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So Abbey is a tool that we use for placement, research for gdm and native campaigns. I’m gonna focus primarily on the GTN aspect right now, but know if you’re doing any type of banner advertising. You need to really consider having an athlete subscription.

So a beat is awesome because it helps you find competitive, ads, competitive, Landers and competitive placements. It’s, truly the cream of the crop tool when it comes to doing competitive, spine on display and native.

So what do you need in order to to follow the process and layout for you? Well, you need an a/b to count and you need competitors or keywords to research, that’s where you start a beat steps. The process you find your advertisers, you explore their ads, their Landers and placements.

There is a ton of information you can get from ad beat you’re able to download all of it, so you can go through and process. It really amazing stuff, but it’s a great place to begin all of your gdn and native campaigns.

Let’s head over to happy so inside of a beat now, rather than going looking at a specific company that you know, someone might be competing against. I’m just gonna look at some of the massive advertisers, so we can go through and kind of dissect them.

You can see how the Tool Works, but then I’m, not giving away anyone’s, trade secrets. So if I click on top advertisers, this is more or less you know the top people in the last hundred eighty days buy ad spend Google spent eighty nine million Yahoo’s.

Seventy Amazon 70 lower. My is the one that I was like it’s very interesting and I’m sure you’ve seen them. I know I’ve seen these ads. So if I click on this, that’ll come in and break down their ads by, you can still get the ads the Landers, the campaigns that networks all kinds of stuff.

So we see here that they’ve spent. Forty eight point: two million on Google 5.2 on advertising; four point, one on tabouleh, all kinds of stuff here, so for the sake of being very efficient with this tutorial, the reason that I’m, showing you this is the ad beat you have able To look at the ads and the Landers that’s important, but we really care about what we’re doing.

Gdm research is the placements, and so what we’ll do. Is we’re gonna come in and we look at the publishers, publishers or what we care about? So let’s. Look at the the new publishers and what I want to do is I’m gonna look at the active filters so 180 days all networks.

I want to look at their Google Network to see who they’re spending with so Inquisitor com. If we look at these ads, so harp is expiring if you’re less than this. This is the G DM ad network as Google, and, if someone clicked on it, this is the obviously this is the landing page they come to.

You can see what everything looks like their copy and then roll into their process go through and you know model yours after theirs, but, as you can see, Inquisitor com is their number one placement. In the last 180 days, they spent eight hundred forty thousand dollars or this placement.

So what we want to do here is click on top placement URLs, and we can, you know, investigate to see if there’s, a particular one that they’ve gone after so they’ve spent ten and a half Thousand on the secure site, seven point two on the unsecured and then you know all the little articles underneath this you can click on these and see what these are nothing about this, particularly if standing out as something that is, you know really important that there’s, a content in the contextual relation it’s, pretty much just the fact that there are you know this is.

This is a place that they found people who are interested in whatever is they’re teaching? The this is the right audience, and so what you can do is you come in. You can download all of these, so you can go through and upload your placements to say I want to advertise on all these.

If you’re in competition, it you can go through looking at each one of these looking at all of their ads spent and have these reports so really incredible information when you find competitors that you want to go after that, you know we’re spending on GD n, our native, you can come in and pull this information and get you know, give yourself really a leg up as you’re doing placement research.

So if you are planning on doing anything in your life with banner advertising – and you do not have an ad beat account – we really need to think about that. This is such a huge leg up hope this was a very helpful tutorial and will keep you moving forward down the path and, if you like, free stuff, don’t forget to check out the ad skills quarterly giveaway.



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