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There’s really no way around. This and you know everything like the way he had it set up basically, is that he wouldn’t put $ 100 in and then you know he spent $ 17 and had a campaign and is 600 percent ROI.

Is that possible? Absolutely? Obviously, you just did it, but for every single person that’s, not how I was going to go it like not even close, because a lot of people you know can’t afford to go, get tracking software and if you’re, not in a network, you know that has all your stuff laid out for you here.

So if you see like over your me or its network, you got your top browser right here with all the leads that’s right next to it, then you ‘ Ve got you know your top or west, and all that, so you can build out a campaign right here so like if we okay, our top browser chrome.

So we know to run running everything on the Chrome browser with Windows. 10. You know on desktop in the United States and then let’s say: like New York was our. What newer is it’s? How we would let’s say we have more data here and New York, so that’s.

Where I’ll, be our whole campaign right there, Billy out in a couple of seconds, but in a lot of other networks, is to know where they’re laid out, and you know as fancy as this is right here. So if you don’t have tracking software, you’re, pretty much just Sol you just throwing stuff up in the air and hoping it works, and you know a lot of people.

You know they are running all their traffic from all their campaigns to just just directly to the offer they’re, not even doing something like putting a sub dotsub IVs in. So if you can’t afford to get tracking software guys use your sub ID.

So let’s say this is a image one. I don’t, know placement, you know two or three, you know and I don’t know Facebook. I’m just trying to make some up there guys and he just click apply sub ID. So anytime, you get a conversion.

This sub ID is going to be at the end of this now right. So when I say, sub ID is going to show up here in your stats logs or your lead logs. It’ll show up right here. So you see right here. Well, this one complete it.

You know this was a conversion dirt with bit right and you guys can see exactly where that came from so definitely make sure you start using your sub by these guys. So you know exactly where all your conversions and stuff are coming from.

So this is the results from running over on a pillar. Ass 449 clicks and two conversions 449 clicks only two conversions. Now that’s perfectly normal over here again, this is all brain. If you’re a better than honest chatter, you guys already know that you know we spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on these campaigns to get a good data and all that stuff.

Do you know it’s a home in on those campaigns are working, but this is normally what your campaigns are. Gon na look like when you run over a pillar as for pretty much any network that gets its traffic from other.

You know you know, networks and stuff, I mean other networks but other like little websites, because a lot of people just have legit just they think ass traffic, weird biases come and click on the ads over and over and over.

So they can keep making money. You know that’s good for them because they’re, making good money, but it’s horrible for you, because you’re, the one paying out that money right and if a polarizer don’T care, like I mean that’s, the part of the game.

Oh, is this part of the game you know like if you get? Oh, like you get 1,000 T to say 449 closer just that’s? What we got – and we had got that over on Facebook – that was literally thousands of dollars – depend on what we’re running.

If they said we were running this little offer right here. Let’s. Have the bare minimum thought a bit like a hundred bucks all right? We’re. It’s, something a little like 50 60 bucks right, but 449 bucks and we spent almost like 40 dollars or whatever.

So a hundred and uh. We only got 82 bugs back. I’m gonna, say 82 a dollar. Eighty, two back that’s. What we normally was going to happen. If you run these type of platforms, I mean that’s, just what it is not again, I’m, not throwing shade.

So you know my guy over here by any means this video was beautifully done. But if you follow this – and you are a brand new person – you don’t have tracking software and you are expecting to put in $ 100 and get a campaign that’s.

Gon na do six hundred percent ROI, or even three hundred or even two hundred percent on papel rat, you don’t lost, showed a my BA guys. I want to make this video to give you some. You know to ground you a little bit.

You know, or you know, give you some realistic expectations because again you’re gonna happen. Napoles, like that, you know where somebody comes out and completely kills it. You know they just crush the game.

You know come out and hit six hundred percent. You know you can do that on a Facebook pretty easily. You can do that. You know with domain traffic. You can do that with instagram, my instagram, but influencer traffic stupid easy as well.

If you guys are doing for the influence of traffic, i don’t know you could just missing out. You come especially on Instagram hit the stories guys easy pay. 15 bucks be on the story for like 12 hours, you’re like a couple hundred clicks, easy easy, easy money guys, but I’ll talk about something like that in the next video or whatever, but yeah guys.

I just want to talk about that and let you guys know to have realistic expectations and do not just you know, dive into stuff like that, because if you have followed that video and again I’m, not throwing shade by any means.

This is directed only tours newbies, because the newbie person is gonna get all hyped up. Geeked up, you know, go put their last or you know there are hundred dollars inside four pillar eyes and then go buy the bot traffic here or whatnot, not traffic.

But you know the bots little thing here and they’re gonna spend another 65 for this or seventy or however much you would. I forgot how much I pay for it. But you know you’re gonna buy that, and then your patient is just gonna, be like you just own the S you’re gonna be asked out.

You know you’re, just gonna feel. Like you lost 200 bucks like macular, took that 200 bucks, and and did this with, I coulda, took 200 bucks and did that with it you know, and then you’re gonna give up.

Are you gonna quit and I don’t want to see people quit? I don’t want to see people sitting out a job for the next 40 years. You know you boy has been job 3 for 4 years now house bought in cash today’s.

Google Trends card bought full day’s, catenoid house ten days, Camaro for hey. He said cash. That was good. That was a cpa marketing cpa marketing is absolutely amazing. Tell you guys don’t sleep on cpa marketing, but you also want to have realistic expectations.

Do not expect to go to propeller ads put in a hundred dollars and get a campaign that does six hundred percent or all right right out. The gate like even on facebook that doesn’t happen like that. You know you got to really know what you’re doing.

You know you got to be testing the whole nine yards so just want to come out of here. Let you guys know, you know, put you back to reality, just a little bit. I know some people, who are you juice, hey dude, you juice baby, not in the slightest right.

I’m just here to help other people make money, and I don’t want you guys to go over to propeller ass, throw your money away, you know and just feel like you just lost all your goddamn money, but you should Not be trying to run any type of you know popular as if you don’t have at the bare minimum $ 500, and that’s on a low end and have your your clickmagick play poker.

Put your damn tracker all set up right. Those are minimal, bare minimum that you should have all right, but again that’s, pretty much it don’t free to like subscribe and all that fun stuff. I’m, actually going to start a brand new series, guys where we’re going to go through and we’re just going to go to people’s, YouTube channels, and just you know, do the method That they say that’s, gonna make all this money or make a decent amount of money or whatever it may be.

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