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Many many people download video games online and in fact, most most modern video games are as soon as you put them into your Xbox or Playstation or whatever. You have to download, updates or download half the software, and most people play exclusively online now so I mean it just goes without saying that there’s a market for it.

So let’s check out some affiliate programs that we can take advantage of. If we happen to be within this niche. Ok, so let ‘ S have a look through as usual. What I’ve tried to do is, go through and just give a fairly good cross-section of what’s available in the video game.

Nice. There is some variations to it, but, as I go through each program, what I’ll have a look at is what they offer: their commission rates, payment terms, cookie duration, application processes and the affiliate marketing materials that they provide and buy video games.

Obviously we can talk about playing online, we can talk about purchasing online being talked about the consoles and hardware that goes with it. So we ‘ Ve got general gaming hardware, software online gaming accessories pay to play and merchandise, which is, I think, everything to do with games.

But there’s, probably way more. Let’s, have a look just as we move through. Just make sure that when you understand it, look at the affiliate programs that you that you match your who your target audience is, if you’re, if you’re.

Looking at first-time game is you’re, probably not going to have to provide they just gonna, not want to know that it works if people are buying for their kids, you’re want. They want to know that the games are safe and within the rating system that that is suitable for that for a younger age group and your fanatical gamers or your hardcore gamers will want precise information and they want to speak in the language that you will need To match otherwise they won’t trust you and probably won’t from you, so just have a good think about who? What is your aiming at as you go through and look at your affiliate programs? Okay, let ‘

S. Start with game stock game shot even sorry game shop, they have all sorts of products, they have the games, consoles, accessories, toys and collectibles electronics. They have movies and clothing there as well so game.

You know gamer t-shirts and the like plenty there to look into there’s, plenty cross selling opportunities, as I mention with the movies and clothing, but just basically anything. Therefore, all levels of gamers they pay up to 4 % 45 days and their management Rakuten new way, maybe more of an electronic site than a gaming one.

But anytime you search anything to do with gaming. Newegg comes up and I actually thought it was pretty cool. So I spent time on this one they’ve got all the platforms PC gaming accessories for everything, new news games.

They’ve, even got retro consoles and virtual virtual reality equipment as well, really really cool little site. Obviously, if you are in a greater gaming or electronics niche, they have got electronics components, computer systems, all sorts of stuff in there that you can that you can play around with so have a look in there that’s, all the stuff they’ve got there any real good gamer it’s.

2.5 start at two and a half percent. This allow the gaming industry does have low percentages. I don’t, think there’s, a lot of markup and what they do, and you know a lot of a lot of the companies that sell these sort of things.

Don’t allow much manipulation in price either. They have managed to Rakuten g2 deal. They’re, an online gaming site with PC games about the Xbox, Live cards, PSN codes, time cards for online games and cloud and software keys for games.

They can, if you’ve got the game. You might just need to buy a software key. I have that from antivirus and Microsoft, Office, codes, etc. Five percent thirty days and they manage tears themselves, cd-keys another another, all-encompassing thing: they they they have a lot of discount prices on games.

A lot of a lot of specials, but you can see they meant all the latest stuff. You know a lot of coming soon. Document games as well, so a lot of previews and reviews and stuff for new games are coming out pretty good.

Overall gaming site, 5 % couldn’t find it cookies, no manners there’s internally. Ok, Green Man, gaming. It’s about PC its its PC gaming and they have a lot of non mainstream type games as well. So there’s, all sorts of cool it all games in there, indie games, you know or games that aren’t.

Really. You’re, not going to go down to your local video game shop and have it in the very first row of the you know. The tops place in the first row there that the not so well known in games, but obviously games that can still be quite popular 5 cent.

First time, 2 % return and their permanent kind of always cookie duration, lifetime CJ affiliates, a mini cs3 control-freak, not much on the site, but I mean that, with all due respect, they have little thumb.

Thumb sticks. I play a cut racing going with my son and my first little sticks hurt after a while, so these thumb sticks will be pretty good, so their thumb sticks are controller, grips precision, rings, etc.

