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 I have one of the hottest affiliate programs, slash two-tier affiliate programs. I’ve ever seen in my life, and I wanted to show you guys this right away and if you’re not familiar with a to hosting, they are a web hosting company as well as domain registration company, and they offer every Type of hosting whether you want WordPress hosting shared hosting VPS, hosting reseller hosting dedicated hosting cloud hosting, and they got amazing amazing prices.

Okay, not only are they an amazing web hosting company, they have an amazing affiliate program and they pay on a tiered schedule. So what that means is you get paid per sale differently on how much sales you bring in per month, so that can vary from anywhere from $ 85 to $ 140? So if you bring one to 10 sales a month, you’re gonna get $ 85 a sale you bring in 11 to 20.

You’re gonna bring a hundred dollars of sale. You bring in 21 to 30 sales $ 120, a sale, 31 sales or more 140s sales, okay, and that is very, very big commissions for a web hosting company, and not only that guys.

They have a two-tier affiliate program, which is absolutely amazing that many companies are starting to go down this route. We’re, starting to see more and more legit companies have a two-tier affiliate program.

What that means is in philly ‘ It signs up underneath you and starts getting sales. You’re gonna get five dollars per sale every time that affiliate gets a sale. So if you get a bunch of amazing affiliates underneath of you men, you may retire because they may be driving.

You so many sales that you’re, getting paid off their work. Okay, so not only can you make your own big commissions, you can then also make commissions from people underneath of you. Okay and we’ll, go over some of the most basic questions about this affiliate program and if you just want to join and you don’t want to see the dashboard you don’t want to go over the Questions I will have a link in the description as well as the pin comment to join okay.

Do you need to be a customer to join this program? Nope you don’t need to be a customer. Is there minimum payout? Yes, there’s; minimum out of a hundred dollars does a2 hosting provide banners or marking material.

Yes, they do, and I’ll, go over that in a second it’s, pretty awesome. How does a to hosting payout affiliates? They payout affiliates via PayPal. How long does it take for sales to be approved? Sales are reviewed and approved after 45 days, which is pretty normal, most hosting companies.

You see 30 to 60 days. How many days is the lifetime of the cookie. So this is very good: they let their cookies last for 90 days, three months. So if somebody clicks your link and then they come back 80 days later and decide to purchase, you will get credited and is the a2 hosting program two-tier.

Yes, we went over that. You will get $ 5.00 per sub referral. Is there an approval process for a2 hosting? Yes, there is an approval process, you fill out a very small application and then they will get back to as soon as possible and either accept or deny your application.

I think they are pretty, you know accepting to most affiliates, so I would encourage you guys to apply even if you’re, a beginner okay. When does a to hosting sent out affiliate payments, they send out affiliate payments at the 15th of every month.

As long as affiliates have hit the hundred dollar minimum okay – and this is their control panel – it uses – I think it’s – called the pro affiliate – something Pro affiliate, but it’s. Basically, the software that companies can use that lets them get an affiliate program, amazing out-of-the-box, and it also supports two tiers.

Okay, I don’t, have any clicks, sales or affiliates underneath me yet, but I think I will assume and let me go ahead and show you guys the rest of the dashboard so get banners and links. This is where you can find a bunch of marketing material that you can put on your blog or website, and you can set up different campaigns.

You can look for different banner sizes. You can choose if you want HTML image text link, so it’s, pretty awesome, and then they have all these different banners and you can click get banner code. You can get a different links and yeah it’s.

It’s, really really good that they provided all this material for affiliates, because not all affiliate programs have all these banners and marketing material ready to use, and they really went all out and included a lot.

The Commission’s, part on the side. Menu will just take you to a Commission’s page. I don’t, have any yet advanced ad tools, so sign up sub affiliates will give you another link, and this link will take people straight to the affiliate application page.

If you want to send them there and then you can come here and click tree of a sub affiliates of affiliate sales, that’s. The tree looks super cool once you actually start building out sub affiliates underneath of you.

I have used this same software with another two-tier affiliate program which you can find on affiliate dot watch called peer VPN, and you can also set campaigns. They have a deep link generator, which I think what that does.

Is I’m. Not I’m, not I’m. Not I’m, not exactly sure, actually and sub ID tracking. It looks like you can track different data parameters here. So if you want to track what exact website or something that’s coming to or what page you could do, that with the data parameters, add channels, I haven’t experimented with any of this, but it looks pretty cool and then They have a report section where you can see your Commission’s, but it just pulls up what we already pulled up earlier.

Quick stats shows you, your clicks, your impressions, your CTR, there’s, a trend report that will help you spot trends, and then you can see payouts to yourself. You can see sub affiliate sales stats.

If you set up a channel, you can see channel stats and you can also see top refers and then they have. If you click the fact, this will open a bunch of frequently asked questions and they have a help guide.

Okay. So if you need questions on advanced tracking or you have some questions or need some help about payments or PPC, they can help you with all of that, and so they ‘ Ve done a really really good job on their affiliate program and they also have an affiliate manager.


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