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It’s, going to be packed with information. I can guarantee you that so make sure you, don’t miss out on all the good information that I’m, going to give you guys so before we get on the video I wanna.

Welcome you. So if you are watching me for the first time, welcome to my channel guys, I’m all about entrepreneurship, how to start an online business and how to make money online. So if you aren’t, just not kind of stuff hit the subscribe button below guys and subscribe to my channel and if you guys are planning the star and online business, but you don’t know how to do it.

I’m, going to be showing you my exact methods and strategies, guys, okay, so make sure you check out the link below in the description now without wasting any more time. Let’s. Get today’s, video guys, so alright guys, as you can see, this is the Bluehost affiliate page.

So before we move further, you want to know what affiliate marketing is and what Bluehost is okay. So for those of you already know about affiliate marketing, you can just skip this part and you can just move forward and watch the other part of the video.

What is affiliate marketing guys so fy8 marketing is something when you promote other people’s. Product and when people click on your referral link and they buy the product, you get a commission okay.

So that is what affiliate marketing is you don’t have to have your own product. You just promote other people’s product when people click on that referral, link and buy the product. You get a commission and now, in our case we are going to be promoting Bluehost service.

Okay, what Bluehost does what this company is all about, so Bluehost is a hosting company, okay, so every business need to have a website, so for that website to run properly guys, you need to have a sting company that maintains all that website who takes care of The loading speed and everything, so all these hosting companies do that so for every business you need, you need a website and for the website to run properly you need a host.

So that is what Bluehost does so there’s, always a demand for Bluehost guys. So that is why I am going to be showing you how you can make 100k with this. So I’m, going to be telling you the exact plan of how to draw traffic.

What kind of people that you should focus on. What is the main source of traffic and what kind of things you should do to draw the traffic and how much you will be making and all sorts of things? I’m, going to be showing in this video guys.

So now we want to know about Bluehost so how it works, how much Commission they’re, going to pay and all that now, as you can see, they’ll, be paying $ 65 for each qualified sign up. So if people, if even a single person, click on the link and they buy Bluehost service, you’ll, be getting $ 65.

You can promote all these hosting services, even in the hosting services. They have different kinds of hosting. Ok. So, as you can see the share there’s. VPS there’s, dedicated ok different packages, even if they go for the minimum package.

Guys you’ll, be still getting like $ 65. You know. So how cool is that? So that is how it works, and also all these packages are like really really cheap. Look at the first package guys it’s, just like like 4 dollars per month, and and this is like less than $ 30 – and this is just less than $ 100 or something ok.

So, even if people go with the minimum package, usually people want to go with the minimum package, even if they go with the minimum package like 4 dollars or something will be still getting $ 65.

So that is how it’s going to work now. Let me just scroll down and just explain how each thing works, so it is totally free to sign up to Bluehost. So sign up takes only a few minutes and if it’s and it’s completely free – you’ll, receive a unique tracking code for use on your website right away, so they have a reliable tracking guys.

So they have a tracking code. So, even if, like single person, click on your link, they won’t miss out that you know. So, even if a single person click on your link and they come and buy the service, you’ll, be getting commission for that.

Ok, they will be tracking each and everything. So you there’s, no chance of missing out or anything. You know, and they have and they have a dedicated team to to give you support and all that if there’s any problem and after that and after that there’s going to be unlimited earning.

So there’s. No restriction at all like only this much you can on only like thousand dollars or something there’s, no limit at all guys. You can know how much ever you want there’s, no limit at all guys.

Okay, you can just help like so many people sign up to Bluehost, so you can earn how much hour you want there’s, no restriction for that and after that, they’ll, be giving you promotional resources what they mean by promotional Resources is that they will give you banners in the sense if you want to run ads and all that banner ads, you can just use those banners what they already give you promotion resources that are called promotional banners.

So if you want to use that and do banner ads, you can straightaway use that guys. These are all high converting, they would have already done split testing and all that they would have already experimented with all these banner ads guys.

So if you run ads and all that, if you spend money and you run ads and all that it’ll – be all high converting. So no need to worry about like whether it’ll convert, whether it’s, going to make a sale and all that it’s, going to definitely make sales guys.

If you just put in your hard work, you know they also have email marketing services which you can promote, but in our case we just going to stick with hosting for now that’s all about Bluehost affiliate program.

Now, if you want to become an affiliate, you just going to click on this link, sign up and you can get started straight away. So just put in all your account name: user name, your first name phone number, your company, your address everything you know so you just put in all the details here and that’s.

