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This one. Do I’m going to show you live in this demo, exactly how that works? Now there’ll be a link under this video that’ll. Take you directly to my website, where you get full details about this product when it launches how much it’s, going to cost the upsells and even some bonuses you can get if you pick it up through my website.

So this is the demo site that I’m, going to use for this WordPress plugin. This is actually the theme that comes with my wp affiliate suite course, but something you’re interested in checking the links below this video.

I also have a brand new VIP edition that includes all 60 plus done for you, WordPress themes, and more at a 50 discount rate, and what we’re going to do is create a new post, so this blog is about affiliate marketing.

So let’s say i want a new article on how to create affiliate video reviews. Well, the problem is I don’t want to spend an hour today. Doing this article, I just don’t have time for it. So what’s, the alternative? Well, with this plug-in, what you can do is you can go to youtube and you can search for whatever you want it.

Doesn’t matter, the topic it doesn’t matter, the niche it doesn’t matter, just pick any video and scroll down. Let’s just say: I want to use this one here. So this is a video that I made in the past about making affiliate review videos.

What I’m going to do is copy. This link, I’m, going to go back and I’m, going to paste it in this box. Here that says: youtube URL and I’m, going to click, insert content, and we’re, going to give it just a few seconds here and what it’s going to do is make this the transcript or it’s going to take all the words that I spoke in that video and it’s, going to add it as content to this post so check this out.

So here is now a brand new post where this content does ‘ T exist anywhere else, except in my video, and so if we scroll down here, you can see that this post is 1684 words and it took me a matter of five to ten seconds to generate all this content.

Now, obviously, if you’re wanting to create an authority site, you may want to go through here, edit, some of this out because uh you know, your name is not Chris whatever. So what you could do is say you know hey.

This is so and so, and then kind of change things up just a little bit, but either way. This is content that can be used to rank in search engines, because if we go in here and if i go inside this video and if i scroll down and go to my description, you’re gonna see that the transcript that I spoke In this, video is not down here.

I didn’t paste it down here, and so it’s not listed anywhere and most people that makes youtube videos. They do the same thing. They don’t, add the transcript of their video in their description or anywhere else online.

So what you’re doing? Is you’re, taking all this content from somebody else that they spoke about in a video and using it for yourself, which makes it really good human readable content? Now not every post that you make or every video content that you import will look like it’s.

Formatted, like this, a lot of it’s, going to depend on whether they actually uh transcribe their content, because let me go back and show you an example: we’ll, go back and let’s. Just take this first video, for example, let me delete this content.

We’re, going to paste this new link in here and click insert content, and we’ll see okay, so you can see this one. It’s. Just a whole bunch of content. Okay, it’s, not really formatted, which isn’t a problem.

You can format it yourself, but because it wasn’t transcribed properly. Some of the words may not be correct simply because uh youtube, didn’t quite understand how to translate the words but most of it.

If you read through it, you can tell they ‘ Ve done a really good job, transcribing itself, and so, if we scroll down this is a ton of content over 9000 words that we just that we can use to create an article on now.

I want to jump back and show you something else here: real quick. Let me go back to my video. I’m, going to copy this link again paste it back in here now you can see here. I can also insert the video.

So if I click this one, what it’s going to do is take this video and actually embed it in my post too, which is really good, especially if it’s. My own video, because that’s, going to be an embed which is going to help it to rank better and get more traffic and views which can help it rank better in youtube, also and then down here.

If you want to add the time code, you can tick this and in the transcript, it’ll, it’ll put up the time codes uh for the video. So if you click on it, it ‘ Ll jump to that section. I I normally won ‘

T. Add that because for me it looked just kind of funny to be on the description part of the post, but you can also set your video image as a featured image and then just click insert content. Okay, now all we have to do is come over here and select our category.

We’ll, say video marketing and product reviews and click, publish okay, let’s, go back to our website and if we scroll down you’re going to see right here. This is the one we just posted in august. 12. 2020, and if I click this, it’s, going to open up it’s, going to show the featured image here, which we can turn that on or off.

Depending on your WordPress theme, you have options to show the featured image here. If you want it or not, but then it also embedded the video, and then here is all the content, and so what you would want to do.

Obviously, if you’re wanting to make this into like an authority site – and you really want it to rank well, is you want to come in here and kind of edit this up a little bit? So you can change the text around a little bit.

You can come in here. Add some header tags, so it’ll rank better also, so you could do um, maybe something like the software I’m using or whatever you want to do, and then you want to change this to like a header too, and Then have several of those down through here breaking it up making it look, really nice and easy to read and understand, and so when people come to your site and they read it, everything’s going to be broke up and they can easily get To what they want to look at and read, so this is an amazing plugin guy.

I highly recommend that you check it out, especially if you don’t like making your own content, you’re short on time. This is an awesome tool for getting that content, so this is something that I’m, definitely going to be using and thinking about integrating with the majority of my websites, like, I said there’ll be a link below this video.

That’ll. Take you to my site, where you get more details on this product, how it works: uh, the upsells and some bonuses you can pick up so that’s, it for my uh review on this product uh, the plugins actually called one click blog post And it’s, a great name because it fits it perfect


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