how I set up my email systems. This is the autoresponder very tactical stuff, but it’s important because you do need to have two things going on with your email marketing number one.

You need to bring them through your indoctrination sequence. You saw exactly how to do that. Setting up the campaign, then you use a Weber’s tagging campaign to tag them at the end with your broadcast tag and you can tag people from multiple different campaigns with the same broadcast tag and then once this is all set up, all you Need to do is log into Aweber set up a new broadcast, choose the segment of your broadcast tag and then send them out your daily emails, your other every other day emails.

However, you’re going about it. This is how I’m managing my email system. This is how I recommend you manage your email system. I really prefer sending out broadcast emails, that’s. Why? I keep my follow-up sequences short that allows me to really just catch people up on on Who I am what I offer what I’m.

Doing that way, I can get those daily emails out, because that’s, really where you build a connection with people today’s, a holiday, it’s Memorial Day, so I sent an email today to my list about the Holiday and I use these kind of current events and these ideas and my ongoing thought, trains and my responses to two video comments.

Those are always new ideas to help me continue to help you as an email, subscriber and that is through the daily broadcast emails. That’s. Why there’s, so much value in it, and I highly recommend you implement this system here again.

If you’re, not on Aweber, yet go to Aweber or go excuse me go to Myles, Becker comm, /a Weber, that is my affiliate link. It does help me generate a bit of revenue to keep me making these videos these helpful videos for you.

I’ll, probably make some more advanced segmenting and all that kind of stuff. I talked about a little bit. I’ll, make those videos in the future, but ultimately let’s. Get you set up, let’s, get you running, because you need to have your opt-in page, giving away something of value.

You need to have your email system following up building the relationship, and then you need the ability to broadcast out new ideas. New offers new helpful emails, as these ideas come out to you and that my friend is the foundation you need for successful email marketing.

This is a timeless approach to email marketing. It is fantastic here in 2018. This is exactly what I’ll, be running in 2019 and beyond this, my friend is ultimately the machine and the asset that drives your business.

My wife and I make most of our money right of the millions of dollars we’ve made online. Most of it comes in direct response to the emails we ‘ Ve sent out to our lists, can ‘ T stress it enough building a list and then ultimately growing a relationship with your list through consistently giving value.

That will keep you top of mind that’ll. Keep you right in the forefront of their thoughts when the time is right for them to purchase. You will be the obvious choice and you’ll, probably be popping up in their email that day, that’s, a win-win right there.

My friend I’ve, run long enough on this. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you have given thumbs up. Do you know somebody who’s, trying to figure out how to get their email marketing going grab the link share it with them, embed it in a in a blog post? If you’d, like just give me a little link to miles Becker comm, if you do, I do appreciate that and any questions you can get at me in the comments below.

I do appreciate your time. Your comments, I’ll answer. As many questions as I can with the time I have available and be sure to subscribe, because I got another video coming out in two days and then another video coming out a couple days after that – and I will keep laying this path to success online out.

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