If you can take this get started guys it’s, totally free to get started with so that’s about the Bluehost affiliate program. So now we are going to see how we are going to make a full-time income with the Bluehost affiliate program.

Okay, so you can even do this part-time if you’re already working and a job or something you can do this part-time. But if you want to concentrate on this fully, you can own a full time and come with this guys, like I said you can earn up to 100k per year, if you just put in your hard work and do it the right way guys so now we Are going to see the three main ingredients for success with affiliate marketing? So when it comes to affiliate marketing, you want to do with the right way, no guys so it’s, not like it’s, not just doing a free ad marketing.

You want to do with a right wait. That is when you will find success with this, so I’m, going to be showing you the three main ingredients guys so now let us see the first one, so the first one is to have an amazing product or an offer.

So what I mean it’s, not just not product. You need to have an amazing product. What I mean by an amazing product is you need to have a best-selling product? You can’t just promote any random product, so I think you want to have a good product which is selling well, which will be helpful for people which will be really valuable for the people that you’re promoting to.

So, in our case, our product is going to be really amazing. Bluehost is a really good product that you can promote because it is there. It’s been there for ages, and people trust that thousands and thousands of businesses are using Bluehost for their website.

So it is a good platform. It is a good product which everyone knows and if you promote that it is a trustworthy platform. So people will strain away by that. You know so that is the first ingredient guys now let us go to the second one.

So now you have an amazing product. The next thing you need is targeted traffic. You just don’t want traffic. You want targeted traffic, you want to attract people who are interested in what you’re doing, so that is when your leads will convert into sales, so that is what targeted traffic does.

So the next thing that you need is to have an automated sales funnel. So what I mean by that is, you need to have a sales funnel which closes all your sales, so these are the three things guys now. I’m, going to be explaining to you in depth about each thing.

Okay, now all we already saw what an amazing product is. We have Bluehost already, so we know that product is selling well and now what you can look at is how to draw traffic, how to target that traffic.

Okay, so the first way of getting traffic is through paid traffic, so you can do Google Ads. You can do Bing ads Facebook, ads, etc to door traffic, but you have to be investing some money to run all these ads.

So the best ads among these are like Google Ads, Bing ads and Facebook ads. So these are the best ones you can even draw like Instagram ads or like you can run YouTube else. Whatever platform you’re using, you can run all those ads guys to get traffic.

So the are the ways that you draw targeted traffic. The other way is free traffic. So what I mean by free traffic is like guys you can do blogging. You can have niche websites forums, video marketing, so I’m, going to be explaining how you’re, going to get traffic from all these.

Let us look at the first one guys blogging, so how you gonna do with blogging. Is you can just put up all these posts related to Bluehost or like websites and all sorts of things, and you just do a put-up, consistent post, so you’ll, be drawing traffic that way you’ll, be drawing targeted traffic niche Website in the sense, you exclusively have a website just focusing on this platform alone.

You know what are the merits of using Bluehost services and all those kind of things you know just targeted, mainly on Bluehost or target, mainly on a website or something. So in that way you can promote Bluehost services and you can make money so then, what you can do is like you can use forums and all that to drive targeted traffic, so forums in the sense they have membership groups and all that guys.

So one of the good ones is like warrior forum, which is mainly related to business and all that related to the web site and all sorts of things. So if you, you can just join as a member there, then, after that, what you can do is like you can just participate in all the conversation that they have given useful information, and also – and after that, you can just promote yours.

You can just put an affiliate link there, but you don’t want to you. Don’t want to be spamming, your comments and all that you want to give valuable feedback. So if they ask any questions related to website or like related to Bluehost or whatever you just give you a genuine feedback and then you can just reach out to them or tell them.

This is the product. It helped me a lot and all those kind of just tell the truth cast you know, and the other way is through video marketing, and this is one of the powerful, and this is one of the powerful tool by putting up regular contents like this.

By putting up videos and you draw track targeted traffic, so these are all like free ways to drive traffic guys, but maybe with blogging and each website you need to have a website for that. You have to be spending in a little, but even now, nowadays you get all these website done for like a really cheap price.

You know so you can get it done and you can even do blogging you can you can get in touch through forums? You can do weed your marketing. These are the freeways to drive targeted traffic, so I would my recommendation would be to start whether you can go with a free traffic and after that, to scale the business to after you get like so amount of after you get like few amount of viewers And traffic, and all that, after that, you can just use paid traffic to scale that to increase this increase the sales and all that.

So that is why that is what my solution would be. So if you want to go with the paid traffic in the beginning itself, you can go ahead, but my recommendation would be like to start with free traffic and then go with a traffic.