For basically people who are hardcore gamers, you can see the little things there. Commission rates are variable, commission rates are variable, 7-day cookie. You will need to be constantly uploading or streaming using.

Your thumb sticks or grips with this one, and you need to have 50 at least 15,000 followers on your social channels. Now, as you’re running through all these, if you’re, if you’re a gamer or interested in gaming, I want to build an affiliate marketing business through gaming.

You and you don’t know where to start simply click on this red button. Here I will take you through all the steps you need to do to start your own affiliate marketing business, give you free access to a platform where you can host a free website with extra training in there on how to build that website, and everything that you Need to do to do that, four steps which is choose your niche, which in here we’re talking about the video game niche, build your website which the wealthy affiliate platform will help you with attract readers, which you do by solving problems and then Monetize, what you see, Phillip programs, so if you need help click there, ok cheers for gaming.

I don’t really. I could probably just say his chairs for gay me and you’ll understand what it is. Gaming chairs, desks and other accessories, footrest, etc. So again, if you’re looking at the hardcore gamer within your niche, gamer chairs might just be helpful.

They have some some good prices and they have some high prices, which would be very good for some high ticket items as well. Ok, they’re 10 percent and 30 days, and I’m gonna Susan. Tell me Astro gaming.

Again, more of the equipment communications equipment, especially with the online stuff that they that people deal with, so they did these two guys deal with headphones and the like to help you communicate.

While you’re playing your online games and they’re through advant League 5 cent 180 days, okay, JJ games have all sorts of stuff. They have a lot of retro stuff as well. You know the old Super Nintendo, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the old Playstations GameCubes 360s, the old.

You know the old Sega Genesis, Sonic the Hedgehog on the old CD games. Now that was fun. Okay, so yeah they’ve got everything: use games, dollar; okay; their affiliate program, 8 % 15 days now managed by Shira, so okay, Gamefly online video game and rental site frightened access to games all platforms.

They have an app. They have games in all genres and categories you if you can think of a game and different game type. They have it the great site to add to any gaming niche 10 to 25 % per prepaid trial or subscription, say they.

You’d. There’s, a subscription option here, or 5 %, 10 % for console sales. I don’t think the subscription is recurring, but you can still get it if you can route, if you can get people to subscribe, ceejai affiliates confining cookies.

Okay, if you as you go through all that, you think yep that’s all good, but I’m, not really sure. If I want to focus on any particular area, maybe look at Amazon. Amazon will give you a good cross-section again across all of the gaming niche.

So you see you’ve got some chairs some headphones and a Sony Playstation here’s, module thing, not sure yes yeah. So if you’re looking to branch out and cover a few different things, these links actually work.

So, if you click on any of those links, they will take you through Amazon. You can see how that all works. Okay, as I mentioned earlier, big niche, and if there’s, something in there that I that you are looking at within the video game niche or the gaming this and I haven’t covered it.

Then I would go into search engine type, affiliate and gaming, and you’ll, find all sorts of or text cloud coming. For example, lots of gaming lists for the xbox microphone. Microsoft actually have their own affiliate program.

So you can look into all that. You could narrow that search the end or affiliate xbox affiliate, PlayStation affiliate, PC, going to feel like gaming chairs, affiliate gaming platforms, anything that that your you wish to break your niche down into going there.

You could do that, search it and find out all there. Okay, as you go, and as you go through and find those programs just make sure that the programs you find match your niche and the problem, you’re. Solving don’t go away from what are these your nation just think you made a program to see how it goes and they need to match your knees, and once you’ve found your affiliate programs, you’ll need To apply make sure when you apply, you do a proper job of it, because if you do a half-baked job, the chances are, you will be rejected because affiliate managers tend to take the approach that, if you’re gonna do a half-baked job.

With the application you’re, probably not going to do a a full control job over the actual sales, so they reject you, okay, guys that was my 10 video game niche for their programs. Hope that was helpful for you as usual.

If you are watching this with the new, please like and subscribe to my channel below, if you are watching within the within the post and you need any assistance, any help, help with finding filly programs help with anything to do with building a website and the like.


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