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They have done a very interesting coupon code for our specific members to get, I believe, 25 % off. So if you join the AFK form that will be available to you, they have a couple of unique selling points compared to other push traffic platforms.

So this is the first time logging in they gave me this account to use for the video, and I just want to look at the bidding. So apparently they also record the bidding strategies, which is the most interesting for me.

So I have. This is just the first time I locked in I don’t know what I’m. Actually looking at so here you can see the ads like normal once you see the country flags and you see the what’s. A call the traffic sources image to copy the day last scene and the date first scene, alright, so these are all bit up.

This is a Dutch one. This is you K. 1. This is very disturbing. This is a sweepstakes crypto dating. It is also very close things I would say yeah, so it’s funny. The title is not as funny actually that’s very disturbing, but the image was funny so yeah.

Looking at this, you see the normal stuff. You see the installs, you see the sweepstakes, you see the dating, you see the base up, the crypto kind of so you can select on this running here. You have the Alexa rank.

I do ‘ T know why I would want to see in Alexa rank doesn’t really make sense, but they’re a strength and it doesn’t say how it’s measured. So it’s, useless right now in gravity. So guy already, we all know how to twerk adult find that if you turn it off, I would say the adult goes off: yeah and refreshes.

You can search for ethnic work, so drop down yeah, so they have at the cache at now. It’s. Keeper at Stara anonymous that push engages, IVA, deaf or whatever it’s called mega push MJ or Vista powering mock, propeller eyes, ref content-rich boost in ceará Park, based on the volume there’s quite a bit of X in there, based On the country, while a Buddhism is a support, every country yeah the platform, the language tracker used that’s.

Interesting I sorted by so how do I see the bidding all right? Let me just say: I want the highest gravity, one of the highest gravity, so I would say yeah there we go all right. So this is all Arabic with this runs in Iran, the shrines in Oman, Bahrain, Arab Emirates, Sweden, but is for a guy s time.

I would assume this is a credit card submit I don’t know, but let ‘ S have a look, so I am curious about the bidding and where it’s, the bidding. I hear bit history so the bid history is obviously very interesting, so the bidding was at 0.

067 and oh yeah still the same, so this has been running for two days. Creatives I don’t know what this means. I said. Are you the winner? Getting galaxy s 10 here my Swedish not regret. Obviously, then the landing page is actually too many pages one.

This may be the kiss box selection all right, so it’s blocked, and that works Sarah Park devices all right yeah. So I actually wanted to see the offer, but apparently, that is not possible for this one.

A physics page is blocked. I don’t know. Maybe there’s a little trick, but let’s, try and find another one. Another one I just watched DJ Khaled’s, new album and it’s really nice. What is this very disturbing? It’s all pretty well.

This is so gross man and these this even they get a lot of traction apparently, but the odds are very pixelated. Congratulations. You won take your prize. I know it will be something adult content behind that.

So I’m, not gonna click that I don’t have like sweeps because there’s a casino, our dinner sweeps in the high ranks because that’s. What I mainly do – oh I was this Bitcoin wealth is making people rich in just seven days.

Well, that’s, not that interesting. Everything here is not that interesting for me, like a lot of installs clean your Mac, my cleaner, as the cusp reinstall, inspired out seven of the most. It is probably a what’s.

It called arbitrage traffic arbitrage trying to make some money that way. All right, let’s, just let’s. Just pull this yeah see if we get some more sweeps. Ah, we can actually just type in on phone and we would get all the iPhone offers right.

That’s. Smart! All right, so this is the iPhone. I just have a look at that. Was this being? No, I just what did I do open yeah there we go yeah, so it’s running the common gift angle seems to be working pretty well, no ace strength, it’s, the bidding like yeah.

This is the only one I’ll, be running for like a day or two days. I want to see ants, which is been running for quite a while. So I don’t. I don’t need to visit the patch, because I already know what it looks like all right days running.

So we put all the gravity and then days running. I want at least 10 days so I will remove the iPhone and then I will do at least 10 days, so we actually have a good indication of. If you’re running for 10 days.

You must be working right, alright, so some DHL scams. You have one new message: you’ve won a life on excess and then DHL, so that’s pretty because they run it in this is Angola and you’re right, the branding you go back three times.

I don’t know which, which countries are Chile and Uruguay, all right that’s, just because this is the same language I’ve. Seen before I think. Maybe it’s, blocks 2 yeah, so you can zoom in and download the image.

Apparently, I just want to visit the science or is it all not my problem? Its offers not available may read the direct link for that one. So it has native thought and tracks. Have I been in the wrong thing? The whole time, if I was not looking at push yeah, I have been looking at the push.

If I were to go to native, then hmm, ok, yeah, so so far, not too impressed. Obviously, the company is always pushed around KPIs, USBs, and wider different, and I thought the bidding strategy was great, but if they have not been running that long yeah well, the bidding strategy is quite useless, because I want to see the shift in performance.

So here it’s. All the same, so I mean you can take the same as that, but it’s just not as interesting. I want to see fluctuations in traffic. I want to see fluctuations in bidding, so I know where the right point is, but these guys are going hard at it in Angola and all the African countries maybe allow us well, they’re, doing a lot of like maybe dating stuff, but what I want is just to see if these lenders are available, but that’s, not oh yeah, so this is direct linking of you yeah.

If you see this, maybe it’s, just trades opting so yeah what you basically get this again, the country I don’t know how the gravity works. That much! But do you have an FAQ here non-speech, let’s, see if there, so you have native and push into one.

So this is native and it is push which is quite good. I don’t know how much this software is, but if you get near different, push combines pretty good and they have a lot of guides. Apparently let’s, see how much it cost.

I think they mentioned something like 15 months. Yeah, 16 months and they compare it with their competitors, so they have pushed a native in one, which is obviously a very good situation. If more ad networks, countries that are, the most, as they say, spy push, I don’t know what this is, because there’s, nothing and then you have a flex it a push which is basically started.

So I made a video inspired push and I made a video on a flex se as well yeah, interesting yeah. The CPC bidding was my huge probe, but maybe they’re, still rolling it outright. So you cannot be too judgmental just from the beginning.

What I wanted to see was the fluctuations in bidding. So here you actually see they don’t get enough traffic. They go up up up down a little bit up again down, so they’re playing around to see where the sweet spot is, which I like to see those things rank one and then they move to rank nine-point.

Nine yeah! You would really have to compare it to other ads to see actually what the data means like this, because by itself, so this is just a spinning wheel. By itself. It doesn’t mean that much, which is sometimes quite difficult to read the data, but so far as I’m aware, this is the only push notification tracker that includes the bidding and, if you know the bidding, you can basically rip The entire campaign do everything the same and hopefully have to decide results.


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