So now you saw how to draw targeted traffic. So now what we’re gonna look at is the best traffic source guys to drive this targeted traffic. So my recommendation is YouTube guys. Okay, so YouTube is the best traffic source to drive targeted traffic.

So, even with my business, I use YouTube to drive traffic, so even if you are promoting Bluehost services or any service or whatever you wanted use YouTube guys, video marketing. So this is a very powerful tool for 2019 and for the rest of the years to come.

You know, because blogging and all that is it’s, slowing down a little bit. Okay, people don’t have time to read things and they don’t want to be reading the whole stuff because it it is a static page.

There’s no moment and all they get bored eventually. So the the working model now is video marketing. That is through YouTube. So because there is interaction, you are interacting with the people, people get to see you, they know you as a person and all those kind of things, so they it keeps the interest and – and it works better guys and it converts better.

So that is why YouTube is the best best source to drive targeted traffic. So now you know how to drive targeted traffic. We are going to move to the next step of how what kind of video should you put up to drive those traffic? So you should put up videos like if you all wanna, if you wan na, promote blue or services, you want to put up videos like how to build a website, because, because hosting is all connected to websites and all that guys, so people who are interested In websites will be interested in horse hosting, so you want to be putting up videos related to website how to build a website or how to work with visual composer and all those kind of things you know so a website related stuff.

So how do how to install WordPress and all those things you should put up so that you drive targeted traffic, so that is one way of putting up videos and other way is like how do you cPanel, Oh cPanel, is the backend of the hosting platform.

So if you don’t know about cPanel and all that you can just type it on YouTube and search about that guys. Okay, so it’s, it’s quite simple or then you can just put up videos about how to set up Bluehost account, etc.

So all those kind of things you can put up and you can drive targeted traffic, because this is all related to website Bluehost hosting companies and all that. So if you put up like that, you’ll, be driving targeted traffic, so people will be interested in you interested in the product that you’re promoting, so you can’t, be just putting up stuff, which is not Related to this, you can’t, be putting up some random random stuff and you’ll, be attracting the wrong audience, so you want to be very targeted when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You want to have the right audience who will buy your product so now that you have now that you have the targeted traffic now you know how what kind of videos you should put up, you should know or what is the right way of closing sales now.

So the right way of closing sales is through automated sales funnel. So what I mean by automated sale sales funnel? Is it’s, going to look like this, so when people click on your link, guys when it’s, going to take them to a page which has which has like this kind of information there? So you just you just tell them.

If you want to have a good hosting, if you want to have the right hosting for your website, you just put on your link below, and I’m, going to be giving you free banners to advertise and all that you want to give some Free stuff, so people put in the email address and their name to get instant access.

So in that pay you will be getting the email addresses to close a sale. You can just send them emails guys, you can just chase them and get them to buy the product eventually. So that is what you should do.

So this is how this is, how a landing page or a squeeze page will look like. So that is what you need to do guys. You need to capture the leads and finally get them to buy the product for the sales funnel you guys, you can either send people emails or you can just send them to a webinar where people put in their link and all that and they book their webinar Or something so they can watch you they can get all the informations from you.

Okay, so in that way you’ll be getting the so in that way, people will trust you more in that way, people will finally buy the product, so that should be your main aim, guys to finally send people to Bluehost.

So that is how you should do first off. So for that to me you need to have a landing page or a squeeze page, which is really important when it comes to affiliate marketing. So this is how you do it. First, one is to drive targeted traffic, and you put like good content, are related to that related to the product that you’re promoting, so you drive targeted traffic, and the third thing is to close some more sales.

You need to have automated sales funnel, which will send out emails to people and finally get let people to buy the product. So this is the three main ingredients guys for success with affiliate marketing.

So now that you know everything I am going to be showing you how much you’re going to make now let’s. Look at the numbers! Okay, what was an estimated income guys, what we plan to make 100k per year? So, in order to get 100k per your guys, you just need to close like thousand 538 sales, and that’s.

It you know. So if you close like five thousand 538 sales in a year, you’re, going to be making hundred K guys because a commission is going to be $ 65, so thousand 538 sales into $ 65 is equal to 100k guys.

So that is, that is the sales that you have to get so in order to get thousand 538 sales guys, you just need to close like five to four to five sales per day. So if you close that in one year you’ll be getting 100 K per yo guys it’s that simple! So if you, if you increase the traffic, you’re, going to get sales, the process is really really simple guys, so you need to be tracting more and more targeted traffic, so you get more traffic.

You get more sales. If you do with the right way guys you can even make more than that, so sky is the limit guys. You can do how much hour you want if you put in the hard work and if you do it the right way you know.



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